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  1. its valid until end of April 09, but we want to move now, been waiting 6 months already and our house is full of boxes, can't believe they are stalling for the sake of a few grand! Do you think they know as we are desperate they are holding out for as much money as possible?
  2. Everyone we speak to says they can't believe they wont take our offer! Think we should hold out, but dunno if they will come back to us?
  3. Sorry to hijack! Ok we found a house for £203,950 from a developer, it was way overpriced (4 bed semi) but they would drop to £180,000 while taking our P/ex for £125,00. The house got valued at £185k, but the builder said they would give us 5% deposit which meant a net price of £175750. We thought it would be easier to use there broker (totally useless) but he said the only lender who would look at us was igroup, he spent ages messing about, meanwhile igroups rate went through the roof, so he told him to go forth and multiply. We managed to get help from the Abbey, but they valued the prop
  4. Hi there I am new to the forum, so hello to all! Myself and my partner are having a very stressful time at the min (I'm sure were not the only ones) over a house purchase which is nearly taken 5 months. I will try and explain the best i can. We saw a new house on a Development (they have 4 of these particular ones to sell, but also about another 15). It was priced at £203,950 which was way overpriced. We spoke to there mortgage broker who said the developer would go down to £180k. We had only £27750 to put down as deposit along with our p/ex @ £125k. Our broker put us through adverse le
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