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  1. In fairness the article does say "they would share in any losses if prices fall."
  2. excerpts from article in Sunday Times biz section : "Sir callum mccarthy, the former chairman FSA 2003 -2008 is working onplans for a revolutionary mortgage business that he caims could kickstart the British housing market." (So having failed to do anything about the credit bubble inflating while at the FSA he's now trying to reinflate it further ) "The complex scheme backed by the controversial american privaty equity firm JC Flowers....would see savers frustrated by low interest rates bankroll first time buyers........" J Flowers describes himself as a "low life grave dancer", and lost
  3. Have noticed that one for a while, but not realised the dramatic priced falls.........crikey was it really on for £475????? Some people really do just try it on in the hope that a nutter will come along, and in truth I don't actually blame them if they are not in a hurry. It looks like a rebuild to me, and even the bottom end of that guide @k200 is stretching it for a plot there..........
  4. Thanks, chimes with what i imagined. Unless interest rates rise this stalemate could continue for a while until real values deflate via inflation. Will review next year.
  5. Whats your current view on the Penwith market Charlie? (i'm not down there)
  6. even amidst the legions of grunge and gerry built horrors of rightmove..........this one still manages to stand out as a shocker.........£350,000.....(probably about x 23 the average local salary) the worlds gone mad! ps Hows the market seem to you Charlie ?
  7. I honestly think this is one of the most ridiculously over priced houses I have ever seen......hideous....architecturally bankrupt........no redeeming features whatsoever.......please tell me no one will pay over £200,000 for it...???????
  8. Agents giving up with first time buyers in West Cornwall instead targeting retired boomers to pile their savings into BTL . But hey 4.7% yield its all going to be worth it right?
  9. Even by her very high standards I was shocked by her crassness and condescension, a titled aristocrat, privileged beyond belief, baled out by her wealthy parents, blaming the current generation of kids - faced with property prices she helped to stoke- as being too feckless and lazy to save for a deposit.......unbelievable! From the Sunday Times 2008......... Have you ever been really hard up? " When I bought my first flat I was 21. It would be silly to say I was really hard up, though, because if my boiler had blown up or something had happened to me I always had the support of my pare
  10. heartwarming headline and surprisingly accurate interpretation of figures..... " House prices edging lower, Land Registry figures show "
  11. some simplistic comparisons here
  12. Best M and S savings rate is 3.5% (3 yrs)
  13. Is there data on the average selling price ?
  14. Paul mason article.......... " Looking back on the summer of 1914 Zweig wrote: "The worst of it was, the very thing we loved the most, our common optimism, betrayed us; for everyone thought everyone else would back down at the last minute and so the diplomats began their game of mutual bluff." Common optimism is a value worth preserving; but so are realism and decisive action." Paul Mason BBC
  15. "Statistical noise, associated with extended holidays around Easter and the royal wedding, makes it harder to read the immediate market situation.........This represents an unfortunate temporary loss of signal. " Darn that statistical noise. Let me help you regain your unfortunate temporary loss of signal and read the immediate market situation - Lending fell circa 5% because prices need to fall further to more sustainable long term trends. http://adserver.adtech.de/adlink%7C1148%7C3020805%7C0%7C170%7CAdId=6295905;BnId=1;itime=884163208;nodecode=yes;link=http%3A//bs.serving-sys.com/Burs
  16. How come 250k Frank? Is that spread around the family on different issues?
  17. often risk is softened by mitigating circumstances.........not least the unspoken knowledge of family money, property, inheritance in the future etc
  18. Downshifting piece from todays Guardian and a little bit of "extra" background here ............
  19. As said, it really does depend on your attitude to risk, time frame, objectives etc. I manage my partners ISAs and the bulk goes into managed Uk equity income funds, income reinvested. its a conservative play to hedge against inflation and provide a little income when she retires. A smaller amount goes into more exotic, higher risk funds to add the possibilty of growth. We are in an inflationary environment, the bigger global companys will always find a way to secure their margins.
  20. Despite the rather self conscious "ground force" garden design its quite a sweet house with the rare bonus in Newlyn of parking. Should imagine quite a bit of first gear road noise from other residents of old paul hill. Price still a bit frothy imo but certainly less silly than before.
  21. Might have been better to wait for a sunny day before photographing and listing????........the house needs all the help it can get..... Ditto this one . Would you use Miller and co if this was how they advertise your house? Take a tip guys you're selling a dream not a nightmare!
  22. Things were already tough until previous owner of Oddbins (Castel - french) cherry picked over 50 of the best locations and turned them into upmarket Nicholas. Its a shame, because in their day they bought something new.
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