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  1. I would have thought the longer term status quo was ridiculously priced houses at high multiples of earnings. Prices have remained high, they may have fallen in many areas but have wages increased? are they any more affordable than previously? has much really changed?
  2. The country hasnt been bled dry yet - thats why all the new schemes and scams and trying to get the next generation involved any way possible instead of letting them stand back.
  3. the banks are lending, they are just choosing who to lend to whilst sitting on the money they were given and strengthening. the city is shedding jobs - and increasing profit the politicians are maintaining the status quo
  4. And I also wish that I had the same problem but kept bars to a small number and size. I still havent unloaded my scrap and turned it into sovs
  5. I dont really see the excitement about cgt. Who is going to declare selling sovs on their returns? how is the hmrc going to find out? Sadly, I think the chances of this lady being able to sell that coin quietly were not great so yeah - hmrc probably had her
  6. Stick with sovs - very liquid and often best value per gram of gold. Buy online from whoever is cheapest - hatton garden metals, coininvest, elm investments (better for 10 or more) Get half sovs if the premium is the same or almost same as full sovs. Get whatever sov is cheapest - bullion is bullion. Study prices and buy in chunks -P&P will eat at you if you nibble. Silver would be nice but not worth 20% over spot (vat) so consider pre 1920 coinage which is sterling, or scrap silver etc from ebay or collections of ingots by birmingham mint etc (I just picked up a set of 30 1oz bars for £620) Dont spend money that you may need for the next couple of years. Dont listen to too much wildly bullish bolox - its a market and prices go both directions - frequently. Dont talk about it
  7. sorry I thought you were just fuking with me until I saw the zerosense edit It may have been 1430 here but we arent the centre of the universe http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php
  8. Just because he fukd up one thing doesnt mean he is wrong all of the time - I just bought another 30 ounces and am trying to get the price right for another hundred
  9. cant see it myself, and certainly hope not to given what it would take to bring that about
  10. No news? Try getting of hpc and using your computer properly einstein
  11. Win win? If that happens I am starting a company that supplies gatso's
  12. Thanks, although I can not see yet why holders of assets like gold or alike would suffer unless currency controls were put in place or restricting sales internationally.
  13. If rates are pushed below zero to force banks into lending - who are they expecting to be borrowing? Surely these rates will only be passed on to encourage savers to spend. The romans made hoarding coinage punishable by death at one point - it didnt work for them either.
  14. I dont think that is unrealistic in the longterm. $165 in 3 years is bolox to me though.
  15. oops, yeah thats what I meant - certainly isnt agenda free
  16. I think it is much worse than that. They have the power to high and fire, thereby steering officers in which ever direction is required politically
  17. It gets better, it is run by policy exchange - a left wing think tank/educational charity
  18. voting is a sham, makes you feel like you have a choice, little changes because the real driving power has nothing to do with red or blue tie wearing pretty boys in westminster Look at Bush, that idiot could barely string two words together and he was in charge of a super power and it's economy? really?
  19. Have you seen anything done to improve the situation for the likes of you and I?
  20. better for who? better for you and I but we are not in charge.
  21. but this isnt a situation controlled by the likes of you and I. a house has real value to those running the country when a debt is owed on it.
  22. Apparently my postcode is not policed by any force - sounds about right given that I never see anything here but the occasional speed trap. I see this election as hobsons choice, letting the police run themselves and bring a police state or letting westminster run the police and bring a police state
  23. scare tactic to get someone to bother voting? or someone with an ulterior motive to sway what few votes there are? can what is reported to have been said by whom be trusted by this source?
  24. This^^^ It is just like the restriction of various vitamins and herbs. Pharma companies dont want anything available that works unless they sell it. That includes copper pipe and colloidal silver.
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