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  1. Thanks for the reply; I now see where you are coming from. Going back to the OP. Trying to interpret why a seller would advertise a property (costing them money) at offers over £100K and then, after receiving an offer below their asking price, slap another £30K on the price in the current market is completely irrational. They could of course be mad, deluded, ill advised by EA, time wasters, or a combination thereof. In my view it is more likely to be primarily driven by greed.
  2. ?? Another confusing post Belfast VI. 1. There is a pronounced recession in the economy at large and the property sector is at the fulcrum. N. Ireland in particular has much further to fall to reach affordable residential housing price levels; matched against the modest local economy, salary levels etc. 2. In this environment why advertise a house at a certain (probably inflated price), receive an offer (at a probably realistic price), turn it down and add £25K to the original price?! Insane bargaining tactics, driven by sheer greed and a totally misguided belief the the local market is
  3. Perhaps they get that County Down developer up with his wrecker ball to demolish the place.
  4. I think you have provided a pretty accurate summary of the current state of affairs for the majority of developers; both large and small. Fair play to Belfast VI though. At least he has the balls to come on here and argue the toss.
  5. Is it my imagination or have the Bel Tel taken their corporate foot off the property ramping pedal of late ? Perhaps they finally realised that their journalistic credibility has been completely stuffed when it comes to the property sector.
  6. http://www.choices.co.uk/propertynews/Nort...1512253956.html This is a cracker article. All clearly based on fact and hard statistical evidence of course. The highest regard has to be attached to 'anecdotal evidence' from estate agents. It is disappointing that this article has not appeared as a cut & paste job in the Bel Tel. Perhaps it just needs a few more days for their 'investigative journalists' to corroborate the information.
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/persona...e-fourfold.html It is interesting to glimpse the reality behind some of the mortgage product 'window dressing' that has crept back into the market over the past month or so. Lending criteria becoming too strict?? All this looks more like lenders taking a pragmatic and careful assessment of risk. Why should it be any different after all that has gone before.
  8. 40% is an even rounder figure. What is wrong with "house prices have fallen by almost 40%". Greater accuracy has got to be a good thing.
  9. Presumably it is their civil servants who are supposed to feed them the correct information. Even if they were after the owner rather than the editor (organ grinder>monkey), they should have done their homework: http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle5904297.ece It is not exactly new news that Denis O'Brien now ultimately pulls the strings in the IN & M conglomerate. Good luck to him because the business is in fairly serious sh*t.
  10. Thanks for the link. Lifted my spirits too! Stories like this illustrate just how much progress has been made.
  11. This a particularly patronising and self-righteous post. Things have progressed massively for the better in N. Ireland over the past 10 years or so. Most of the people who live here yearn for continued peace and further progress. There are any number of practical ways that this real progress can be illustrated and validated. To suggest otherwise is simply wrong. It would be a very good idea if people like yourself finally recognised all the positives about NI rather than appearing to constantly dwell on the negatives. In your posts on this thread you are regrettably just exposing your own 'li
  12. Unfortunately the old saying "You get the politicians you deserve" may apply. Who voted them in with such a large mandate??
  13. The scale looks wrong. The $100 bill looks too small. I suspect a few more pallets are needed.
  14. At least he got rid of his mistress before the Ferrari was repossessed.
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