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  1. I'm not sure which category this one falls into, but it's hilarious, fronting two roads, a courtyard garden, no views, plug ugly, still requiring work, poo brown windows, soulless, non descript village, (evidently without a post office) and they want offers of £325k.......wtf......in my view lucky to get £200k...... *Noticed a disproportionate number of ridiculously overpriced property appears with Miller and son.
  2. Articles like this one from the Guardian in January seemed laughably naive at the time, and so it has proven......when will the finance journos truly wake up and smell the coffee......low rates are here for the foreseeable future regardless of what happens to inflation....
  3. Maybe I'm missing something, but the numbers given for marketed property doesn't seem to tally with the number appearing on a search for that particular postcode....so what am i doing wrong?
  4. Spare a thought for the Tube drivers they only get 43 days hols a year unlike their colleagues the station staff who get 52 days (excluding weekends) = eg 43% of the year off. Station supervisors (the ones that sit in those grubby little offices reading the Sun ignoring members of the public) are paid circa k 50 with 52 days off..... they dont even have a button to press.........in contrast Senior nurse salary scale 20k - 25k + 27 days holiday.
  5. Robert Peston : "We spoke to the trader again this morning, & as far as we can tell he is a genuine independent trader, not a member of YesMen
  6. What is everyones predictions for prices over the next 12 months?
  7. Funnily enough I'm sure it was marketed at around that price some time back. Its a nice place but def a premium for the provenance.
  8. Agree...shabby ill considered disgrace, they will be lucky to get much over £325,000.
  9. is it just me or does this one at K750 makes the one on clarence place look overpriced?
  10. I guess they are done with opportunist Kite flying and want to move on with their lives. Frank's estimate was on the market at £850,000 mine was sell at £650,000...........
  11. well this one is getting ever closer to your estimate Frank......
  12. Its true. There are not many towns of over 20,000 population that display quite the same social/economic extremes as PZ and environs, some of the poorest wards in england rubbing shoulders (albeit briefly in the supermarket queue) with a satellite community of retired middle class boomers and 40 + downshifters with kids that have sold a pile up country and are living off the fat......In the case of the 40+ downshifters not doubt hoping their dosh will last until they inherit from parents.
  13. Since this has been re-listed I'd like to nominate as a contender for Julys Proper Job Award (AKA crimes against architecture). *would have thought it was better to sell the land and house separately????
  14. The other end of st marys place terrace for sale now, did the other end get sold?? (Out of interest how do you find out house prices now from Land reg? It seems to have changed) I do appreciate this kind of house and architecture, im clearly out of touch but £550,000 for a terrace in PZ is hard to accept .... with a piddly garden and large rooms to heat and a big exterior to maintain seems outmoded for the time. Difficult to imagine who would want that profile these days.....Maybe retirees...with Grand kids I guess??? But surely not much over £400,000??
  15. Winner of the Penwith Proper Job Architectural Award for June goes to this stunner.
  16. Share your outlook Bruce, in similar situation to you, similar numbers, sold 2007, although my rent is a good bit less......yes if you factor in interest and drop in my target area prices i guess its easily + £100,000 in pocket....and thats not taking into account maintenance etc saved......i dont worry about inflation per se, however watching house prices like a hawk....but anticipate at least another -5% nominal and who knows how much real drops......so for now happy to wait !
  17. For me its essential. Had a place 4 mls north PZ....... it was lovely to leave the drudge behind and have complete peace and quiet in exceptional landscape, the downside was the full on weather, lingering mists in particular......but for those with kids it must be a bit wearing to be a constant taxi service.
  18. this one still kite flying at £575,000 with a different agent now........sleeping next to a combi boiler......classy. Maths not a strong point.....but even at an optimistic 15 weeks let @ £1500 pw = £22500 GROSS yield = 3.9% approx......(you can get a measly 4% on deposit)
  19. will people really stump up £500,000 to buy a semi detached like this ???I'm beginning to think it's me thats out of synch with prices as i would have thought they would be lucky to achieve £300,000......
  20. Its a lovely house......and in some ways I can relate to someone falling in love with it, but always thought Clarence Place a bit of an oddity, strangely dislocated and isolated from the core of aspiring chattering classes around Morrab gardens.......pretty sure it was for sale not so long ago.....bit of a culture shock stepping out from dreamy grandeur onto Clarence street every morning......mind you handy for the hospital.......i'll guess at eventual sale price of £650,000 (tops!)
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