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  1. Hello, is anyone aware of a better easy access than Ulster Bank? Which is currently paying 3.6% on 6 months. Considered NS and I but dont like 90 day penalty and dont feel comfortable locking in anywhere at moment, even though this will mean putting substantially more than 50,000 into a non Government account......any tips gratefully received. Update: Just baled on this account problems transferring large sums which would result in dead days interest.
  2. Its nice to be reminded this is a dilemma shared by many. Was mulling on this situation today, and i think i am actually going to BTL, (will i be banished to the troll corner?), probably 2 bed cottage, West Cornwall circa 150,000, where family are from. no desire to be a landlord, but It seems to me the least worse option available to me, poor yield, but, so is everything, at least its tangible and comprehensible to me and provides an ongoing income......just got to get the timing right and bargain hard. Never would have thought holding cash would be stressful! good luck.
  3. my strategy really is basic! £280,000 str from BOS @6% into NSandI, next week unless something decent comes up without 90 day penalty (any tips welcome) given up ponzi pension, trickiling money into Artemis income fund, might also start Fidelity SE Asia or similar.......cant buy gold, silver. tittanium, uranium, lead, tin, minerals, diamonds, classic cars, euros, dollars etc its just not me, however compelling the arguement. I dont see point of cash isas anymore, although we have 36,000 at moment between us in M+S @5% (mature next month) they dont compete with non ISA rates, so are you guys holding them in hope interest rates will eventually climb and they will provide income? be interested to know as its a dilemma.......
  4. heres another beauty.............. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-15591589.html
  5. might well be Oddbins next, Nicholas (owned by castel, one of the biggest vinters in france) bougtht them in 2002 nicked all the best High St sites and flogged it back last year to son of previous owner, would be a shame to see them go but they are in a very tricky spot.
  6. Its entirely rational to assume that wage inflation will eventually follow market place inflation. However in this new paradigm I'm not sure this will be quite the given its been in the past. I live between Uk and Italy. Wage growth in Italy has been depressed and static for several years, 1000 euro a month is a very standard professional salary. They only cope by living together as extended families. I am an STR from 07, I havent lost the faith yet, this is a slow burn, when austerity measures kick in, taxes up, interests rates up, public sector strikes etc, a major tipping point will occur thats hitherto remained remarkably elusive, sentiment will then change and when it does a tsunami of reality will wash out any remaining vestiges of fantasy and optimism in its path. For me the future looks bleak, an even more divided society and a much lower standard of living.
  7. interesting.......probably in front of nose but didnt see 5 yr one.......?
  8. I live between Italy and Uk, I'd agree with much of above, we can also add to the list , better food, 4 world cups, more style, more civility, and family values that Uk can now only dream about....however it's not cheap, car insurance is one example, eye wateringly expensive (but, they do have 4x the number of road fatalities to UK with population being the same) I think also relative to earnings house prices in Italy are higher than the uk and possibly second only to Japan as highest in world. BTW I pay 1 euro for cafe in local bar, which is still pretty standard in this area.
  9. Here's a couple of classic examples of Cornish over pricing..... Dont be deceived this one may be upmarket but its a semi sold 07 for £250,000 3 bed terrace
  10. Any help, views much appreciated. Long story short I look after my girlfriends pension/savings. She's 50 yrs old and has accrued circa 50,000 in AVIVA (formerly NU) in Uk and Euro funds. I stopped the contributions last year as she was made redundant. However she has just started a new job @ £40,000 pa. She has very small outgoings/mortgage so could probably afford £600 per month, however taking into account her age and any real chance of building a significant pot, do I continue pumping money in on the basis that something is better than nothing. Or make a complete step change and channel her money into ISAs instead? Which, if we avoid meltdown could accumulate into a sizable sum over say 10 yrs? (or not). Its not a position I relish, as I really dont trust any of it, pensions or advisors, but at the same time, when its not your money and somebody elses future security its particularly worrying........Is anybody else in the same postion?
  11. Hello, no there seems to be no limit restriction on the four withdrawals. The interest is fixed for a year providing it doesnt dip below £5000. It also allows you to add funds. BEWARE the RATE could be changed before Wednesday 26th. I registered today by phone and will deposit a £5000 cheque Monday AM. Will add significantly to this when the Lloyds takeover is confirmed in December. IMO Its a good all round package.
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