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  1. Stop moaning you lot and start earning, that’s what I did and my father before me, I expect my sons to do the same. I can’t believe that you’re moaning about the good fortune of others, don’t like your lot? Change it. And before you start moaning I started with nothing, fought for this country, worked hard paid tax. I earn’t every penny myself. That’s the difference between this generation and mine.
  2. Nice gaff for the money, it's got me thinking..
  3. Your all right of course, we can only smile and make jokes at the undeniable truth, were skint. LOL
  4. I expect a massive downturn after poor trading figures over Xmas. “TheCountOfNowhere” nailed it, absolutely brilliant
  5. Happy day's are here again, Lah Lah Lah flying pigs. Gordon brown is brilliant, politicians are honest people, let me just stick my head in the sand for a while..
  6. You got robbed, should have stuck to property.
  7. Our special relationship with America is over, I think they realised were not as important as we thought we were, it's all down to cash no ones got any to spare so were on our own, good.
  8. It's yours when you've paid for it, simple as that really.
  9. J-P


    It sounds very much that you people don’t like where you live, you know the answer don’t you MOVE. I like living here I travel all over the uk and I promise you this is a nice place to live.
  10. What’s the word on the financials in “The Sport” I think that’s where Gordon gets his tips from.
  11. I wish I hadn’t eaten that sea food started..
  12. This post should be called “Repossessions, good news at last” It’s the only part of the market moving, slowly I admit but moving.
  13. You need to read The Times to get to grips with this one!! And I quote “But the small print in the deal, in which Barclays raised £7.3 billion from Abu Dhabi and Qatar, means that if the bank raises fresh capital before the end of June, the Middle Eastern investors would receive a greater number of shares for their original investment without paying more. If Barclays were to raise fresh capital at last night’s closing price, for example, it would automatically hand almost 50 per cent of the bank to the Middle Eastern investors.” And here’s the rest of the article should you wish to read it. I suspect massive porky pies don’t you?
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