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  1. Can you freeze cheese? If so what freezes best and for how long does it keep (i.e. cheddar, stilton) and at what weight and how long should you subject cheese to sub zero temperatures for?
  2. Happy? HPC Vet above refers, he obviously knows is onions.
  3. Yep many times, and an 'open air market' isn't a shop.
  4. Ok, you win I can't compete with the intellect.
  5. Ahh man I feel your pain, don't do anything stupid, look on the bright side it could be worse we could be facing financial meltdown or civil war or something you might have to face for real.
  6. "I don't need one but I want to be a trendy person"............ROFLMFAO.. what a twit, or a wind up for sure, suckers. I said [email protected] not twit, nice one mods!
  7. Yes genius just like they did in America, that worked well didn't it.
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