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  1. I agree entirely but it is the banks/city/politico's at the helm and turkeys dont vote for christmas.....so, about this slow and carefully managed grind sideways/down.....and back to the real world....
  2. and how many of these things have come to fruition in countries that have had large percentage drops?
  3. I would be interested to know how you think that so much being wiped off the balance sheets would lead to a recovery. I dont mean what would be healthy and good news for you and I, I mean real life
  4. Tip of the iceberg, not just council but government spending. Liebour swelled the public sector, increased the welfare state, and threw our borders wide open. They have an upcoming army of support who will only ever vote one way - for free money
  5. This news should go down a treat in greece and help end the riots immediately. Hard to believe, impossible to understand.
  6. a lot? cant be that much if you still have boots 15 years old Consumerism is the order of the day. Goods are not made to last anymore for obvious reasons.
  7. If the yanks had any intention of using their own reserves before the rest of the worlds then they would have pumped it out already instead of invading everywhere.
  8. There is another element too, for the majority on direct debit. A level of DD is set, say £100 a month. Through the summer gas use is small, in the autumn the dd gets reduced to £50 to mirror actual usage. Gas use is far heavier during the winter, come spring - oops you used far more than £50 the dd is being increased to £150 to reflect your winter usage. The extra money collected all through the warm months for no reason is used to forward buy gas wholesale at the time of year when it is the cheapest.
  9. If salmond gets his way (and the way of many English) would rbs really have a home and survive in England? I would think that more than a few would make a point of not using them.
  10. agreed, late 2008/early 2009 was it. Qe, obumma back in, and the race of currencies to the bottom means no point waiting anymore - risk off, cash to assets. Plenty around here in no rush to sell, mostly older and mortgage free, valued by the ludicrous agent, content to leave on market for couple of years
  11. Quite. But with a joint income of 30k a year this was never going to end well. Time they quit their paper rounds and got propper jobs - or sell up.
  12. thanks, pretty much in line with my own understanding and research about this. The transfer of wealth and industry from west to east is now the real nail in our coffin
  13. No idea, they just seem to manage - the 90 year old I used to live next to was the same.
  14. old dear just went into a home after 30 years in the place and now the family want to sell. Quite a few come up due to deaths, is quite an age to the owners of bigger/better places around here. Sadly, the EA's have taken to open house days and sealed bids for most of them. Quite a few have been bought by builders and knocked down for the plot. One good sized 4 bed det with a good plot recently sold - builders knocked it down and are currently squeezing 4 houses on it
  15. needed? I assume that you managed once she stopped working. When do you think was the last real time that it was more common that only the man had a propper job and his wage paid the mortgage and living?
  16. Hasnt been touched in 30 years. Next door sold for 385k in nov 2010 having had the full side extension done. This area is cheaper as it has no mains sewage or gas and is out on its own
  17. something often overlooked since the last generation is the effect of women entering the workplace - there is now a double income to be spent/required
  18. I think that the percentage of the last generation who could afford to buy their homes now is tiny.
  19. Agreed, and that is why I specifically discuss my personal situation and do not generalise. I know how the majority of the country is fairing. This will give a general idea http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-24782862.html Place has no central heating, no gas, no mains sewage (sess tank), needs complete rewire, no pics inside as it is small and hasnt been touched in 30 years, the kitchen is a cupboard with a sink in it. It wont stay on long, someone/builder will buy it - build an extension the full width of the drive and completely renovate. As it happens, all things aside, this is looks good for the price.
  20. I do but it wouldnt be sensible to share location info given how much time I have spent discussing precious metals here. We all laugh at deluded sellers believing their house and area to be special - I have no such vested interest in believing the same, quite the opposite. But, I have watched for 4 years now and whilst it may go against the grain of the majority my observations here are genuine.
  21. They arent depreciating here. Paying to live in someone elses house isnt making much sense given the politics of the market. When I str'd much of the cash went into shiny metal, that was sound enough to make this painless and move along with a family home.
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