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  1. i buy pig feed all the time. sow rolls and weaner pellets. the price of sow rolls which is the staple pig food costs me6.50 for 20kg bag, it was 6.50 for a 25kg bag. thats from a producer not a trader like harbro who charge around 9.00 for the same.

    i get a field bred and reared pig for my effort of transporting the feed in return from my friend that breeds them. works out great as its no effort for me as im running back empty anyhow.

    this year however he is finding that the effort is barely worth it, just think how much feed a 200kg sow eats a day. and he is finding the best way is to just sell the piglets at 5 weeks and let someone else rear them to 6 months for butchering.

    any that do rear them are not doing so for cheap meat, they are doing it for good quality meat, the diffrence between a field reared pig and a concrete shed reared pig is amazing.

    i do feel a little sad when i eat the pig that ive been watching run around happy in the field though, but thats what it was reared for.

    i think the future for meat is back to the past, with people if possible rearing a lot of their own, loafs of people have gone back to having chickens in their gardens, with the price of eggs no wonder. and same with pigs. if you use scraps ( non meat ones obviously) you can save a good bit on feed, and thats the way forward with little waste.

  2. No, believe it or not there's actually an Act of Parliament which says loans from the Student Loans Company are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.

    yup i was lucky they put a ccj against me which wrote off the debt in affect. they changed the law soon after as everyone was going to do this to get rid of the debt.

    on topic : these people dont know how lucky they are, the best think for your financial health is to be declared a credit risk, then you buy everything withon your means and you save money for anything you need. and your wages are your own. when you have access to credit you tend to buy a new sofa instead of a second hand one, buy a new car when a £1000 quid one would do, it forces you to be frugal, and you dont have any worries abouy making payments as their is none.

    i suggest everyone gets a bad credit rating.

  3. For the majority of charities the main beneficiaries are the charity managers.

    One kids charity moans about having no money on their website but from their annual report; 'Two employees received remuneration of more than £60,000. One received remuneration in the £60,001-£70,000 band (2009 - 1) and one received remuneration in the £80,001-£90,000 band (2009 - 0).'

    So four employees being paid between £60k and £90k for a charity with an income of £13m including £5m from the government.

    dont forget the expense accounts and company cars ect. that pay packet could probably be fully banked with no need to spend a penny to live.

  4. plenty of money , 3 weeks on one week off , 3 weeks on being 7 days per week 12 hours a day so it's no picnic.

    Anyway is this UK Coal company on the stockmarket? Who in their right mind would invest money in a company like that.

    yup ukcoal is on the aim market. it lost money due to payout over an accident a few months ago.

    the problem is that deep mining is unprofitable at the moment as coal prices are plummeting. around the world there is still enough open cast mining for supply, only when this is depleted will the deep mining operations be viable again, its a bit like onshore v offshore oil, offshore oil is only viable when prices are high, hence the new boom in north sea oil at the moment.

    it allways amazes me when its stated that you can never start a mine again once flooded. nonsense have they never heard of pumps.

  5. I once bought a 2.50 cup of coffee. Never again.

    I got up 1 hour to soon when the clock changed and had to hang around for an hour for Tesco's to open.

    It did come with a free cup mind - at that price I assumed the cup was mine.

    Maybe I should start smuggling in a flask of coffee so I can hang around with the cool kids.

    thats cheap. on the motorways the cheapest cup of coffee i have out was 2.65 for a americano regular size. i only ever go to these places at services where im practically forced to. sure i cpuld bring a flask or not have a coffee but i dont.

  6. It doesn't go far after the 22k to the taxman, 2k a month mortgage, 600 a month for the 4x4, 1k a month for private school feels for Timonthy and Felicity......


    Forgot to mention waitrose

    thats so true. a part of it is only what you earn, the other is what you spend.

    i once watched that pathetic superscrimpers program on tv, its basically these types ie middle class public servants now having to live how the working classes do all the time. oh dear how will we survive. pathetic utterly pathetic.

  7. My interest covers 4/5th of my rent. House prices are falling, my house buying fund is increasing monthly. Things could be worse.

    yes hyperinflation could come and wipe out all that cash.but that only ever happens if the government start printing and printing, destroying its value to the point you need a wheelbarrow load to get a loaf of bread.

    but thats ok, that wont happen.

  8. But the important questions are how many of the billion users actually do use facebook and then how many of those click adverts. (and which direction both those stats are going).

    I'm an occasional user, very rare poster, but it's obvious it's on the decline and I doubt any of my 'friends', even the special ones, have ever clicked on an ad.

    If their costs are as high as they seem, I can't see how facebook survives? I'm now thinking total wipeout.

    aye thats my take on it aswell. about 2 years ago the posting were loads, even yer granny was on there posting about her coffee mornings, but exactly as i have seen over the years with being a long long time chatter on what they now call social network sites, from irc to bebo to facebook, they all die out eventually and everyone moves on.

    facebook has a very important flaw, it has no way of being anonymous and thus trolling and truly posting how you feel. i think this is what is partly behind the fake accounts. facebook is boring because its where you have to post stuff you wont mind your mum and dad seeing, where your work mates look, when realy you want to tell the world you wear crotchless spandex and pumped the vicars wife. thus people are bored and are moving back to anonymous sites like this while popping in occasionally to see if any of your friends have died yet on facebook, before running back to your anonymous niches.

  9. Of course it is a PR stunt for the designers wares.

    You'd need to have it in a big plot of land out of the serfs view, because it won't last 5 minutes with an air rifle or a few flying bricks sent by a simple catapult.

    yup a see through item to show how everything operates. its just the engineers model made full size.

  10. the profit is in the parts, i cant believe what is being charged for parts now.

    friend got a new steering rack for a renault, over £1000 and it was chipped so you couldnt use a second hand one, the only reason i can see for having it chipped and coded is to retain the monopoly on the parts. i bought a new fuel pump, cost me £600 quid and change. i recon a £10k car would cost £100k if bought in parts, which is truly a scam.

    so i think the con is to sell a car under cost, then get profit from a mixture of serviceing (dealer profit), parts ( manufacturer and partners ie lucas, bosch) and finance from the parent company.

    thus while the parent company makes a loss, all its partners are creaming it in.

  11. apple are not going to be the all conquering hero as before.

    i would dump any stock i had. because there is a new king in town and its android. and no amount of marketing is going to make a diffrence.

    the reason is everyone can afford android, not apple and the user base is massively growing with a ton of companies all making android phones and tabllets ect. apple is doing to itself exactly what it did before than near destroyed it, its boxing itself into a corner as every manufacturer and programer jumps on the generic bandwagon.

    history is going to repeat itself.

  12. must be crappy being a computer programmer at facebook dreaming of the giant pay day. bet he went home opened a bottle of champagne and dreamed of getting an rv and travelling america.

    now it feels like someone has mugged his lottery ticket. i bet they are not very productive watching the money slide away with the wife looking at the sears catalogues.

  13. Funnily enough the only thing printy printy seems to have achieved is huge bank bonuses and rising commodity prices. Does anyone actually feel any better off (save the government), there is only so much wealth to go around, the government/BoE thought they could print the problems away but have only succeeded in removing the spending/debt servicing capacity of the rest of the economy :lol:

    actually since they started printing commodity prices have tumbled, all commodities are and have been on a slow downward cycle for a good while now.

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