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  1. That will be this then - email just received! We wrote to you last week to tell you about our forthcoming Open House Weekends, where hundreds of Andrews properties will be opening their doors to prospective buyers. You can now LOOK and BOOK the latest properties that are taking part. It's easy...take a look here and if you are interested, book a viewing. You must register with us first to be able to view the Open House properties. Get involved today and take advantage of: • A huge choice of properties • Independent mortgage advice • Convenient viewings Open House Weekends will be taking place on 22nd, 29th September and 6th October. Places are filling fast - contact your local Andrews Estate Agent today to secure your viewing. I particularly like the fact that they have stressed that places are filling fast
  2. Low maintenance garden - it always means the entire garden is tiny and covered in either gravel or slabs
  3. If it doesn't have any electricity, why is there a TV aerial on the roof?
  4. Also people on Pension Credit - both mine and my partners parents are claiming this - one parent nearly of pensionable age and the other still able to look for employment but it isn't worth them signing on as then it would just be taken out of their partners pension credit. How many people does this affect over the age of 50?
  5. Not a chart, but does Google Finance know something we dont !! (Sorry, dont post very often and can't for the life of me get it to post as a picture!)
  6. Barratts do a discount scheme of £1,000 off per £25,000, but that is all I can see, so doesn't look like it is a Government scheme. http://www.barratthomes.co.uk/Offers/Armed-Forces-Discount/
  7. I had a delivery from them on Sunday, (Daughter with chicken pox so couldn't go to the store) I made some comment about only 2 boxes this week, which was good for me, and the driver said that 6 months ago, on one load you would get 8 drops, now, where everyone is buying less, the average now is 14 drops per van. That is quite some drop in average delivery value.
  8. They used to be able to split the till. There was a black bar they could move across and so start scanning the second persons shopping. However the tills are half the size they used to be so they can get more items on the shop floor to sell.
  9. Another one has just gone also - TJ Hughes who ever they may be, but sound quite big: http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2011/jun/27/retail-job-losses-consumer-spending TJ Hughes filed an intention to appoint an administrator – becoming the fourth national store chain in less than a week to fail. The Liverpool-based business, which has 57 department stores across the UK from Eastbourne to Scotland, employs some 4,000 staff.
  10. I used to own a leasehold pub from a pubco. They offered us another one on the town for £1 a week rent because nobody could make a go of it. We did our sums and turned it down as even rent free it would have been impossible to make a profit. The pubco's are what has killed the trade - ridiculously high rents, and tied in on what drinks you can sell. You have no choice but to charge high prices for beers as it costs you a high price.The only way to make money is on food and that is not easy - all chefs are temperamental!
  11. How can it be worth that much when there are no Twigs in Vases? Silly People.
  12. That leads to Bellways 15% - you don't get that bit of the house until you pay them back.
  13. We've got 2 kids, can't afford a mortgage, and rents are going up. What choice do we have? We have to pay the higher rent (took me 3 months to find a house we could afford) and will be left with nothing at the end of the month - we both work full time, so have full time nursery fees to pay for as well. It makes you wonder what the point of it all is. Life is ****
  14. Ours is now a New Look, but still empty in the next city
  15. We are the lost generation - Stuck in the middle of the Boomers and the youngsters, not knowing where we belong. We bought a house young, then believed all the hype and tried to better ourselves, lost any increase gained by HPI, and now forced into a life of renting. We can't afford a mortgage as we have kids, and half our friends have moved abroad whilst the other half are stuck here still earning the same wage as 10 years ago.
  16. Exactly, then we could get back to the spend, spend spend that NewLab loved so much and the "recovereh" would be assured.
  17. Average Wage 1970 was £1801.30pa, Average house price was £4874.00, ratio of 2.7058 Average Wage 2009 was £24,000, so by same assumption they should be £60,081.80.
  18. Another one is the Commission for Rural Communities - annouced a couple of weeks ago ( Used to be Counryside Commission)
  19. Estate Agent Today said this on Monday: http://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/News/Story/?storyid=3352&title=Bloated_listings_as_buyers_can%27t_find_funds%2C_say_Rightmove&type=news_features But with the average asking price now £236,332, there is still a huge gap between sellers’ expectations and the reality of mortgage-approved prices as reported by Halifax and Nationwide. Halifax is quoting £166,203 and Nationwide £170,111. I like the word reality in this. Does it mean I can automatically knock £70k off any asking price?
  20. At least they did actually comment on the fact that 2/3rds were for remortgages, meaning only 12000 new mortgages
  21. Last night when I checked on the last 24 hours in Gloucestershire for 3+ beds, there wer 135 entries. Out of these, 41 were redeuctions and 4 changed from SSTC to Available
  22. I did a search on my area a couple of days ago - 104 properties 3bed + in last 24 hours, out of which 41 were a price reduction, and 4 were re available. So the estate agents are busy, they're just not selling anything!
  23. I have just done a search on new listings of 3+ bedrooms in Gloucestershire in the last 24 hours. Out of 104 listings that appear, 41 are a price drop and 4 are changed from Sold to available. Maybe one day I will be able to afford a house again!
  24. Tesco's Value Coke is 17p for 2 litres - Kids are young enough they dont care!
  25. Are they not getting rid of it all so they can afford to buy themselves a shiny new Television Centre? http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2010/jan/26/bbc-delay-television-centre-sale They can't sell the building they already have, so need to find the money from somewhere to keep their exec's in comfort.
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