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  1. Handy to the ole "doorsteps" for a sambo, wrong side of the lisburn road though!
  2. I find the wellington square development a bit over crowded or something, plus it really lacks charm. This may change when the place "ages" a bit. A lot of people here like an older house as it has far more charm and usually better build. If they want more floor space they will generally extend. I also personally dont like the first floor of a house to be a garage and having to walk upstairs to use the kitchen / living area. I prefer the kitchen / dining to be on the ground floor and open out onto a garden. Having said that loads of my mates think these town houses are good so dont take too much notice of my opinions! :-)
  3. To live in. I've done what you are planning to do "Ride_on". i.e. bought a very old fashioned house at a cheaper price and plan to modernise it to my spec. My extension is going to be a fairly simple single story lean-to extension. I found this thread ages ago and when designing the extention with my architect a couple of months ago I more or less ripped off a lot of the design ideas of this property which were things I liked such as the island with gas hob (where you could cook but watch TV etc), the 3 sky lights in the lean-to extenstion (lets loads of light in) and the sliding bi-fold doors (let the room extend outside). I think this house is pretty cool inside (not outside) and outrageously overpriced but the living room area does seem a bit special which is why I am copying good chunks of it in my extension.
  4. I'm planning on doing an extension next spring and have used this house as a template for the extension - well the main living area anyways. I really like them bi-fold doors that fold back and create all that extra space (on a good day of course)! What would people be happy to pay for this house with this level of finish?
  5. What do mean by "house-buying/renting demographic"? Is this something more established on mainland UK / mainland Europe?
  6. I seen this the other day ... "Demolition of 2no. HMO buildings, with retention of front facade and erection of 7no. Flats (4 Flats to have 2 bedroom each and 3 Flats to have 1 bedroom each) and a 2 storey return with rear roof dormer." http://explorer.planningni.gov.uk/MVM/Onli...nd/Menus/PL.xml ... here's the house's (google street view) ... http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&q=75...250.81,,0,-3.29 Basically they are trying to turn 2 perfectly nice litte terrace houses (side-by-side) into 7 flats? wtf? I really hope this doesnt get passed as this will increase parking where parking in stranmillis village is already a joke for residents commuters / students taking all the spaces from residents.
  7. I am thinking about doing a loft conversation, my architect suggests that to get the maximum amount of room that an almost full length, slightly pitched, rear box dormer window is best. My property is a standard 3 bed semi. However, I have my doubts, there is only 1 other dormer at the rear roof of the street (street consists of 8 buildings / 16 semi detached properties). The existing dormer is a fairly small, nice little gabled dormer. Although the dormer doesnt add a massive amount of floor space to the top floor, it looks nice from the outside. Another fear I have is that neighbours may complain about the dormer and the plans wont get passed. Has anyone here done a roof space conversation? If so did you use dormor windows or velux windows? Would anyone hear complain to planning if a neighbour was to convert their roof space with a dormer as described?
  8. Overpriced south belfast extended property. Reminds me of this property: - http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r...=1&sort=h2l However, I do like the open plan extension in both properties.
  9. Its a semi with no drive way in a very busy street, never mind garage ... Nice enough little garden though which is a bonus over terraces on the street.
  10. LOL - makes the village area of belfast look crap - although its not actually too bad - i lived on donegal avenue as a student about 7 years ago - never had any bother at all.
  11. Youths giving it a bit of the old "Hitler salute" ... http://maps.google.com/maps?q=roden+street...595700027206948
  12. Best areas of belfast ... http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=margarita+...518633540372727 http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?f=q&sour...&iwloc=addr Street view rocks!
  13. http://www.propertynews.com/results.php?c=...nce+edward+park 11 Prince Edward Park, Belfast, BT9 5FZ Offer - £400,000 (!!!! WTF !!!!! ... ) Capital Value - £160,000 For sale 23 PRINCE EDWARD PARK, Stranmillis, Belfast, BT9 5FZ Offer - £249,950 Capital Value - £215,000 Sale agreed 13 Prince Edward Park, Stranmillis, Belfast, Co.Antrim, BT9 5FZ Offer - £219,950 Capital Value - £165,000 Sale agreed 18 PRINCE EDWARD PARK, - STRANMILLIS, BT9 5FZ Offer - £199,950 Capital Value - £180,000 Sale agreed
  14. Why the Meltdown Should Have Surprised No One http://blog.mises.org/archives/009620.asp
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