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  1. Hi Ride on, You have some really valid points there. The problem was not driven by "professional" investors. Every man and his next door neighbours dog became developers/investors fueled by television hype and easy borrowings. I tried to buy a derelict terrace in Belfast but was outbid by an old dear in her 80s !! The agent informed me her sons and had bought 2 that week !! ( over value by the way ) Tuff [email protected]@ to the amatuer developer/investor. I don't walk into anyones place of work and think I'm a pro. Why should they ? Leave it to the professional developers/investors. This is part of the reason why the N.Ireland housing market is in the [email protected]@ !! Regards, MISS JONES
  2. No investors=Less development MISS JONES
  3. What about job creation ? Do developers not employ builders ? Do builders not employ tradesmen ? Do tradesmen not pass their skills onto apprentice tradesmen ? What happens when there is no development the brickies, plasterers,plumbers,electricians,roofers,joiners,architects,plant hire/sales,quantity surveyors, engineers etc. etc. do ? Perhaps they will all go and build the olympic stadium ? We will then lose one of the only things N.I. has ( skill set ) Perhaps we can ship our quarry industry over as well and be done with it. A bit of a nightmare when you buy your nice FTB home, have a few ankle biters and decide you need an extension, but guess what ? MISS JONES
  4. Hi Ballymena Boy, Good to see a fellow Bull in the ring !! Might just inject some life into some of the "sheeple" on this forum. What area are you buying your next two houses at ? Been to Germany four times this year looking at apartments Berlin x2 Dusseldorf and Munich. Have you a place there ? Berlin seems cheap as chips even when global boom was in full swing !! MISS JONES
  5. I'm off to Singing Pig to speak with some fellow investors. This forum has too many drama queens on it !! Help get N.Ireland out of reccession go buy some houses !! MISS JONES
  6. Funny I would measure success on the size of house someone has, what car they drive etc. Do you ever watch Dragons Den. It wouldn't exist if the dragon's weren't SUCCESSFUL !!
  7. Hi Smash Reckett, No I don't sell sanwiches but I do make loads of dough !! MISS JONES
  8. Hi All, As a long standing member of several UK property forums my intension was to join HPC forum to put forward some constructive views aired by my fellow members from other forums, however the moment I joined I was "attacked" by Belfast boy. Why I don't know ?? Some of the bigger forums attract many new members daily, do we attack them. NO. People in the HPC community should tell him to back off otherwise it may put new members off joining the forum !! Regards, MISS JONES
  9. Hi Mr. Slump, Send Belfast boy a PM asking can you move in with him his daddy only charges him £ 200 per calender month. ( If there's room as it's getting a bit crowded at home farm ) MISS JONES
  10. Hi Sapiens, That's given me an idea I'm going to sell my house, my BLT's and move in with Belfast boy and his mummy and daddy. IF THERE'S ROOM !! MISS JONES
  11. What empty buy to lets ? I have 5 with long term tenants paying direct into my bank every month, lovely ! Why don't you rap your daddy sell a few cows to the Polish guy you know and buy a little house ?? You might pick up one cheap on nipropertyauctions.com but they probably don't accept cows as payment !!! MISS JONES
  12. 11% maybe true but 10.9% of the workers are not from here, this labour is "farmed out" to the polish ! The other .1% is the farmer's sons. Excuse the pun ! MISS JONES
  13. Belfast boy finks farmers account for a large percentage of N.Ireland workforce ?? Funny that when I drive past fields I never see thousands of farm labourers chasing sheep ( they don't even do this in Wales ) Most farmers I know don't employ anyone usually the sons work the farm with the aid of a thing called a tractor !! That's what happens when you live in Belfast it makes you an expert on the countryside. Miss Jones doen't know anyfing and she's lived in the sticks all her life. You'd be better staying at home with mummy and daddy until you learn some basic economics !! Then daddy might lend you a deposit ( when your about 60 ) and you can buy a house of me Either way smart developers win. High house prices ( strong rental market ) Low house prices ( sell stock easily )Loans WILL become more and more available and house prices will level out 4th quarter of 09. It seems to me the only people moaning about high house prices are those who don't have a house. Much the same way as people moan about 4x4's ruining the eco system, that's simply because they can't afford to run one. If you can't afford a house TUFF get a better job or perhaps stop taking half a year off on "The sick" or simply work longer hours like I do !! MISS JONES
  14. Hi Belfast Boy, I have some construction experience and will give you some facts about the construction industry. The N.Irish economy is underpinned by construction as it accounts for some 25% of the total work force, builders, architects, suppliers and so on. The other 75% are civil servants or work in call centres selling insurance to builders !! A mains water tapping was £ 80.00 per dwelling last year and is £ 280.00 today. New e value regs have added approx. £ 1,000 to an average semi due to additional material. All quarry products concrete, blocks etc up 15 % this year. Brickies are still £ 500 per week as are good joiners etc. NHBC fees are up 10% Planning backlog 2 years for new developments Planning appeals now take 3 years due to back log Loans on new developments are tighter with , in some cases 3% above base re payments. I could go on and on. Interest alone is a killer as planners can't get off their ars** to pass new sites. So like I have stated there will be a bottom to this " crash" It can't last forever, developers/builders can't build for a loss. Would you go to work to loose money ? The Inland Revenue can't and won't let it " crash " as construction, house sales, stamp duty etc. etc. is one of their biggest revenue streams. That' why their pumping billions into the banks to try and keep the construction train on the tracks. Regards, MISS JONES
  15. Hi All, I do agree we are going through the toughest recession in modern day history, however I believe house prices will rebound to an extent in 2010. This is based on a some simple facts. 1. Low interest rates. 2. Building materials are constantly on the rise and regulations are getting tighter and more expensive to put into practice. Builders/developers can only build at a loss for so long so build cost are build cost, you still need to buy materials and pay for labour. 3. Population growth and pent up demand, buyers still want to buy ( believe it or not ) but finance is hard to get, for now. TWO GOLDEN RULES ( in my opinion ) LOCATION LOCATION Regardless of a falling market a quality property in a good location anywhere in the world will sell or rent easily. Regards, MISS JONES
  16. Hi Ride On, Thanks for your reply we sometimes get spammers on SP and Streetwise but we tend to treat new members with some respect. We find bull$£$ers and spammers get found out within a short space of time with out any assistance!! I would agree we are in interesting times and any form of revenue saved from any source is good news, hence my post about the auction site. The "suits" have had it too good for too long so I applaud anyone who gives them a challenge. Pity there wasn't such a thing as an online judge and jury for the bankers !! Regards, MISS JONES
  17. Hi Belfast Boy, I can assure you I'm not a spammer ! Like I said on my previous post I have been a member of the 2 biggest property forums in the UKfor several years now. I read this forum quite often but didn't join because I felt a lot of postings were negitive and a bit doom and gloom, a bit of an "Eastender" forum. It seems I may be justified if this is the way a new member is welcomed ! Regards, MISS JONES
  18. I am new to this site but have been an active member of singing pig and streetwise for several years now. I was on the ni property auction .com site and it looks very good. Could this be the future ? Estate agents beware !!
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