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  1. Surely others, like me, lived in London during the last 'recession'. They hardly dragged out the rag and bone man. The tube was still packed, we still bought lunch, but fook me, houses were cheap!!! We only needed at £3k deposit to buy a 2 bed period flat in 1996. Ah, thems were the days.........
  2. I know! She was probably in her 50's. I think they were all about 'image'. I was only 18 at the time. I actually stood up and did it! Now I'd be saying 'take your poxy job and shove it'. Lol. And yes, 100% honest about the bj. What a CREEP!! I have similar stories, but this is now going off topic.........and thats naughty.
  3. I think it was so they could look at my ****. It was a woman! Advertising agency. The fat bald bloke was the restaurant interview, where he asked me to give him a bj whilst showing me around the 'kitchen'. I declined both offers, the job and the bj.
  4. This would mean that I could buy my two bedroom London flat for £70,000 again! Nah, can't see that happening. I wish though!
  5. Girly Girl - sounded like a shite job anyway. Who wants to work somewhere with 'attitude'? Kudos for standing your ground. Unreasonable questions IMO. I have never been asked such questions at interview. However, I have been asked to 'stand up and turn around'. Oh, and, yeah, boys smell!
  6. Been there done that. I AM Australian. I'll probably retire out there mid 50's, but its not really a viable option at the moment. But thanks for the advice anyway.
  7. Im in a similar dilema. I have roughly £115k, divided as follows: £6k gold £6k euro's £70k in oz dollars £3k ISA £30k sterling I have just received an inheritance and it has been sent to me in the form of a sterling cheque, however i could have this money (£25k) put into oz dollars instead. I am 38 and not looking to buy a house (again!) until they can't give em away! So no mortgage required. My partner has given me some excllent advice, but i am partial to a second opinion . My major concern is having £30k in sterling.
  8. Yeah. Fancy starting a whole thread about your OWN signature. Talk about self indulgent. Some people really need to get over themselves.
  9. Who's fighting? Just saying it makes a pleasant change for a guy to stand up and state that he respects his woman. I don't see much of that on here. We're either psycho's or whores. Good for him. Behind every great man, is a great woman.
  10. He's in demand. Haven't you noticed?? Man, you guys. I mean, thats all I live for, this forum, and your signatures. Its SO important.
  11. Yes, he is. Makes a pleasant change from the usual sexist, women beating mysoginists. Don't you people have anything better to do?
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