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  1. think i should add. im very new to buying/selling shares. this is just my gut feeling about this company as a personal user of what their selling ect and i have no intrest in any buying or selling of their stock or overwise. worth more than volkswagon or boeing ?
  2. 300 quid cant be the true figure, heck even a renter would spend that on a few picture hooks, a set of curtains and a bog roll holder. so owners are gonna spend more. i think this figure just represents the spend on diy at a few top stores. The market is obviously totally diffrent than it was in 1996 with people buying stuff online now. im not saying sales are not down, they obviously are. just that 300 quid figure is a bit silly if they are talking overall spend per houshold, rather than just overall spend at half a dozen big box stores.
  3. thats because there is begining to be nothing at all left to actually take from anyone else.
  4. i think it will rise from the off, then crash and burn a week later.
  5. 95 billion, there having a laugh. The company i think made about 1 billion usd last accounts. And if you ask me facebook has been in decline since then. Such a risky company in a risky market sector. being a user of facebook myself on a personal level im seeing a lot of user backlash against there new layout specifically there new timeline feature. I can see many ready to jump ship to the new myspace or bebo or whatever. Also i have noticed, there is not as much posts happening on facebook like before. Most status updates go ignored now but before there were 10 comments within a minute. There is a definite user fatigue, the froth has blown off. This company at that price is going to crash and burn. Stay well clear of it.
  6. yeah and lets all buy hoses to rent to these americans on the move. pay you or live in my van ? americans are living in thier vans and the system is scared shitless'
  7. so we have a 23 year old and her 24 year old boyfriend. this is surely a very rare example for the editor to choose, cause i doubt there are more than a few hundred 22 year olds in this country that have a mortgage on a property, i doubt there are even less of them that require a second time around fixed rate, which means they musta been around 18 when they required there first fixed rate, and i doubt once again that they have equity that has been gained in any way. so this story has the most unlikely scenary of the most unlucky hard done by situation. its almost like its made up. its certainly not a common example its realy a very rare example made to garner the greatest sympathy, execpt its actually full of £$%^ it reminds of the time at the labour party conferencein blackpool, a older union type labour type representative was asked about how the nhs paid so little to nurses and how they could not live on the wages. she draged as her example a 17 year old student nurse and how she had to live on 12k a year in front of the camera. at once i thought this is not a representative example at all, this is an apprentice and i didint know of any first year apprentice in any other trade earning what that nursing apprentice did. from that moment on i hated that faker nhs and there dirty unions.
  8. I just cant wait to get out of this country. I hate the place.
  9. They must talk to umbrella salesman when the sun is shining and tent sellers when its not. Seems to me people will spend whatever they earn plus some extra credit, througout a year whatever the weather happens to be. If sales down being blamed on the weather then surely people are saving more to spend later? There are too many competing predicters all vying for attention and too many newspaper pages to fill. Its a happy profitable arrangement for them both. The truth is of no importance.
  10. The op seems to have left the building
  11. 1500 quid? A couple in a council house paying 1500 quid, thats purely insane. Id live in a bloody camper van. Or i would just book ahead and live in a travelodhe that would be cheaper. With ct and everything else your talking 25k a year just to rest your head at night. landlords must be laughing till they wet their pants, and frankly i blame you people for letting them.
  12. Intresting bulltraderpt, i dont realy understand charting though. Im just going by the hard facts of the rns updates. I need a couple of books i think. I think thats me finished buying on those 2 shares now and feel ive enough and will just wait and ride them. Still got cash to buy with, but am looking around for 2 more shares to buy. Doing research now. My plan is to end the year with about 10 shares in a longish term book. Then i will start selling as and when to get my house buying fund ready, as im going to buy a place in france, cant afford here. I will try to figure out all the terminology you are using as well. Good luck with your own trading as well. Think im gonna give falkands a big swerve, something just dont smell right there for me, it just seems all to much bluster and hope and little real hard cash. I will prob live to regret it but wtf ehh. Im leaning towards african micro cap oillies.
  13. Well bulltraderpt i just topped up on gdp 10 mins ago with £2k of shares. So got 4.5k in their now, and got me another 500 quid of atc, which means i actually own 1 in every 4000 shares of them. Looking to add a oil today or tomorrow as dont have one yet. Been looking at falklands ones, however they fail for me on still being exploratory, apart from rockhopper which has a decent real find the rest have found nothing yet. So im looking at africa perhaps angolia. Even tempted PPC Argintina, they have dropped on the repsol news, however i think it might be a buying oportunity.
  14. Vehicles are better and more reliable that ever. Because of this ive noticed lots of the big buyers of vans have increased the time they keep them for, ie bt, scottish water, police, aa, hydro electric, post office. All used to get rid after 3 years but now they all have 5 plus years old vans. Why buy a new one when the old one is just as good. There becoming victims of their own success. On the subject of fords Ive a 2004 vivaro, its absolutely mint bodywise, any ford transit this age is hanging apart, that tells you why the uk prefrence for transits is in freefall.
  15. Just to add, as per the podcast. Im definetly not intrested in buying something that is pure exploratory, as he said in the pc most of these junior miners are just that, most of these seem to fall to nothing. Its a bit like backing the horses, some folk want on a 20/1 shot and others the favourite. Except the favourite doesnt need to be such poor odds. Regards the edits are to fix some of the spelling mistakes, i come on here on a samsung tablet, little keyboard
  16. That was intresting bulltraderpt from it i gathered best to buy an allready producing miner and one with a low cost to production more so than look at the grams per tonne. My strategy allready is to buy a company making profit, least the downside is reduced. Then from that look at the speculative side of the buisness, exploration ect. And of course look for value. I choose GDP for these reasons its got a PE of around 6.5 and no debt, the risk is in them throwing money at opening a couple of new mines, they have opened the kimpasea (sp) mine and did there first doe bar pour in january, so if that comes good price has to soar. Ive got another 9k from some buisness equipment i sold to invest from mid next week, so im looking around hard the now. I will though be buying another couple k in GDP im not going to restrict myself to anything and am just looking for value. One i read up on was europa oil and gas, has an intresting gas field and is also a profitable producer. Ive not gone fully into it so not sure of debt levels ect, which if anymore than a couple mill will count me out. Ya pays your money you takes yout chance, best regards
  17. except most council houses have been took over by housing associations and they dont allow you to buy them at a discount, just offer to sell you an over priced quarter of a house with 100% maintenance liabilities. The joys
  18. Blame it on the drought, blame it on the rain, blame it on the boogie but we all know it comes down to you and me buying ipads instead of houses. How dare we
  19. Most of the price is the transportation. Getting this from the horses mouth so to speak. I deliver a tonne of pig feed every sevond week to someone, ive been doing yjis for a good few years and i buy it off a mid sized feed dealer. The price when i started was 220 for the tonne and now is 355, thats in last couple years and this stuff is the biggest cost to any meat production. The cost is totaly down to the cost of fuel the man said, from production to transportation. And he said the price is going to massively rise in may, which we are at now of course. I checked the price with harbro the market leader and there the same, feedstuffs are going through the roof. Its all due to fuel costs. Barley in a field may be only 100 quid a tonne, but to shift that to storage then onwards to customer will at least double the cost, that article makes no real mention of this fact. So if you tjink your gonna get a cheaper pint your not. And the cost of meat is going through the roof as producers main costs being feedstuffs and diesel are astronomical. If you think its expensive now you aint seen nothing yet. Costs are up about 25% since xmas, thats all main costs fuel and feed, this has to come through ad inflation in the supermarket, the farmer or supermarket have no choice.
  20. Gold is still cheap. Far to cheap. Its just it was dirt cheap for a few years. But for most of history a fewcounces would buy you a house, most of the world could only dream of having a gold sovereign, now the average weekly wage can buy 2 of these. However 10 years is a long time and though i believe gold will be higher in 10 years it could be choppy along the way. So i opted for global equities, more specifically asian retailers. As seen in uk and elsewhere in the end the retailer ie the manufacturers customer holds the upper hand and like tesco will squeeze them till they squeak. So i would invest in medium sized asian supermarket chains hoping one of them would become the new tesco or wallmart
  21. Yes i realy like gdp. I like the fact its debt free and making profit. So the downside is i think minimal. Its also making these profits while investing in production. So decent potential upside at little crash on its ass risk. For such a small company there actially a market leader in secondry gold production, they take the grease and wood chipping and even the old miners sleeping quarters and extract the gold from these. They have some pretty big clients for this and also they have made a huge stockpile of these goods at their processing site, hence the removal and transport costs are allready met. As you can see im definetly intrested in the fundamentals, not market sentiment. What do you think of atlantic coal?
  22. What a load of nonsense. The daily express said house prices were rising £64 a day, so how can the land resistry figures show a drop. ive been looking through catalogues of new sofas to see what i can spend my £64 a day on and then you spoilsports come along with this tripe. Well im having none of it, everyone knows house prices allways go up, you lot are just so negative and jealous you aint got a house.
  23. Just read this whole thread from start to finish. Very intresting. I also wonder what happened to the initial poster. Im dabbling a bit myself so its good to read on more experienced traders and investors opinions. My strategy to pick a share is to look for ones with a mix of both production and speculation. Preferably using profits instead of debt to go hunt future oportunities. Im no day trader or a chartist, though i do understand its a good idea to understand botb. Though im not knowledgeable enough yet to even look into it. My first 2 picks are GDP goldplat i bought in at 14.5, have a 23 mill cap and a yearly profit of 5 mill, and no debt. Very under the radar share, is using secondary gold recovery profits to open and produce from their own mines. Second pick is ATC atlantic coal 0.040 a micro cap anthracite miner. This share had me worried as no news was causing the price to slide and panic set in, must admit i was getting aprehensive myself. However they released a great update and the price is soaring the last few days. Ive now gained back and an now showing a small paper profit. Looking good for future rises. Im now looking at a few ollies as name of the thread. Parkmead? , maybe Vog. Need to do a bit more research. good luck everyone.
  24. That does not include the interest on the mortgage to buy the property. Property is such a very poor investment
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