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  1. Seems that anyone who tries to set up any type of business in N.ireland gets a kicking. I went onto this auction site last night and it looks quite professional. If anything it should help FTB's It should help destressed sellers as it's FREE to list your house and £ 50 quid if you sell It has secure payment through PAYPAL ( dodgy) Seems to be a message service there so buyers and sellers can contact each other ( Well dodgy) Solicitors and Tesco advertise on it ( Tesco never heard of them ) Seems to be cheap legal documents printable on line ( sounds like a rip off, I would rather go to a solicitor and pay him £ 150.00 an hour for a face to face ) I know where I'll be going for tenancy agreements from now on. Good luck to this chap for having the B***s to go up against the estate agents, propertynews etc. MISS JONES
  2. It could be worse you havn't meet Rigsby yet !!
  3. I can't be ass** looking for any of your questions through the abuse you bears are trying to dish out
  4. Obviously more than you as you can't even buy a house ! Go on crazy horse spash out and treat yourself
  5. Quite simple dividends ( tax paid ) BTL's executive pay me, I pay tax on profit. So I get paid tax and pay a little back. I take it your not a retired chartered accountant then
  6. You just keep working and paying all that tax, me I'm semi retired. The housing executive needs the money to subsidise my BTL's. Thankyou
  7. Thanks Ballymena Boy, It's more of a lifestyle thing than an investment. Berlin is a beautiful city steeped in history. I'm considering a penthouse near parliment, turnkey £ 180,000 Imagine the price in London. Regards, MISS JONES
  8. I don't really care. It has nice heated leather seats and a cracking audio system !!
  9. Watch you don't fall off your bicycle and drop all your hard earned coins on the road they may be hard to find in the dark:lol: I prefer to go to the bank in my Range Rover during normal banking hours ( strange really ) MISS JONES
  10. Like I said it's great. The government props up Virgin Train's and they're full of people heading to work, to pay tax,to buy more train tickets to pay Richard so he can buy another island. Much the same as BTL's. The cycle continues. Lovely Jubbly !! MISS JONES
  11. Overpriced Overpriced Affordable bla bla Do yourself a favour go to an auction. They are selling houses at the moment for less than you can build them for !! Change the record and go and buy one. Or maybe you are waiting for a house on the Malone Road at 1930's prices. Stop press......It ain't going to happen MISS JONES
  12. I know it's great. The executive pay say £ 550.00 per month and if it's not enough the tenant covers the shortfall. I love it when the government supports private ventures As long as this happens BTL's are a great investment. MISS JONES
  13. Yadayada You ride a bike ! You won't heat your bedsit ! etc.etc. I bet you hug trees and collect 2nd class stamps If i were to give you a house you probably wouldn't take it in case you had to pay for heating oil My God what are some of you guys waiting for a buy one get one free offer ?? MISS JONES
  14. I just can't grasp the " void period" argument. There is a HUGE waiting list on the housing executive books and they have no stock. One of my BTL's is paid by executive £ 550 per month on a long term basis. I bought this house 8 years ago £ 49,000 LTV 70% I think I'm safe enough ! Again do your homework. Location Location MISS JONES
  15. So there's no bargains to be had ? You think house prices will bottom out to what £ 000.00 It will bottom at 50% we are at 30%-40% now !! Offer 20% below valuation. ( Buffer ) Happy days !! If you have "millions" you must have stole it because you ain't no business brain. Don't insult the Bull when he's in your china shop !! :angry: MISS JONES
  16. Fair point. Hence part of my argument. You are happy to rent so investors should pick up a bargain ,say at auction and rent it out everyones a winner. However with falling interest rates you may be buying sooner than later. Some experts predict a 2% base rate next year. MISS JONES
  17. I have done a few developments in the North Down area and I can assure you land moves very fast here. If you want to live in say Bangor or Crawfordsburn of coarse you'll pay a premium. If you want to live in say Portavogie of coarse it's cheaper. Because theres more available, cheaper land. House prices have dropped 30%-40% Do you not view trees dont grow to the sky ? MISS JONES
  18. As I have stated in previous posts we are in a recession, however if you have a stable job times aren't so bad for various reasons. We have now reached a level where houses are affordable ( If you search for them ) Fuel prices dropping Food prices dropping Bargains on the high street etc. etc. we can all sit on our hands waiting for the bottom for example: Do you sit in your house and freeze waiting for oil prices to drop ? Do you walk to work because petrol was too expensive ? Of coarse not ! If a house is on the market offer 20% below asking, this is called a buffer. Even if the value drops a further 10% this will be re-couped in time, and guess what your on the ladder, have a roof over your head and some of your loan paid off. The only problem with the housing market was timing. Some people bought at the right time and made money, some bought at the wrong time and lost money. Those who sat on their hands..............Well ?? MISS JONES
  19. At last. We might get an educated debate going here ! MISS JONES
  20. I find it hard to debate when under attack ( from day 1 ) It's obvious Bulls have no say on this forum. How many bulls are on this forum ? How can any debate be conducted when the bulls are grossly outnumbered and are constantly under fire ? I have been involved in property for 25 years, how long have most of the bears in this forum ? I watched Ballymoney get ridiculed for putting a view across, believe it or not bulls also know a little bit if given a chance to get a word in !! MISS JONES
  21. That's an idea we'll phone all the estate agents and get them to change all their listings from £££ to $$$$ This will kick start the market and you can afford to buy pertol here as it would be $ 3.00 a gallon. Or buy a smart car and commute from Bagdad ! MISS JONES
  22. Being a developer and investor I am a member of several " Professional Bodies" all of which are money rackets. I would class a professional investor as someone who can read the market. I didn't know you needed to be qualified ? Should I ask some of my investment partners for their profits I made them as I have no masters in investment ? What do you think they will say ? MISS JONES
  23. Obviously you do Yeah Bagdad NICE AND SAFE !! That's why your a bear with no teeth !! Sorry houses It is also not a myth that houses on Warren Road, Malone Road etc. still sell for slightly more than $ 1 million. Maybe Bagdad could be the "next big thing" but not my idea of a smart investment. I'll keep buying new builds here and rent them to some bears. Or if I'm lucky Goldilocks !! MISS JONES
  24. You can also buy a cheap house in Bagdad !! A bit noisy but year round sunshine !! MISS JONES
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