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  1. I certainly hope his or her legal "residency" is recinded and deported. Deport someone from the UK, what was i thinking of.
  2. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/labour/8569367/Labour-spending-Gordon-Brown-and-Ed-Balls-ignored-warnings-and-wasted-billions.html By Robert Winnett, James Kirkup and Holly Watt 9:25PM BST 10 Jun 2011 Comment A confidential document presented to the Cabinet in January 2006 asks: "We've spent all this money, but what have we got for it?" It warns that the efficiency of the public sector needed to improve rapidly and insisted that "spending growth will slow". The document drafted by civil servants also says that "ineffective spending" must be "closed down". However, Mr Brown di
  3. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/jeremywarner/100010510/scandal-of-britains-700bn-overspend/ Here’s a startling, though depressingly unsurprising, factoid I came across while – sad ******* that I am – digging around in the Office for National Statistics data base. Britain has not had a surplus in trade since 1982, or nearly thirty years, and even back then, it was only the gusher of still relatively new North Sea oil development that sustained it. The current account, which includes income on overseas investment, looks little better. There’s been no current account surplus since 1984. I’
  4. According to Ahmed or whatever his name was, it's all the Nigerians fault people don't get allocated council houses. I assume he meant Nigerian councillors. It wouldn't surprise me if a lot of council places are allocated on who you know. Did building workers in the fifties really wear collar and ties on site.
  5. This was highlighted a few years ago when Panarama did an immigration program from Slough called "How we lost count". When a council spokesman was interviewed whose department was resposible for enforcing the law on the dwellings, just came out with the usual council excuses. Not enough resources, would only be able to check one or two a week etc. Glad to see they are going to do something about it at last. In a Slough Express a few weeks back, the council said they were determined that Slough would not become the "Soweto of the UK" !!!!!!.
  6. I know it's going back a bit, but didn't "Not the Nine O'clock News" comedy programme do a spoof on the made in Wales advert. Same song but with a long list of firms with the ending FAILED IN WALES.
  7. If it all kicks off here, and we take up the custom of torching cars like they do in France (Nearly 43,000 cars were torched in France over the whole of 2007 — an average of almost 118 per day). They would help a bit.
  8. Should be interesting. Dispatches: Undercover Debt CollectorMonday 20 July 8:00pm - 9:00pm Channel 4Dispatches goes undercover to investigate debt collection, an industry which is booming during the current financial crisis. The programme reveals some of the tactics used to make debtors to pay up, while reporter Tom Randall gets a job as a debt collector inside one of Britain's fastest growing agencies and discovers that some businesses are selling their bad debts to agencies for as little as sixteen pence in the pound.
  9. Condoms are not expensive in Thailand at all. They are just no bloody good. So i'm told.
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economi...ese-dragon.html Airbus rides the Chinese dragon In the time it takes to complete the paper work for planning permission in Britain, a factory in Tianjin has been built and is producing passenger jets. By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in Tianjin, China Published: 6:38PM BST 30 Jun 2009 An Airbus SAS A320 is rolled out of a hangar in Tianjin Photo: Bloomberg News Once a month, an Airbus A320 passenger jet rolls out of an airy hangar on the outskirts of northern port city of Tianjin, China's window to Western ideas for a century and a half. Within t
  11. I believe the conservatives have said along with health they won't touch the International Development Aid budget. Labour have increased it's budget tremendously over recent years. From the treasury website " Over the CSR07 period, DFID's budget will grow by an average of 11 per cent a year, rising from £5.4 billion in 2007-08 to £7.9 billion a year by 2010-11." With the state we are in can really afford these increases.
  12. Why the hell are we giving £40 million a year to China in aid each year.
  13. Should be worth a watch tonight (9th March) on Channel 4 at 8pm. Looks like it could be the sort of programme where your blood pressure goes through the roof. Documentary. Journalist Jane Moore examines claims that the government wastes billions of pounds of taxpayers' money each year. It is reported that public spending wastage has cost every household nearly 50,000 pounds over the past eleven years. This film investigates a variety of controversial public projects including a health service computer system, a digital arts gallery, unnecessary road building delays, tax credits overpayment
  14. Did anyone catch the statement given by Brown to journalists, followed by a question and answer session after the EU conference at the weekend shown on Sky News. One jouranlist asked, as he keeps telling everyone it all started in America, how did he think when he addressed both houses of congress they would react to being told it's all Americas fault. Of course he just waffled on about coperation between the two countries.
  15. He did seem very sheepish when asked what the build costs came too. I sure he wanted to mention his up coming bonus but thought better of it.
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