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  1. Do you call it "a little arrogance" to play so cruelly with someone? And taunt them? I don't think so! and "your lot" does not include me. I may not have bought more than I can afford but I can still sympathise when someone appears to be in genuine need of help and when they ask for it, I will not abuse them and laugh in their face, even when it may be their fault. just because someone has been a bit stupid financially does not mean they are beyond help and redemption when they ask for it. "you lot" are obviously sadly lacking in the human element of understanding and compassion. you can stay here and play your silly little holier than thou games all night for all i care, following bats advice and leaving you to tear each other to bits. Wasters!
  2. Here you go judging again! Talk about blind prejudice. not everyone is like that on the BR boards.
  3. N There is no excuse for being spiteful or taking your anger out (whether justified or not) on someone just looking for help and support. If they are angry then they need to find better ways to express it than bully tactics on a website designed for help advice and support. Am perfectly chilled. made my point I think anyway.
  4. Ha! I ain't Kirsty or whoever she is so you just insulted someone for no reason!
  5. just mimicking your behaviour on other forums mr Johnny Spite. After all, what goes around comes around! You get back what you give.
  6. well the fact that you are obviously all so arrogant etc etc to newbies and people on other message boards gives this board a bad name, hence people will avoid it and it doesn't matter what you can predict or not if no one wants to socialise with those who judge first and ask questions later...
  7. not the op, just a newbie on her first visit here and definitely not going to seek advice from you lot, obviously could only expect censure, criticism and spiteful remarks. this is forum for the trolls it would seem who can't make any friends or hold decent conversations on other forums so just come here to laugh at others and vent their spite.
  8. Yeah and you are the biggest A$$hole of the whole lot on here Johnnyupmyselfstorm for starting this whole thing. You disgust me!
  9. From what I have read on this forum board, it just proves to me what a spiteful vindictive bunch of losers the majority of you trolls are. That you can poke fun at someone in a desperate situation who was trying to find somewhere for advice and support is disgusting. I hope that one day you all suffer the mental anguish and stress this poor woman is going through and that you feel the need to post for support and that you get trolled in return and poked fun at. Ok so maybe she can only blame her ex and herself for this situation, who could have predicted what was going to happen in the economy but she is not deserving of your spite and your ridicule.
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