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  1. A creative writing degree and a load of cods = Debbie. How can she be so blind? Has she seen even what a little of what she wants gives us?
  2. Heres me thinking -on advice from forum experts - that it was supposed to be the other way around. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/finance...kle-crisis.html
  3. Britain has the lowest debt of all G7 nations, so how do they all manage?
  4. I got nothing, Kat. Am a glass half full kinda guy though. And I'll never believe in dodgy statistical conspiracies either. The government is doomed no matter what the economy does.
  5. Hmm. I read 0.2% in April and 0.1% in May. How is it wishful thinking? Are you suggesting that people just guess 0.1% growth?
  6. Yeah, the English love to dream that the grass is always greener. The only time I ever felt really afraid wandering around a city was when I got lost in Brussels, I had very a similar experience to the above. *shudders* Have lived in a few of those Australian cities listed - especially Perth - and really don't see what they're on about. Quality of health care, cultural experience, environment(Thames is very clean by Australian standards) and infrastructure (especially transport) London is superior, in my opinion. Australian cites are cleaner, less crowded and have more agreeable winters. And house prices are far from cheap in Australia. These surveys are stacked against big cites.
  7. If the economy grew 0.3% in April and May then it grew by 0.3%. Why do people have a problem with that? Surely no one here wants the recession to continue?
  8. lol Times like these that the bulls horns grow strongest.
  9. That's interesting. Britain has a globilised economy. Most of its most profitable companies(indeed, the world's most profitable) are foreign based- BP, Shell, Rio Tinto, BG, Anglo/American, etc,. And all that inward investment ... Britain's IIP, maybe this is the key?
  10. Why? One forum expert has predicted that the pound will plummet to 0.70USD. Yet it has risen 1.64USD. Why? Globilisation?
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