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  1. Middle-class shoppers who have been hit by the recession are stealing hundreds of millions of pounds of expensive food in an effort to maintain their high standard of living, according to a new survey. Must be that sense of entitlement again.
  2. I think I spotted just one black person in the crowd shots! Perhaps the uninsured members of the population should organise a counter "Well, actually a fair few of us do welcome it" march.
  3. Indeed it was: Hatoyama has already watered down most of what he said and has been going on about the Japanese version of the "special relationship" all of last week.
  4. I had to sign on a decade ago after giving up my job to nurse a dying relative (and getting paid 40 quid a week for the privilege of saving the NHS thousands on hospice care). I was greeted - by a fat, smug, jumped up sh*t - with "How are you? Apart from not having a job, of course." I was actually too stunned to complain. A few months later I saw him at the bus stop and said to my brother in a loud voice "There's the guy in from the Job Centre I told you about." There were 3-4 other people who looked up and he almost cr*pped his pants. Pathetic little nothing. I think they despise anyone educated and seemed to have a "Look where you've ended up" type attitude. Yes, they do a hard job: signing on on Christmas eve I witnessed a guy throwing a chair around and demanding his payment early as he couldn't buy presents for his kids (so he said) but they could treat people with a little more respect - especially the non-furniture propelling ones.
  5. I was quite worried by the EA that couldn't work out 30,000 x 3.5. Why would you even consider financial "advice" from such an oik.
  6. Live at home and save up tp 90%? Wow! Either they are earning an awful lot or they are being "kept" by their parents. I had to live at home for three years (graduated during the early 90's crash) and my mum would be practically at the back door with her hand outstretched on rent day. In fact, one day she was actually waiting for me on the steps
  7. The murder rate in Canada has decreased since they abolished the death penalty. It's well documented that the murder rate goes up in the States just after someone has been put to death. It is not a deterrent. What is all this about being "fed and warm" can you imagine the hell they will go through when the other prisoners find out who they are? They are evil for sure, but state sponsored murder is not the answer: the fact that it isn't a deterrent being one of many factors.
  8. Just as the oposition DPJ looks like it actually stands a chance, Ozawa is implicated in a scandal and resigns. How convenient. Step forth his expected successor, Hatoyama, a dynamic exemplar of progressive polictics (apart from the fact that he used to belong to the LDP, his brother is a member of the LDP's current cabinet and his grandfather was PM.) Plus ca change. But, then again, Aso's approval ratings are almost in single figures and this week's gaffe has been implying having babies is an "obligation" (last week's was referring to the Czech Republic as Czechoslovakia!)
  9. What a wonderful view. Enjoy. You were quite right: if you find what you want, at a price you can afford, then go for it. Hang on for further price drops, save a bit more but then compete with everyone else re-entering the market.
  10. You did well! I scored a 8,000 job in Bristol in that year (after cleaning hospital floors for a few months).
  11. I think you are probably right but only yesterday Bloomberg was saying that the yen may strengthen to $85 by mid-year and then weaken by 2010 and that the government didn't intend to intervene unless it reached 85 (something they said last year as well).
  12. Britons often refer to themselves as Brits and it seems almost obligatory for Australians to call themselves Aussies but I've yet to hear a Pakistani calling themselves **** or a Japanese referring to themselves as a Nip. "Nip" is used the majority of the time in a derogatory way - especially since it's use increased in WW2: Q: How could you tell they had hanged the Japanese spy? A: There was a little nip in the air this morning. Is that a marginally amusing pun or does it make you feel a little uncomfortable? "When the weather is a little cold, we say that it's a bit Pearl Harbour, meaning that there's a nasty Nip in the air." Edith Bowman. Nowt to do with wallflowers or PC.
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