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  1. I dislike both immigation and immergation cos it just adds loads of people here and we have enough already
  2. contributor = vote non-contributor = no vote ******ing simple aint it folks
  3. top tip - get loads of helium balloons from Tesco, hang some high value, low weight items (e.g. iTunes vouchers) off them and take them through bagging area where they will remain undetected and hence free.
  4. if you are arrested for shoplifting , you could claim that you are, in fact, undetected.
  5. "David Newnes, director of LSL Property Services, said: “The housing market is crackling with electricity at the moment.” Based on this quotation, I would like to kill him.
  6. not many happy returns
  7. ditto women just dont get the whole domesday thing - more interested in updating the kitchen or paying the GDP of the Congo for a week at Center parcs
  8. I honestly can't remember ticking a box that said: "are you happy to accept unlimited immigration to the UK?"
  9. Moving From Benefits To Work Incredibly Difficult. Benefits system incredibly attractive, grossly unfair on the middle working class who pay for it and completely unsustainable.
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