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  1. Meant to add - how does anyone feel about cahoot?
  2. me too - got a bit freaked out and bought a load of premium bonds!!!!???!!!
  3. Thanks for saving that little gem for posterity guys!! Bloomin' hilarious tee hee hee
  4. Yes just saw it! Liked the balloon and pin bit at the beginning. (I am going to work today honest...)
  5. BIG estate agency on the high street has been closed down for a month or so - reason i'm posting is that some bloke was sat outside today selling the office furniture on the street with a sign saying 'TODAY ONLY- ALL VERY CHEAP'.!!??!!
  6. whatever they said, good ol' rosie and phil looked a bit worried to me!
  7. Has someone already said that this works a treat on mac? Ta very much anyway. Hilarious!
  8. These guys had a stand at several of the Heathrow terminals the other day - handing out brochures to all who came near. Mine went straight in the bin!
  9. To quote the article, "Bricks and Mortar has asked some of the industry’s top commentators what they are seeing on the ground and in what direction they think movement — if any — will occur. Let us know what you think." Hmm -where to start....?...
  10. Agreed! We need a bit of good luck! What's brought all this on dude, if you don't mind me asking.
  11. Another FTB here! Have been saving hard for two years and counting. Waiting for the right moment to part with my hard-earned cash!
  12. Generally i agree with you FaTB! BUT I work for an airline. Should i be looking to change industries?? hmm
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