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  1. Cheers. Its not great haggling in my eyes. The house was never worth £175,000. £145,000 is still too much for a 3 bed semi but as Ive already explained I couldnt care how much its valued at, as long as I can afford the monthly repayments. I have no plans to move in the near future so dont care if its valued at £100,000 or £250,000.
  2. My granny has a 1990 metro in her garage. Im going to have to enquire about this £2000 trade in for cars over 9 years old.
  3. I've just recently completed buying my first property as I began to have the same feelings as the OP. As I had just got engaged in 2006 we nearly jumped on the bangwagon and nearly bought a crap 3 bed semi for £180,000 in winter 2006. We had a small deposit and the mortgage was over £1000 per month lol!! After coming to my senses I pulled out of the deal after convincing the missus that house prices had to come down in the next few years. We rented a quality place for the next 2 years whilst also saving for a deposit. We have just bought a great semi for £145,000 having put down just over a 20% deposit. The house was on market for £175,000 could possibly have sold for around £250,000 in the peak of the madness. I do believe that house prices will continue to fall. The house I have bought could go as low as £120,000 if prices fall as far as I think they will. However as the govt seem determined to prop house prices up I believe it could take a year or two for prices to get this low. By this time I would have spent another £15,000 on 2 years rent. I was also p1ssed of renting having spent £15,000 on rent for 2 years. The prospect of paying another £15,000 on rent until prices reach bottom didnt appeal to me. I also had problems with my amatuer LL. I have no plans to move within 10 years so I dont care how much my house is worth in the near future. Im paying £170 per month less per month than I was renting and we are both in secure jobs. I dont believe that we will ever see interest rates in double digits so am not concerned by this. I will be happy knowing that I no longer need to browse sites like this and property news on a daily basis. Im not worried that my house will lose value in the next year or so. Originally I believed that a 3 bed semi could go as low as £90,000 but I now dont think this is possible. Too many people obsessed with making money from property in this country. They could go as low as £120,000 but I couldnt be bothered renting whilst waiting for this to happen.
  4. I've noticed an increase in sale agreeds in my area over the last 2 weeks on houses up to the £150,000 mark. Anyone know why this is? Whilst browsing PN I also noticed that an EA in one of the areas i am considering buying in is advertising 100% motgages for FTB!!!??? WTF is that about?? Im guessing this may have something to do with the recent surge in sale agreeds. Im pleased with the increase in sale agreeds because its bringing the house prices down but if 100% mortgages are available then its going to slow the HPC down.
  5. One night in early November I returned from work and the the boiler wouldnt turn on so I had no heating or hot water. I phoned the Landlord who tried to talk me through fixing the gas boiler over the phone. As it was cold and because he made it sound easy I agreed to try and fix it whilst he told me what to do over the phone. To cut a long story short I hadnt re-tightened the valve correctly and about half an hour later a pipe burst and water started coming down through the ceiling. The landlord at the time agreed to pay for the repair but it hasnt been fully repaired yet. I have since handed in my notice and leave the property next week. I am getting paranoid that he is going to keep my deposit. Am I liable to pay for the damage? Thanks in advance!
  6. Is this the return of Mr Jones the tranny?
  7. What Knobs. They are only kidding themselves. I drive past the numerous EA on the Upper Newtownards Road everyday and they are always deserted with the staff sitting twiddling their thumbs.
  8. A friend on mine who works for the First Trust told me today that they have pulled the plug on the 90% mortgage and now 80% is the largest they offer.
  9. Holy smoke!! A decent house cheaper than Miss Jones' Range Rover!
  10. This is nothing new. First Trust have been offering 90% and 95% mortgages for months. Once house prices return to an affordable level then FTB will return to the market. End of story. /it's quite simple really. A few desparado's spouting unfounded nonsense for their own personal gain on a website isn't going to change things.
  11. The better half and I have saved for a deposit. I was planning to spend no more than £130,000 on a decent semi or town house somewhere. I went to a mortgage advisor and was shocked to find that with putting down a £13,000 deposit a repayment mortgage for £117,000 was costing £710 per month. Then you have to add rates and insurance. Thats £800+ before you even consider other household bills. Sod that, Im going to wait until I can get something decent for around £600 per month or probably around the £110,000.
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