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  1. World hunger over 1 billion Britain must produce more food, gov warns Congress created a dustbowl Argentina's disappearing farmers Indian farmers terminated Mum shouldn't have gone to Iceland
  2. Good article, Goggles. I concur. Clearly, the 'moral' thing to do is put the future of your family first and walk away from the mortgage. My Sister out in California got into negative equity and has done just this. The rules out there are different to the ones here and you can walk away without taking the hit of bankruptcy. She works in code enforcement for the City of Sacramento and says it is absolutely nuts out there. Almost all of here time has been taken up with problems associated with massive numbers of empty homes in the last year or so. They create big problems in terms of theft, vand
  3. Thanks for posting, surfcat. Here's another bit of gold related news (may already have been posted here?) http://www.bernama.com/bernama/v5/newsworld.php?id=465873
  4. <sorry, duplicate thread. Finger trouble>
  5. Don't your US and Australian $ holdings count as savings? What's the loophole there?
  6. Thanks for posting, Warpig. Argentina collapse. Undoubtedly we will go the same way. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4353655982817317115#
  7. Different posters, different points of view. What's to reconcile?
  8. 'Public servant?! It sounds like common sense on paper for very well off families to pay their own way, but we have seen this play before with income tax in the US. First it was introduced only on the wages of very high earners like the Rockefellers, and of course no one would argue with that. However, this quickly changed in subsequent years so almost everyone was paying it. It is in fact a voluntary tax in law, but try not coughing up and you invariably end up in jail.
  9. Thanks for the detailed info, Ken. I don't believe this is just down to greedy companies. It really is an indicator of true inflation. I can't find it any more, but there was a video on youtube a couple of years ago showing reporters questioning an official about increasing oil prices. Someone in the audience stated that it wasn't the oil producing countries increasing prices, but the devaluing dollar that was the problem. The speaker kept avoiding the question and finally all but admitted it, saying that she had been specifically told not to get on the subject and would lose her job if she d
  10. DisQ, I read a while back that the BNP had been infiltrated by an organisation known as 'Common Purpose'. If you have not heard of them, Google 'Brian Gerrish', 'Common Purpose'. It's a very sinister sounding organisation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeFIv44lUd8 Much like every other party has been infiltrated, no doubt. 'Conspiracy of Silence' - Unaired Yorkshire TV documentary on high level paedophile ring in Washington, D.C. French minister admitted to paedophilia: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/6270217/Frederic-Mitterrand-admitted-to-paying-for-sex-with
  11. Interesting post, Ken. Are you in the UK? Can you name some of these watered down products? I have certainly noticed a lot shrinking packaging recently on supermarket shelves.
  12. You're bang on, Spaniard. The term "conspiracy theory" instantly sends many people into a mental stupor with a great big smirk on their face. Unless you can get past that, there's no convincing them of anything, even if extensive supporting evidence exists. It's an example neurolinguistic programming by the media.
  13. This gets a little boring. The OP never mentioned 'lizard people'. For anyone who has not cottoned on, the whole absurd 'lizard thing' that is tacked on to the very real subject of the banking/state theft of your freedoms, is a psychological manipulation. The idea is to make you completely dismiss the subject because of the forced association with something so 'dumb and stupid'. It is also supposed to put you off discussing the subject for fear of looking stupid.I'm not suggesting that the poster is a shill, more likely a dumb repeater. Members of the public often unwittingly further the propa
  14. In my experience, about 1/3 of police these days are bully boys. They should be ashamed of themselves. I like this one. A gentlemen in the US standing up for his rights: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1a0_1255828177
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