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  1. just to put it into perspective, what is the average price for a shitty 2 bed terrace in that area? Deluded sellers waking up isnt an example of markets crashing
  2. Agreed. Spain is by far the biggest euro issue, got my popcorn ready. China dwarfs the euro noise. Not sure where you stand, but am guessing expectant of stagflation and knowing that hyperinflation is none sense? Stagflation - can you see house prices collapsing in the uk?
  3. If you buy 100oz then a drive from the south east via eurotunnel to germany and back is paid for from the vat savings so is break even. Anything over 100oz is all gravy. Dont know what a courier would cost to have them collect on your behalf and deliver to the door - but it would take more trust and faith than I have.
  4. If that is a serious comment I would be less concerned about an extension than having a 25 year debt tied around my neck with an unknown quantity
  5. You should have checked planning apps, never mind. Drop your offer or walk away. Personally, I would walk away - no telling how long the work will take, what it will look like or how much it will knock off the place you are buying. Dont look at the survey as being wasted money - think of it as being a fraction of what you could lose if you go through with this.
  6. what is the point of a choice between an apple and an orange when you need a chocolate bar? The illusion of choice isnt a choice
  7. from what I can gather, here in the SE, it has meant landlords getting rid of HB claimants - they arent doing that and being left with empty places. Here it is social cleansing and landlords replacing public with private money. I hope it is having the effect that you say in other parts but cant see it as much more than minimal and political noise about austerity to curry favour
  8. I wish it did, probably would have if labour hadnt booted our borders wide open and started giving out free passports and cash
  9. negative interest rates? replace council tax with a tax per head? axe the minimum wage? who knows?
  10. it is political noise for show only. It moves the scum out of affluent areas. It makes people club together to share. It does a lot of things apart from impact the housing or btl market. Last year, all the austerity guff saved just under £8 billion - and we handed over £18 billion to europe - and god knows what in foreign aid. Does anyone really see anything being done differently? any real changes?
  11. yes and renting out rooms is becoming more common, it is also another thing helping to support prices. I know a few people house sharing, none of them are having fun. elsewhere for better value how? I can find parts of the country where I could buy a house at a fraction of the cost here but IF I could get a job there the wages would be a fraction of what I get here. Like I said...comparable...i dont think anywhere is anymore affordable in reality, wages set local prices
  12. not never, just that they will do everything possible to prevent the all out crash that many are waiting for and that it will be a long slow decline supported at the expense of our children, granchildren and their children. Those unthinkable interventions were, well, unthinkable - who knows what the rule makers will come up with next? I dont but am sure there is more to come.
  13. no I said I would consider the right place at the right price now that obumma is back in and that qe was the order of the day along with a race to the bottom of currencies
  14. they have so far, what are they going to do? burn all the cash injected? demand better interest rates? start building houses all over the country?
  15. I dont know what it is like in Edinburgh but here the btl model has found new answers - houses filled with many immigrants or young people in dead end jobs. My brother in law could live with his parents in any of the 3 empty bedrooms at their house but instead works for peanuts 60 miles away and has a small room in a house shared by 4 others in the same boat - I dont understand anything other than it is very common here
  16. Thats another situation where everything possible will be done. Worst case, if europe actually collapsed as badly as is theoretically possible - house prices would border on irrelevant for most of us
  17. I cant and this is new territory for many reasons. My point is that they will do anything and everything to avoid anything like a crash - even if that means raping savers and generations to come and whatever else it takes including feeding us to the wolves
  18. yes, until they want their own space and get together with another 3 or 4 min wage earners and rent a house together
  19. exactly. Postpone or manage a slow grind downwards. they have no interest in allowing the markets to find their own level and stabilise. Thats why a crash wasnt allowed when the market medicine would have been harsh but swift. Look at what they have done - interest rates to 0.5%, screwed every save in favour of mortgage holder. QE - screwed everyone for generations. where are the new builds? where are the repo's? why are banks sitting on housing stock instead of selling?
  20. the banks dont give a sh1t about minimum wage earners - they are the ones that will have to rent forever and support the btl market.
  21. yes, a bit. Seeing that prices are too high, that the system is bolox, that the city and all its new scams are evil isnt enough. Believing that everything should come crashing down because it should just isnt going to cause it when tptb can change any and every rule to prevent it. It is frustrating but going along with the hpc matra isnt facing up to the reality of it
  22. and where is that? you mentioned before about people moving on from areas that their wage doesnt pay the rent. where to? from what I can gather wages are pretty much what set the rents in areas - it seems pretty much comparable across the country
  23. I agree but my issue is with all of this imminent collapse bolox. It aint gonna happen. When the people in charge have the most to lose and are the ones that set the rules they aint gonna let things play out in a way that cuts their throats and makes life easy for the majority. Interest rates to near zero, quantative easing - who saw those coming? what next?
  24. It may not reach the feverish levels again in the next couple of decades but the banks and government havent given up and have no intention of. Look at the part buy schemes, interest free deposit loans and many other new scams sucking in the next generation and putting them on the hook. The banks just have to wait for the older and mortgage free to die off because the next time that house comes on the market it needs a new mortgage to be bought. The asking price may be lower but the multiples and percentage of profit wont be
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