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  1. it's definately a shitehole up there with the worst parts of lambeth and southwark. lots of crime especially yoot crime and a fair few bikejackings as there are lots of student/trendy cyclists wanting to live there as it's cheap and close to their playground in shoreditch/hoxton. i believe the technical term is 'edgy'
  2. probably a freelancer who used to be full time whom they will be paying more than when they were a full time employee.
  3. but the u.k is a rich country that other countries look up to so we will be fine.
  4. i'm constantly having to bite my lip when people comment about my lack of consumerism and renting 'status' i wouldn't swap their car/plasma-tv repayments and payment plan on an illiquid asset that's devaluing at £500 per week for my renting and not owning a penny to anyone lifestyle. i wonder how they sleep at night? probably on an Ikea bed they haven't paid for :-)
  5. that's 1min walk away from me. my road is made up of similar flats and my neighbor managed to get 280 when advertised at 315 after a quick tart up just before the crash. identical flat over the road from me made 159 at auction in december. down the road there was a repo earlier in the year (failed BTL) that is now occupied but the price hasn't made the land registry yet. my new neighbors are probably in denial about how much they are now in negative equity. it was nice of my landlord to inform me that "because of the current situation" there will be no rent increase this year. it's crazy that first time buyers victorian terraced flats in zone 3 were selling for 300k. at half price they are nearly reasonable.
  6. been keeping an eye on ducane court studios for the last year or so. having watched them jump from 120k to 180k in a very short time. today i noticed this one at 129khttp://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...amp;pid=2919247 and this one at 172khttp://www.findaproperty.com/displayprop.a...amp;pid=2801466 it's the same flat :-) that's quite a drop. some sellers are still in cuckoo land and the top price for studios is only a few k away from the 'reduced' 1 bed flats. it wouldn't surprise me if they go below 100k at the very bottom. for the non londoners freaking out at the price of a rabbit hutch Balham is well trendy
  7. i have a bit of insider info and they may have a buyer lined up already. they know their stuff regarding tea but i guess they haven't updated their branding in the way thorntons or fortnum's have. the business would still be viable if the 'brand' could be marketed better. the leak on the BBC doesn't help them though as that just dents supplier confidence and the business grinds to halt fairly quickly. I do hope they find a buyer.
  8. was that for one person? i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't for two people. the plasterers i know often work in pairs with somebody knocking it up ready to go on. plasterboarding is done with two people as it's so much quicker/easier that way.
  9. being a proper tradesman involves getting the correct certificates to deal with gas and electrics and a good knowledge of the current building regs for construction soundproofing ventilation noise transmission etc. this is partly what you are paying for. you could "get a couple of poles in" but can anyone tell me what is so good about the houses they build over there? i'm not in the building industry but know the value of a good builder who know's what he's doing. what's wrong with paying them them £125 labour a day? do you think they should work for less?
  10. brought a leather biker jacket (with tassels) from there in the late 80's when on a college trip. coach > museum/art gallery for 10minutes > scuzzy market > pub > coach
  11. managed to get a 2year bond fixed with birmingham midshires a couple of weeks ago at 6.4%. not surprisingly they are not offering anything like that now.
  12. londoners don't go to camden to shop. students and out of towners or people who have just moved here find it attractive. the only reason to go there is to buy drugs if that's your thing or if you have a young relative visiting london for the weekend. spitalfields/brick lane is far more trendy.
  13. what is wrong with a square metal frame and a piece of pvc stretched across it at a slight angle to allow the rain to run off? oh you want a mahogany handle and a brushed silk lining? yes i agree your colleagues will be very impressed and your sense of self worth will be momentarily inflated. just sign here.
  14. Lot 11 is over the road from me. the properties in this street are late victorian purpose built 2 bed flats, there are many streets all of similar properties. it's 2 mins walk from the tube. nextdoor to me was up for 315 after a tart-up then 300 then eventually sold at 280 just as prices were starting to drop a little but before any kind of worldwide financial disaster was being talked about (apart from on here) the majority of properties were going for 260ish. i think lot 11 was ground floor so these are worth a little less as they have a smaller 2nd bedroom and the upstairs entrance eats into the ground floor width. it went for 159! even if it needed a kitchen/bathroom that's a big drop i can't find the exact previous buying price but for no13: Last sale: £143,000 Sale date: 13th Apr 2000 Zoopla! Estimate £277,404
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