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  1. Do you seriously expect me to believe that just because the UK uses pieces of paper which have no inherent value whatsoever and its monetary system is on the brink of collapse, that might be wise to purchase a small amount of a globally recognised commodity as insurance? I suggest that you are hugely lacking in arrogance. Just because every other similar system in history has failed, and the UK is highly likely to follow, doesn't mean that you shouldn't completely ignore our current situation. To remedy this, may I suggest you try to ignore the dull factual based information, and rather concern yourself more with what Jordan and Will & Kate are doing. Only then will you begin to realise the error of your obsession with facts, and only then will you be able to discuss how nobody could have seen it coming over a baked rodent with your fellow tramp.
  2. I can't see what all the fuss is about with gold. If I lived on some remote island where the natives had their own system of money (feathers, paper, sticks, etc) then history clearly demonstrates what becomes of these systems. In this case, it would be wise to own gold (it has been used as money for thousands of years and still is today), particularly if there was only enough land to feed a fraction of that island's population. But I live in the UK, so how is that relevant?
  3. Aaah, The British Potato Council, of course. Most people can't see the upside potential, but potatoes are not just food, they have a myriad of uses. They can be hollowed out to make shoes and earmuffs and the peelings can be stitched together to make clothing. They are also excellent companions, and extremely good listeners.
  4. A number of ways; 1. Cash buyer - obviously no problem here 2. Large deposit - great - see above plus mortage, which would be; 3. Fixed rate mortage - even better!! "Fixed rate mortgage payments became laughably easy to make as inflation shot up to 800% a year" (http://www.ohav.org/travel/experience/inflation.html) 4. Variable rate mortgage - would most likely lagging behind hyperinflation as rates shoot into oblivion, so easier to pay off. 5. Interest Only mortgage - as above but would make original house price at end of term literally peanuts to pay off.
  5. No problem. When a loaf of bread costs one quadrillion pounds, he'll have bought a house for crumbs!
  6. You seem to have a clear understanding of the risks, so if you can cope with IR 10%+, property prices falling 50-60% peak to trough and would still be happy with the purchase, then why not? If you a happy with paying the amount that you've agreed in return for something that you want, then I can't see a problem. As long as you go into this with your eyes open, as you seem to have, then the price you paid for the property or negative equity shouldn't even be a consideration. What is this worth to you is all you need to ask? ..and if we end up with hyperinflation, then you might even be glad...
  7. Interesting to see this is only a "property slowdown" to half of it's previous value. Wonder how much it will lose in a crash? Yes, the fruit and veg market. Although it has to be cheap so that property 'investors' can still afford to eat.
  8. Down £1400 a couple of weeks! Reckon I could lose 15-20% a year at this rate. (Still a bit miffed though, could have done much worse if they'd only let me use my 'strategy') Now have to work out what to do with my losings...
  9. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it - when will people realise that voting for somebody with a funny little black moustache to run their country is never a good idea?
  10. Blimey, you've got some time on your hands/you're at work..
  11. Funny that, was just talking about my wifes work. In one team, there were a load of lads that did a 'fantasy football league' and two girls that had no interest in football. After numerous barter, the lads let the two girls join in their league, mainly to laugh at them as they knew nothing about football. End result? The girls beat them hands down! Why? The girls had researched it and built their fantasy teams objectively, whereas the lads had all players from teams that they supported in their fantasy teams, ie VI. Like all of the bears here, and all the bulls on singing pig.
  12. Thanks for replying!! Didn't think of that, I suppose it could, but why didn't they print the actual percentages, rather than all the weird doublespeak??
  13. I've just registered & started to build my properdee portfolio (called 'Titanic' cause I expect the losses to be massive) I devised a fantastic strategy - only buying flats in Leeds & Nottingham. I got the first two & it now says "No more available properties" ??? How is an amateur BTLer like me supposed to help the banks make massive losses if they will only let me have two overpriced flats? Must be the supply/demand thing they're always talking about...
  14. Does anyone understand what I mean? I was querying the newspapers use of language, in particular the phrase "...a net balance of 22.2 per cent MORE of its members" Does it mean 22.2 per cent of it's members are reporting falls? If so, why the use of the term 'more'? Or does it mean that 60% of it's members are reporting falls and 40% reporting rises (therefore 20% or so MORE)? Or have I lost it????
  15. What exactly does 22.2 per cent 'more' mean? Does it mean that 60 per cent of surveyors are reporting falls? (ie 20 or so per cent 'more' than the 40 per cent reporting increases)???
  16. Another for the conspirisists; Rang NS&I this morning to enquire about their Direct ISA - said they could take details on paper now, but couldn't open an account as all their systems have gone down!
  17. Still, not as bad as UK subprime though... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/6961620.stm
  18. Interesting post. Wouldn't lowering rates in an increasingly inflationary enviroment have far worse economic consequences in the longer term? What do you think about the engineered boom/bust theory (wealth not created/lost in boom/bust cycles but transferred to those who understand the cycles) and even if central banks could prevent these cycles, they may not want to??? (Bit conspiracist, I know..)
  19. I will personally bite my own Sophie-Ellis-Bextors off if it's anything but a hold.
  20. So after reading this thread, I think we can all safely conclude that; London is a separate market from the rest of the UK, with the lowest rental yields in the country, salaries averaging 60K and is due a massive correction. It is however, unlikely to crash, as a renowned financial centre with salaries averaging 36K, and the highest rental yields in the country. The banks have not over extended themselves by lending a previously unheard of six-times salary, and although harder for service workers, they are sitting on gold mines that will soon come crashing down. In summary: A massive house price correction will not happen, starting on 8th May 2012 at around tea-time. Thank goodness we've got that sorted out.
  21. It's a work of genius!!! I particularly like the "White Numerals" listed as a "FEATURE"!!!!, but the best has got to be; "Viewing Highly Recommended"!!!!??? WTF??? (A small square of tarmac costing £25 grand with it's main features being two stripes and a number painted on it, can't possibly be appreciated by just a photograph. You really need to be there otherwise you just won't enjoy the stench of urine???)
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