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  1. At a stretch, you could do the same?
  2. Well, I find it useful for keeping me mildly amused and provides the odd bit of semi-informed opinion. What did you expect?
  3. If this was the usual "mate down the pub" I'd say leave him to it. If it's your father, I say make every reasonable effort to dissuade him.
  4. Lots of contruction going on around London Bridge still: not sure how its all selling though...
  5. If I posted all the empty properties I've been looking at, I'd never do anything else!
  6. Odd. As opposed to, say, 'farming'.
  7. "Have We Got Enough Public Sector Workers?, Will they keep house prices up?" I don't know, and no.
  8. Surely £600k is a bargain for a helicopter landing-pad in your back garden!
  9. Until the lenders want the money back, I suppose.
  10. Hah! Fine by me: should get my timing just right in that case...
  11. Why? The arguments are good enough to prevent you buying: isn't that enough?
  12. Snap! Well, pretty close. Hanging on until a noticable dip: that will be enough for us.
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