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  1. I thinks it's some of the bears telling porkies !! :huh:

    If your tax advisor can't tell you things you don't know why pay him/her?

    I can recommend one that's well worth his money !!

    Something I do know and I'll tell you for nothing if he tells you to buy pork stocks STAY CLEAR!!

    I must log onto singing pig to see if people from Ireland are banned HA! HA! :lol:


  2. might have something to do with having more outgoings to balance the books in favour of paying less tax


    I'm no expert on the Warren Road

    its really a place for people to live were money is no object

    the houses that have been built there in the last few years are huge

    obviously opulence is the name of the game, it has to be about displaying wealth

    if I had that kind of money I'd want a bit of privacy surrounded by trees in the country

    not living in 2million pound houses with about 10 feet between them

    a few of the older ones are really nice though

    its a very 'exclusive' road that the austintatious aspire to

    personally i'd be embarrassed to live there....I must be a commie or something

    Mr. Slump

    You like the little jabs, as I've explained I'm probably too "under geared " if anything, but thats me I don't like debt, never did.

    I agree wouldn't live there either but I used it to prove a point.

    Certain areas are almost crunch ammune !

    Thats maybe why detached only dropped 1.1%

    I am not taking the pi$$ but am curious why there is such a big difference 25%-1.1% Any explaination ??


  3. Nothing lame about it. Makes no odds to me, man. As I said, I'm neither. I just find it all intriguing, and I would be interested in a few direct answers. I've been in and out of the property game myself, very fortunately well out now, and I've always attributed mine and other people's successes to luck rather than brains. While you're at it, do spell out the tax efficiency bit.

    I pay ten fortunes for specialist tax advise.

    Besides if you "dabbled" and don't know it's maybe just as well your out.

    Agree, there is a lot of luck involved same as stocks, shares etc.


  4. If you were a "real deal" investor, should you not have had the foresight and intelligence to realise in early 2007 that prices were out of control, unsustainable and too good to be true and that it was the time to sell before reality appeared in the market again? Even if it was a short term measure and you wanted to buy again in a few years? Local property investors remind me of the Simpson's episode where Homer invested in pumpkins , making an initial tidy profit, but not having the intelligence to sell before Hallow'een :) It really does baffle me just how stupid investors were.

    But what annoys me is that people like you refuse, refuse point blank, to back up any statement with fact, or indeed to refute other peoples' evidence based statements with fact. I can only assume that it is because you don't HAVE any credible argument, which would stand up to scrutiny, that backs up your position.

    Perhaps you could answer these questions? Failure to accept my challenge will just reinforce my point.

    1) WHEN do you think the market will stop crashing?

    2) WHAT do you think the average price of a house will be when this happens?

    3) At this "bottoming out" level, HOW do you think these prices will be affordable and WHAT income will people need to be earning to afford them?

    4) Do you admit that the Great Northern Ireland Housing Crash was brought about, at least partly, by the unsustainable housing boom that preceded it, and therefore that investors have to accept a lot of the blame for this?

    Is my previos post not fact. If not explain why?

    You try buying a new 4 bed in Co.Down for 111k !!

    I stated before my portfolio will probably pass on to my kids so why sell? Oh maybe I should have bought oil !!

    I have liquid and don't want or need to sell.

    Answer to above.

    1. 3rd quarter 2009.

    2. In my opinion there is no such thing ? What is an average house? Again I don't buy crap in crapping areas.

    3. Not my problem. I they can't buy I rent them, if they can wait and sell. WIN WIN !!

    4. A small amount of blame yes. But the government, FSA, the planning dept.housing exec. stormount, etc. and the banks should shoulder 90% of the blame.

    Like I keep saying there are hundreds of components to a boom as a bust you just can't point the finger at a company who employs local people. THATS TOO EASY

    During the boom there was an opertunity to make money so why not?

    Do oil companies, gold dealers etc.etc. not cash in. Do they employ thousands of local people. NO.

    Do I feel for FTB's YES

    Do I feel for DIY investors going bust NO.

    Do I feel for Taggarts and the like NO greedy b2stards !

    Did I discount houses for young families during the boom YES

    Did I have to. NO

    I am a "car dealer" thats how I made it, everything was and is for sale if I turn a profit.If I bought a pair of shoes for £20 and you offered me £21 they're yours !! Half a loaf is better than no loaf Even during the boom.

    If you missed out sorry but that's life. A lot of bears think they have some moral high ground regarding property issues, boll$cks!!


  5. I live in a different place than you ( being a bull ) you speak French and I speak German, but ask yourself this. If developers still aren't selling to each other and buying cheerypicked sites .

    Why are the local papers full of planning applications and why is there a planning backlog and wy are appeals out to 3 years ???

    Why buy somewhere and apply for apartments, houses etc ??

    Granted sales are very slow compard to days during the boom, but ten years ago it wasn't unusual for houses to be on the market for over a year.

    We had it good during the boom, but don't be thinking that smart, long established developers aren't buying or selling to each other right now !

    Don't spin it into a story that these are old landbanks the PP is for because the majority are not.

    Straight, sensible answers on a postcard please.


  6. When I sold to this guy the market was rising £600 a day !!! What do you mean " What's wrong could you not turn a profit " ???

    I would sell first phase price to him at start of development ( 1 house ) with a 1 year build with price rises do your own sums !!

    I would maybe buy 1 of another developer in a different area at 1st phase. The deal was to maybe leave 2-3 rented houses in each development and spread your portfolio. If the estate was full of rentals it has a tendency to turn into a war zone !!

    Don't try to distort the truths I'm posting with nonsense counter debate.

    Why can't the bears ask about the mechanics of developing/property investment instead of coming at me "half cocked" and trying to twist facts I'm putting forward. You will see me agree with a lot of bear postings but don't twist facts I'm posting. The above aren't my opinions they are true and fact, if it's my opinion I will state same. Do not insult my intelligence with spin. :ph34r:


  7. If he sold to a fellow developer and made 50K (worst case scenario) Would you not class this as a decent profit ??

    If he sells for list it's a fantastic profit.

    Granted developers need to cherrypick deals and research a lot more now.

    But this said if you pick the right deals there is still profit to be made. Instead of maybe flipping 1 site for 150k profit you may need to flip 2 or even 3 for the same. In fact during the peak we flipped sites and doubled up within 3 months.

    Still like I said worst case 50k for a A4 sheet of green paper isn't to bad !! :D


  8. Wow - the generosity of the man. Do keep us posted. I'm going to set my mobile phone to remind me to ask how things are going with this in six months' time. Actually, no - I'll make that a year.

    It's not about being generous.

    A turn is a turn.

    I've sold to this guy at discount before. One good turn............. It's about trust, business who to sell to or buy of, networking etc.

    If he makes say 50k-60k it's easy money !! 60k for a green piece of paper !!!


  9. I know of a house on Warren Road was sold for £475 peak.

    It sold 4 months ago for £ 795K crunch time.

    It was the biggest INCREASE on trees dont so far this year !!



    Would I pay the money for apartment site.NO. I could buy it a hell of a bit cheaper as I know the guy selling very well !!

    Like I said he isn't overly fussed if he sells or not, and will probably end up passing it on for a small profit to a fellow developer. That's what we do !!

    Say a developer from Dublin or far away buys it for full asking. Happy Days !!


  10. How much has your property portfolio fallen in value by this last year? I doubt if you will admit that even to yourself. <_< Too painful?

    I only know 1 BTL investor and he has lost 30% so far which is about a half million pound capital loss. He is desperately trying to reduce his portfolio in a falling market. But nobody will buy the house he is trying to sell. It's more of a case of 'please buy buy buy my over leveraged crap investment'.

    I agree, I would make a terrible bull. I'm too much of a realist.

    I am actually quite bullish on some things, but not property. Property values have alot more to fall yet.

    Thanks for the advice on finding BMV property. I may use that when there is some sign of the bottom.

    BB I've explained about my own personal portfolio. It would be very hard for me to loose money.


    I build 16 houses on a site and retained 1.

    Site cost £ 36,000

    Build cost £ 75,000 ( approx) using my own workforce.

    Cost £ 111k

    This is new 4 bed, 2 bath, with 2 receptions and massive kitchen. Detached on corner site. Was valued 6 months ago at £320k.

    If I was mental enough to sell now for give away price of £ 220k even I know I've made a substancial profit, and doubled my investment.

    Should I have sold for £ 375 at height of the boom?, probably, but what to hell I built & sold 28 houses in the boom and flipped about 12 sites. This is a long termer.

    I have no gearing on this property at all.

    As I've explained before I am not a part time DIY armchair investor. I'm the real deal developer/investor.


  11. http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business...e-14091222.html

    "In Scotland, where he fought for two years to be allowed to build a controversial €1.2bn golf and luxury homes complex on an unspoilt stretch of the Aberdeenshire coast, members of the Scottish parliament are questioning if the project will ever now get built. "

    Doubt north antrim can expect a Trump " goldrush" ;)

    "He is being sued by Deutsche Bank, which provided loans for the project and says he missed a deadline this month to pay off the remaining $334m. Mr Trump got his own suit in earlier, claiming Deutsche should have allowed an extension because the credit crisis counts as an act of God. "

    All bulls take note , the answer to debt is prayer :lol::lol::lol::lol:

    Planning department take note.

    Get your finger out your costing the province jobs in construction, retail, etc.etc.

    Trump golf complex LOST

    John Lewis store 5 YEARS STILL NOTHING

    B&Q Newtownards 6 YEARS ?????

    To name a few.

    How many more thousand jobs are these lazy feckers going to jepordise ???

    Sack them all and bring in hard working people with some wit !!! :angry:


  12. the warren road will tae a while but there are reductions there and that area

    mostly with houses that were being masively overvalued to be sold as potential development (apartments)

    heres a nice detached in wales with 50% off


    you need to read down a bit


    ps- to back up the warren road thing


    41% off

    1.5million down to 875k



    11.5% down

    650 down to 575k

    edit for truth

    Mr Slump,

    I think you misread the brief.

    No.18 is a site for 10 apartments, my friend is selling this one. It was bought at auction last year in Belfast for £415K and he got pp on it. He's in no panic to sell but if he does get asking price it's a tidy profit.

    The other No.34 is a SEMI DETACHED ! Built by R&A developments and was bought at height of the peak for 485K !!

    I posted 1.1% drop in 12 months for detached. Thanks for the time for your examples but they don't cut it, it proves nothing and adds strength to my argument.


  13. Excellent post as usual VT. Thank you for taking the time.

    Unfortunately, the people you are aiming the post at will not understand it or how to argue against it. They will just keep on saying 'buy buy buy' as that is all they know. I wonder if they realise they are wasting their time trying to convince people to buy property on a website called housepricecrash.co.uk. :rolleyes: They must be really desperate. :ph34r:

    Change the record BB. :(

    How many desperate people shout BUY, BUY, BUY !!

    Any desperate people I have ever had dealings with shout SELL,SELL SELL !!!????

    You wouldn't make a very good bull would you ??


  14. I believe you can expect a 16,000% profit with that stuff. But damn that gaol sentence.

    Just 16,000% feck lets all chip in and buy fields and polytunnels. This would help avoid personal affects of any crunch, and if it didn't you would be that stoned you wouldn't care B)


  15. Agricultural land in NI is way Overvalued even more so than Houses Were. For starters our land is not what you would call prime agricultural but yet even in a slump it attracts levels which are 3 or 4 times more than workable prime farmland on the mainland.......

    The belief in agricultural land by the older generation is dating back to the famine times......................... "No Kiddin"

    Agricultural values are held up by farmers who got big money for development land and have to spend or reinvest it before the taxman takes the money on them.................. I see agricultural land as a liability as its ROC (Return on Capital) in minimal and with the high costs in maintaining decent land in fencing and ground care.......... It really has to be the best way to loose money in my ideas...........

    I could think of better things to do with my money than put it into NI agricultural land............ its only any use if you have other motives that it becomes a good investment.....

    And thats coming from a Bull

    I had my architect down today and if draft pps21 is passed as law we are confident to get 1 possibly 2 houses passed on it.

    I would be happy with 1 and start a small hobby type farm.

    Does anyone have recent examples of land being sold for under 12k an acre ( not including farm house or sheds etc. just land on it's own ) ?? Like I said in my previous post usually land is bid up quite a bit more than its listed for.

    Quite true land can be dead money but in this case it's behind my houses so it made sense to buy it. I wouldn't if it was say half a mile away.


  16. No doubt prices will level out but if you seriously think it will be as early as Q3 next year can you take me to your dealer.

    Prices of detatched houses will tumble in the next 18 months IMHO it takes a bit of time for things to filter through. Patience miss Jones, patience. ;)

    My timescale for leveling out is my opinion, and as stated by lots of bears on several different posts. Nobody knows but the next quarterly figures will be interesting reading.

    As for the 1.1% compared to 25% for semis etc. It's taking it's bloody time to filter through !!

    Like I say the crunch doesn't affect brain surgens, dentists etc. These people live in their very own designer, hand made, gold plated bubble.

    Ask any of them and the reply is "What crunch? " It doesn't change a thing in their world !!


  17. Oh, ma'am, I have ne'er deserved a house on the Warren Road in Donaghadee. Those ones ain't not for a poor ole redneck like meself! Juss like dem houses off Hope Valley gulf course in Durham, North Carolina. Dem houses been over million dollars always.

    All me wanted wuz det run-of-de-mill townhouse (which you call a terrice), like the ones that your white trash here (thrird generation not working, and no stigma, unlike in North Carolina - nah, them are respected citizens and the core New Labor constituency!) get for free or almost for free. The problem is those cost as much as - or even more - than a good single-family house (which ya call detached) with a fair bit o'land in a decent neghbourhood in NC. That I could ne'er understand, ma'am.

    I am no fan of the Warren Road, but am just stating a fact. Certain members of our community are totally unaffected. Doctors, dentists etc.etc. They still eat out, play golf, change their Mercs once a year and BUY homes. ( and probably still have swingers parties in them )

    This is what I'm saying the higher end of the market is still generally unaffected.


  18. The housing market is collapsing! You only have to notice the extent to which the government are prepared to prop things up, redundancies and EA's closing down. We may not notice a full collapse until circa 2010-2011. The only difference in NI is that we have never experienced something on this scale before.

    A lot of the figures will be distorted due to the government schemes aimed to allow people to stay in their homes and various other factors. However it must be remembered that even this does not have an infinite time to sort the problem out, instead by doing so the governments meddling will only prolong HPC.

    Still no takers for the 1.1% or Warren Road facts ??

  19. So why, in this global age, should we depend on the agricultural output of those counties?

    There's plenty of land - and cheap hands - elsewhere.

    I know it's crazy.

    I think prices are rising due to the farmers lust for more land.

    If they have 50acres they want 100, if the have 100 they want 200 and so on !


  20. I do believe that many on this site realise how the government views property and how reliant they are on it for survival

    If you are hoping prices to drop to a £! you will be forded to leave the country as our countries economy will be dead

    Do not underestimate the destruction it would cause................

    Why do you think the government and the Global Economies are doing all they can to avert a crisis bigger than the one we are currently in...




  21. What a silly thought, ma'am!

    I don't think it can collapse completely

    The average price of a house will never fall below 1p!

    This is the point I'm trying to put across.

    It can't happen.

    It won't happen.

    Prices will level out perhaps as early as quarter 3 next year.

    Again the bears have not commented on detached houses only slipping by 1.1 % in the previous 12 months.

    The bears take all the gloom and put a spin on it but 1.1 % speaks for itself !

    Another point they ignore is certain areas and locations are unaffected by the crunch.

    Try buying a cheap house on the Warren Road in Donaghadee for example !!


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