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  1. You just know anyone calling themselves Academetrics has got to be a recently retired old buffer bigging up his credentials in a last ditch attempt at gaining credibility and paying for his fursty ferret. The client list on what is a very amatuerish website says it all about his target paymasters: Abbey (he hasnt even got the coffers to change it to Santander), C and G, Northern Crock, Barclays, HBOS, Nationwide, Standard Life etc etc zzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Another irresistible beauty with sea views (if you cross the road)........dont delay to avoid disappointment.....its a bargain at just under 400 k
  3. That's a handsome house (although quite close to a caravan site - the garden of the one above with the dodgy conservatory actually borders a caravan site, not ideal ). Why walking distance PZ? Dont want a car? or just like the connected feel? Bone valley maybe????
  4. Hi Bob, hope you find time to update us on your impressions of Cornwall ......very interesting to know how it compares to Canada and whether its living up to your expectations or possibly a disappointment?
  5. Notice the term " Hayle Borders " hasnt yet caught on in estate agent lexicon.....mmm cant think why not! Yes there should be a separate thread for hideous conservatories......the penwith classic seems to be the perspex shed/porch combination stuck onto a sweet vernacular granite farmhouse.....classy. Prime example popped up yesterday (you get far more for your money in that hinterland north of A 394 than West of st ives)
  6. Talk of the devil ....up pops another classic Lelant bungalow . Is it me or does that looked grossly overpriced? I would have thought it really hard to find a buyer at £300,000 let alone just under half a million?????
  7. I guess together with Lelant Its a surpisingly big sprawl and attracts an older demographic....and life expectancy being what it is in such a damp climate.......produces a natural err turnover of supply. I am surprised at the speedy turnover of country property as well, take decent quiet areas like Newmill, Bodrifty, Mulfra, Morvah etc its incredible the number of people that dont stick around for long perhaps not being able to hack the weather and general lack of diversity......
  8. yes you're right, apart from the usual suspects changing agents in pendeen, st just, trewellard etc its pretentious lifestyle flats in st ives, and the usual churn in carbis bay, very quiet. Properties that match our criteria are very rare anyway. Whether our expectations will ultimately be compromised I dont know, as our budget is modest, there is something we are considering but only with a hefty reduction, but quite happy to play a long game patience will be rewarded for sure.
  9. regular as clockwork, circa 1.20 ish against the euro is the trigger for another cuckoo to spring out of the BOE to devalue by threatening QE.......its all so embarassingly transparent and amateurish...... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economics/8134134/Banks-Weale-Economy-may-need-more-stimulus.html
  10. Its a 2 yr bond taken last Dec @4% with Santander with full access. They are currently offering 2 yr @3.5% and 15 month @3% (with no access) Chose Santander because they are one of the best capitalised banks in the world (didnt want to split the money up). Good luck with your hunt. I think everyone here is agreed that the market in Cornwall will slump further, patience will be rewarded.
  11. Congratulations on your excellent timing! Are you going to bide your time and wait for an opportunity to buy in again? I am monitoring the market in West Penwith but am going to wait, confusingly my heart is telling me to buy abroad but euro exchange rate really not a pretty sight......you will have the same problem as the rest of us STRs, ie where best to store your ill gotten gains, mine is on deposit @4% for another 14 months with access, its not much but in current climate feel relatively lucky.
  12. Exactly. Its been very obvious, although scantly reported, that the BOE (KIng in particular) has been using the media to depress the £ since the crisis took hold. QE is now his favoured threat for this.
  13. There's a difference between news and opinion. It's just a forecast guys .......
  14. Outrageous, how dare those naughty buyers have such unrealistic expectations, especially round there ......
  15. Actually we have a smaller budget than you circa £350 but agree best to wait for sentiment to truly nosedive, not there yet, next spring should be interesting! (nice websites).
  16. I hold Tesco for precisely this reason. Where you shop is irrelevant. Where the koreans, chinese and californians shop is what matters as it is these regions that they are targeting aggressively funded by uk cash flows and property deals and it is what will drive tescos future growth. Its a defensive share with 3% divi and huge growth prospects, very rare.
  17. I work in news. I was not surprised that the package shown 8 mins in on the 6pm was later pulled for the 10 pm news this often happens through time constarint apart from anything else, but I was staggered it wasnt mentioned at all from the autocue. Particularly as much of the stuff towards the end was inconsequential fluff. Strange, because as far as I know the 6pm and 10pm has the same editor (James Stephenson) ........
  18. sounds like we may be competing for the same property should it ever materialise:rolleyes: ...........although as each day passes i am becoming more convinced to buy abroad rather than for the third time in Cornwall.
  19. In West Cornwall the +£500 k bracket is definitely driven in the main by retirees. How many £100 k wages do you think there are? Its a bucket and spade economy. With the average wage at £329.30 (thats one hundred pounds less than the National average) I can assure you the number of £100 k wages west of Truro are virtually non existent. In fact wages over 50 k are very exceptional, save senior teachers, council workers, NHS workers. The vast majority of buyers have like you made their dosh and sold a pile up country and now looking to kick back. Then after a couple of winters start to wonder if its fulfilling expectations. Which might explain why there is a "heck of a lot going on" as people realise the market is about to fall and try to get out quick to escape the rain, mist, rain, squall, damp, drizzle, drudge, rain, darkness, more rain etc etc.
  20. I took the view earlier in the year that staying risk averse was no longer the best option. Given up with cash. Now use isa allowance to accumulate a mix of income funds, (as long as the divi rolls in who cares about what the ftse is doing?), bonds, and emerging markets for growth. I also converted money from a cash ISA at beginning of year into a small collection of shares also in an isa which i trade frequently. I havent made a fortune but its been fun learning and significant improvement on paltry interest and its kept ahead of inflation.
  21. The lands end peninsular has changed markedly over the last 20 years. Much much busier. Due to Improvements to the A30 shortening the journey and the Tate st ives drawing middles class visitors to the area, which on its day is as stunning as anywhere. It has increased awareness and changed the demographic from what was once a sleepy, agricultural / fishing community mixed with an alternative crowd of hobos, misfits, musicians + artists. Beginning of the 90's I sold a pretty double fronted listed granite cottage on the North coast just west of zennor, it was on the market for 18 months. I cant imagine that lingering now, whatever the market, because the steady stream of retirees, teachers, public sector and the rest will always be there. Like you I am waiting for the right opportunity to buy back in. For the moment quite happy to roll the interest on STR fund because the one thing that prices will not do is go up....how far they drop in this category remains to be seen.....imagine it will be down to supply and above all sentiment.....not down there at the moment so your posts are always very interesting to read from someone on the ground.
  22. Bear in mind transaction numbers will be down and the FTB percentage has dropped from 50% to 33%......so not surprising the average income has risen statistically with FTBs squeezed out
  23. I live in a west end mansion block we all extended lease a while back for £5000 and the freeholder voluntarily offered 999yrs, when 99yrs would have been acceptable, the ground rent was also zeroed. We didnt want the responsibility of the freehold. The service charges are divided by square footage. Ours is typically £600 pa, (which included insurance, cleaning, managing agents etc) with a refurb every 7 yrs. Its a good and happy arrangement. I moved here from a freehold house, and i actually much prefer it. But you do have to be careful, as someone above states lifts concierge etc really bump up costs as do buildings which need constant exterior maintenance, masonry work etc. My brother in law owns a penthouse in kensington, service charges alone are £14000 pa. Lease extensions start to get progressively pricey once they fall below 70yrs approx.
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