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  1. Holmfirth prices up 25% over the last 12 months according to the local paper!!! Thank f*ck I didn't listen to the bears on here
  2. Most folk taking advice from posters on this site will have lost a fortune :
  3. Quite hard hitting from the Guardian! .....The outcome is that today the chancellor of the exchequer presides over a regime that is paying more public employees better than ever in their history, while providing them with a level of job and pension security greater than any private employee of the next generation can hope to know. http://politics.guardian.co.uk/labour/comm...1750566,00.html " Once taxes start to rise, as they must, even the least political citizen will start to wonder where the cash is going, and to resent public fat cats. The louder the unions howl about threats to their
  4. A THIRD of the money allocated to fund Holme Valley Parish Council will be swallowed up by admin costs. And it emerged today that the bulk of that £81,300 will pay the wages of two parish clerks (who each work a 30 hour week)! http://ichuddersfield.icnetwork.co.uk/0100...-name_page.html And this is the North of England - Not central London!
  5. No one disputes that - it is quoted within the article as a fact of life. The real question being asked is how we handle unskilled immigration and its effects: "Employment of the native-born unskilled must increasingly be in non-tradeable activities. If unskilled immigrants drive down wages for such jobs a hapless underclass will inevitably emerge." Of course it's no longer just the unskilled - my ex is interviewing for a highly skilled position within the NHS this week - 30% of those invited to attend the interview are Polish!
  6. In making the case for controlling immigration the wider context must be remembered. The opening of world trade is eliminating opportunities for production of labour-intensive tradeable goods and services in high-income countries. Employment of the native-born unskilled must increasingly be in non-tradeable activities. If unskilled immigrants drive down wages for such jobs a hapless underclass will inevitably emerge. Does this matter? The answer depends on whether extreme inequality is compatible with successful democracy. The precedents suggest, instead, that it is a recipe for populism, plu
  7. It also happens to the landlords who use some of these agents - a friend of mine owns a pair of flats and, as she works away a lot, used a large Manchester agent to run them. I have never, ever seen such a bunch of thieving charlatans - made up charges, missing payments into her account, the list really was endless and, as she was a woman, they felt they could just carry on lying to her no matter what. In the two years with them she probably lost £5,000+ . I eventually became involved and she changed agents which resulted in a director of the company making a foulmouthed and abusive phone call
  8. All part of the switch away from labour to capital which is happening in most English speaking nations ! It seems to have been helped in the UK by the disenfanchisment of the working class after Blair hijacked their party! And I suspect some of those labour voters, who aren't too busy watching Sky, may well boost the BNP vote at the next elections! After all, none of the three main parties seem to have the interests of other than the middle classes in their agendas.
  9. Value of your house risen by 450 per cent in one week? Here's how by Flash Gorman It's pretty well impossible these days to throw a breeze block during a London dinner party without hitting someone who claims that the value of their house value has doubled in the past six months. Despite the valiant and selfless efforts of estate agents to keep prices down, the value of UK property continues to rocket ever skyward. Indeed, whereas a one-room terraced house in Barnsley with outside toilet and tin bath in front of the fire cost just £0.11 in 1993, it will now set you back over £43.70. And by
  10. Goole - East Yorkshire Charles Clegg Esq FRICS, Clegg & Son “While stocks at the high price end are increasing, stocks for lower prices are significantly decreasing. The demand for lower priced properties has considerably increased as these are still drifting higher.” Harrogate - North Yorkshire S G Archer Esq BSc FRICS, Verity Frearson “Instructions and sales have increased markedly since Christmas and there has been a good start to the year generally. Property priced correctly for the market are selling well.” Harrogate - Yorkshire Tom Robinson Esq MRICS, Knight Frank “Lar
  11. The met themselves are rather less coy: http://www.met.police.uk/wanted/
  12. Frustration for the excluded By Jim Pickard in London Published: Financial Times April 17 2006 03:00 | Last updated: April 17 2006 03:00 Ajay Ahuja bought his first house with a £500 ($875, €720) deposit when he was a "party-loving" accountancy trainee at the age of 24. Now, the 34-year-old "Essex boy" is the proud landlord of 150 properties across the UK with a market value of about £10m. "Now I get up in the morning whenever I want, which is usually 11am," he says. "Every day is a Saturday." On the other side of the country, artist Emma Callahan lives in state housing in Bath, a city
  13. Balance of payment deficiets may well be comming back into consideration This is the FT talking about the $; The dollar, that great symbol of American financial hegemony, is facing the risk of a regime change on currency markets. For the past 15 months, these markets have been dominated by interest rate differentials. The dollar has been the winner ...... But there is now serious talk that the forex market’s attention may be about to shift and focus once more on structural issues such as current account deficits and central bank reserve diversification. Given the economic imbalances of the
  14. I don't think so - though the tiny chance that they could actually hit Cyprus may well be rolled out as an excuse for our involvemnent in Operation Turn Persia to Glass. Irans Missiles - Iran Missile Update - 2004 Iran continues to develop its ballistic missile capability, despite a number of setbacks in recent flight tests. Since 2000, Iran has focused its efforts on the Shahab 3 medium-range missile, which is capable of reaching Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and U.S. forces in the Middle East. Although several tests of the Shahab 3 appear to have failed, a ceremony was held on July 20
  15. The UK is being turned into the Hong Kong of Europe and the Quality of Life, low though it already is by European standards, will be reduced even further for the majority (though the top few percent will do even better than before). E.g Is there any other Norther European nation where the poor a being forced to pull their own teeth out (as shown on Yorkshire TV the other day).
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