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  1. Hello All, Hopefully Doccyboy can bring some order to the forum. I will take a civil approach with my views provided there is an end to the mud-slinging. I am not a slum landlord as most of the houses are new build and rented to very decent hardworking families. I only have 1 DSS tennant which is rented to a young family who are down on their luck. Yes as you all guessed I am a male. I started with nothing and made money developing sites timing played a big part in my success 90% LUCK 10% MORE LUCK !! I genuinely feel for young people trying the get on "the ladder" and should rent and watch the market closely. I have a good knowledge of planning issues and building code of practice. If any of you are thinking of extending your houses etc. feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to advise you as best I can. I was reading the local rag and spoted an article. Latest house price survey and most comprehensive survey done this year ( University of Ulster, Ulster Bank and housing exec.) House prices down 25% throughout N. Ireland Detached suffered the least drop with just 1.1% 670 houses sold quarter June, July and August. West Belfast faired the worst price drop inthe province. Miss Jones
  2. Doccyboy Congrats on your new job. I hope you have a balanced approach to all Bear and Bull posts. A local moderator is perhaps the best way to assure this can happen. MISS JONES
  3. Yes you sicko. It must be hilarious for the ordinary 8-5 joiners, pasterers etc. Poor bas$$$ds facing loosing their homes and going on to be tax "burdens" and their kids will probably NOT have a very merry xmas. So lets all raise our glasses of mulled wine and " enjoy their vain attempts at saving their way of life" As I pointed out before developers employ a lot of people. Do you not think bank and bankers have a hand in the crunch ?? What about the Audi TT driving , pin stripped EA's, are they blameless ?? What a fu$$king pathetic post MISS JONES Mod edit: Please treat other posters with courtesy and respect when replying to posts.
  4. Hi Young FTB The voice of reason, at last. Thankyou for your very level headed responce to BB's post. If you take time to read my early posts you will see I joined to add value to the forum. I was listed as not bull or bear but neither. First post I was highjacked by BB and a few of his faithful without cause. I was called "spammer" etc.etc.etc. After one post ?? I expained I wasn't however the onslaught continued, I have tried to explain why I bought my last BTL, how, where and so on. No response to this post just more abuse. I changed my profile to bull and came back at BB and his merry men. I have told them to back off on more than one occassion but................ Ballymena Boy is suffering the same fate, WHY ? So the Bull is here to defend his corner until MISS JONES gets treated with a bit more courtesy.
  5. Hi Sogy, I'm not sure quite where they will come from, and don't care as long as they bring bags of booty !! You will find a lot of Bulls in England, people there are more optimistic and don't look at a glass half empty. Boomerang Boy What's up have I annoyed you so your going to tell teacher There's a simple rule in life. Don't dish it out if you can't take it !! It was fine for you to tear strips off me when I made my first ( very civil ) post !! MISS JONES
  6. I think I will speak to a fortune teller at Duffy's Circus she might have a better idea !! NOBODY KNOWS !! ALL EVERYBODY DOES IS GIVE AN OPINION !! Just being a bit more experienced in the housing sector, having contacts who probably own half of N.Ireland and a fair chunk of England, and I know some major players. I think I'll follow their advise!! Don't come back with Taggarts as an example, they were just generating funds for themselves to buy helicopters and such like. Do you think they are worried if the group went bust when sipping champagne cocktails in the Bahamas over Christmas. MISS JONES
  7. Hi Sopy, THE BULLS ARE BACK IN TOWN Crack open the lemonade !! MISS JONES P.s. And God love America !!
  8. Wait till the next interest rate cut and see how many bears change their predictions. Miss Jones will stick to her guns !! A crash was EASY to predict. When a house in a rough council estate reaches £200k it's at it peak. Time to sell !! EASY !!
  9. Hi Sogy and fellow Bulls, It's happening the housing market is heading towards bottom !!! " Falls in November moderated SIGNIFICANTLY in November" Some of these guys thought it was going to keep dipping forever and ever A little story for the bears A car doing 100mph with no brakes travels toward a tight bend. What's going to happen ?? A CRASH ( Hard to predict that one ) Man driving the car goes to hospital badly injured. How long before he recovers ?? This is hard to say. This takes a bit of EXPERIENCE to calculate, This takes skill. We have been in a bust situation many times. what does history tell us ? It ALWAYS recovers. The 1st world war " The war to end all wars" Did it ? NO. There was another war called world war 2, oh and Iraq and so on and so on. There will always be boom and bust Boomerang Boy get daddy to find your cheque book and blow off the dust. Tell mummy to make you a pack lunch, your moving out sooner than you think !! MISS JONES
  10. Interesting times indeed ! Your last paragraph sums it up to an extent. There is a "Mexican stand off" and I believe the market will find it's bottom end of next year, I could be wrong as I have said before I don't have access to a crystal ball. Sellers must be realistic about their house value, also buyers must not think people are going to give their keys away for pittance ! What caused the bubble was not developers, investors FTB's or anyone else trying to get on in life, it wasn't low interest rates it was the banks and the systems they used. If the banks are prepared to lend money with the aid of google earth as a surveyor, why not take it ? If you can do a self cert for a £ 300k mortgage why not do it ? If you needed a home loan to try and better your home. Why not ? One problem paying it back. A lot of foolish people though house prices could keep rising at record levels year on year. If the banks done proper checks the bubble and burst scenario wouldn't have happened. The city boys were packaging sub primes globally and putting them on the markets as treble A investments, and guess what they weren't Default, Default ! Banks then decide to check their accounts (sh$$$ !) Too late baby !!! Who was checking the quality of the source for their lending/borrowing ?? Banks lock the doors on ALL new customers looking for loans, most of them genuine borrowers. Can't do it Mr. Customer, city boys have raided the vault. Panic in the markets Tv and press explosion House prices fall. World on it's ****. But not forever, people need homes, jobs, food etc. I think we are headed for a short depression and are now in a full blown catagory 10 recession. However after all prior depressions wealth is created and the standard of living improves for all. World banks and greedy bankers are where fingers should be pointed!! MISS JONES
  11. Hi Sogy, As I've stated this wee forum could be great with balanced views, keeping everybody informed from both sides of the fence. Unfortunately it seems to belong to a few individuals like Belfast Boy who listens to mummy and daddy too much. Apart from him and tranien,tractor or whatever his name is,there seems to be some intelligent posters on here. As i have also stated I've been in property or 25 years and might have some sound advice, not often, but sometimes. So Belfast Boy and his little click open your ears and cut the chord. The rest of the community keep the informative views coming should it be good news or bad MISS JONES
  12. Renovations are hard to pick up as a lot of DIY part timers bought them during the boom. As an unwritten rule finders only work for developers who they can trust to pay their fees, however there are other avenues you can explore. Visit auction sites like Wilsons, based here with auctions most months or an advert in a local rag. Finders find the properties from all sources like word of mouth, friends, estate agents etc. But training yourself to be a finder is quite easy, it just takes long hours, research and being constantly on the look out. My intension on this forum was never to be negative, like I said on another thread we can all learn from each other. I've been in property for 25 years and live and breath it. Given the chance I could be a valuable "asset" to this forum. I hope this has been of some help. Regards, MISS JONES
  13. Wolverhampton NO Look at me beside Rigsby, Do you not like my legs ? MISS JONES
  14. I know how you feel I find some people tireome too, difference is Mr. C made a good living at it Yeah pity about a long established company like Land Rover on the brink. Lucky I bought mine when I did Never know if they do go bust it might be worth it's weight in gold no silver no oil . No no oint selling as I drive it MISS JONES
  15. X3 or x5 same ground clearance, same chassis same bundle of "city boy" Chelsea tractor
  16. Quite true. All im saying is there are good deals out there for investors/developers and FTB's if they are serious about buying. " Seek and ye shall find " MISS JONES
  17. Own one do you ? They're bloody handy in the sticks. Did you watch Top Gear where Mr. Clarkson ( who by the way has a RR) had to pull the x5 out of a rutt offroad ( with guess what ). What 40 year technology do you mean ? They used BMW engine for a while but put a more powerful Jaguar plant in. Two computers as powerful as any home pc's ? The most sophisticated off road set up on the market Hill decent/accent etc.etc. It would take a seperate thread to list the "40 " year old technology !! If your stuck for spec. www.landrover.co.uk Mine is the 8 cylinder HSE Diesel Again just another subject you know nothing about but like to think you do MISS JONES
  18. Fair point, you have a very clever fella in your house. Freefall perhaps but face some facts, you are not going to buy a fully renovated 3 bed terrace/townhouse in a desirable area for under 70k. Not this year, not next year, never while pussy's a cat. If you read my post on this and use a calculator you will find my debt is low, my yield is better than any bank can offer and I will not sell for 10-15 years. Even you must admit this was a good buy valued at say £105k now. I still have a nice buffer and in 10-15 years it will give a tidy return. MISS JONES
  19. A forum is for open debate, this particular site, in my view, is to discuss where we all might be in the future. We all have an interest in property "futures" should it be buying OR selling. Do bulls not live in NI ? Can we not join the debate ? Are you a communist ? The SP site you claim to have never been on HONEST !! HONEST FELLOW BEARS !! has loads of bears on it who help "balance" the site with fair opinion. Are they goared by the Bulls ? No. Their opinion is appreciated. Do all the Bulls huddle in a corner when they log on ? No, we have a educated debate without the " we're right, your wrong" attitude. Do we attack newbe bears ? No. Because nobody has crystal balls and guess what they might be right. Who knows ? There is room for investors and FTB's on one site, and guess what, we all might be a little wiser for it !! MISS JONES
  20. Yes I'm not really a property developer. I'm an under cover PR guru Do you want me to sell anything for you ?? In my first post I mentioned the auction site looked quite good and was attacked, then on a another post I asked what was wrong with people in N. Ireland attacking anyone trying to compete with the "big boys" and guess what. ATTACK !! Now I take it all back the site's crap !! Everyone happy now. MISS JONES
  21. Yadayada What runs in the grand national ? A horse What do you transport horses in ? A horse box What is the best vechicle to tow said horsebox ? A 4x 4 What's the best 4x4 on the road ? A RR And yes in todays crazy "modern" world there are still horses. I seen them today on Sky TV . Or maybe they were computer animated horses !! You should go back to Carryduff and buy the Porshe,sounds a good deal. Only problem is you can't put a bed in it Another education delivered. MISS JONES
  22. Mr. Prohet Granted, most of your views are based on an inteligent debate therefore I shall endevour to answer some of your questions. I use finders throughout he Uk. including N. Ireland. These people are freelance and have contacts everywhere ie. estate agents, auction houses etc.etc. Most of these peole are well respected within their local community and are known to help people who need a quick sale for various reasons, financial, divorce situations or even people emigrating. Their fee 1%. The last property I bought was 3 months ago in a well known N. Irish sea side town. A finder from across the water called me to say a terrace house was to be auctioned in the UK he went on to say " a good source" in the auction had told him the property was part of a portfolio confiscated by the ARA. I viewed to find the house it was trashed, walls, heating, windows etc.etc. The guy who owned it heard there was "an order" on it so did his worst. At auction I bought it for £ 42,500 ( quite easy as no-one from here was at this auction ) Gutted the house to include new windows, doors, heating, re-plaster etc. etc. £ 22,300.00 ( done in 6 weeks ) House stands me £ 64,800 Tenant moved in 2 weeks after refurb. Two "friendly" agents I know valued the house for a FTB quick sale ( and bearing in mind the financial climate at the moment ) £ 105-£110k Rent on this property £ 425 per calender month & rates Do you care to do the sums on this allowing for market slipage etc etc ? Hence some of my previous posts "seek and ye shall find" there are still bargains out there. Another nice, long term let. I will offload my portfolio in 10-15 years and would imagine I'll benefit from any rise in the market at the end of this term. A bit safer than shares, gold oil etc. and a bette return than any bank I know. Will the banks still be here in 15 years ? I hope this goes some way to answer your questions. Regards, MISS JONES
  23. Didn't you say this was a crap thread ? Why are you still on it ?
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