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  1. As always, much of this depends on where - I remember seeing a house for sale which sold in 2000 for £135k. It sold in sept 2010 for £385k. I am pretty sure it would still sell for £385k or reasonably close today.
  2. No way they would downgrade the US, they should but I just can not ever see it happening.
  3. I agree but killing the golden goose aint gonna help the situation. Ask Gordo clown how much it helped when he introduced 50% tax and how many businesses quit the uk under his watch
  4. But the wouldnt find that from checking spending on credit cards. They want to check declared income on returns against spending patterns on plastic - moral.....dont use plastic
  5. Some tax is better than no tax. You want him to push them into setting up their HQ's in Ireland or Jersey instead?
  6. Do you mean they questioned the deposit? I have no records at all
  7. I think that there is a good chance of the usual cycle being broken this time IF ukip could educate and inform the army of mindless labour support. Dave is being blamed for ruining peoples lives and the pain caused by austerity etc etc. But his measures saved something like a poultry £8bn over the last year whilst we poured over £18bn into europe.
  8. yeah, but only because the majority of voters either arrived here and were given passports by these clowns, got benefits and free housing from these clowns or jobs in vastly swelled public sector. And given that 2 of the 3 groups above breed like rabbits, indeed it is their career choice, there is no two ways about labour getting back in having planted and bread an army of support. Doesn't make it a good thing for the country though.
  9. Heaving, absolutely heaving. However, whilst there are lots of people not many seem to be carrying bags and almost none are laiden with armfulls. The only places making money seem to be coffee shops and carparks.
  10. I never understood why people with money feck around with credit cards, I have a barclaycard for emergencies and dont use it. This story sounds a bit of a non starter to me - I know a few who dont declare everything and they pay pretty much everything cash
  11. Is the crime still penalty free with only an on the spot fine of a few quid having been caught 5 times? Who could have seen this coming? Crimes with no real punishment increase ten fold? whatever next
  12. Seriously? £10k 2 years ago was worth a lot more than £10,175 is now. PB's are a way of the government being able to borrow money from the stupid at no cost
  13. Yep, shameful and not something I expected from marketoracle. Add that to the total fail spotted by RK and the rest of the shody piece and it is laughable.
  14. This too is my understanding of it - although, you could never get an EA to spell it out clearly like this for some reason.
  15. Sprinklers do not detect fires. They are there to put fires out. Once a fire in the vacinity of the sprinkler head has reached the point of producing enough heat to break the alcohol vial in the sprinkler head then water will pour out of it. By this point the fire is well under way as could the amount of smoke produced. Sprinklers dont save any lives that a mains powered smoke alarm couldnt. Sprinkler systems also require testing and maintenance and whilst they may not run out of battery the pump could fail or the system could become clogged with growth from being sat still. The tank and pipework would also be a breeding pit for legionella if never serviced. Not a well thought out idea. Simple.
  16. Hopefully he is a financial genius and borrowed at mortgage rates to buy shiny metal when it was cheap making the outstanding 50k a drop in the ocean.....
  17. There wouldnt be 36 anyway - normal people will buy the newbuilds with ugly sprinkler heads poking out of the ceiling and just rip them out and plaster the mess back to normal. And that is before finding out the cost of annual maintenance and testing lol
  18. "Earlier this year, the Welsh government said it was going to press ahead with its policy of fire sprinklers in all new homes from 2013, despite being told that it is not cost effective. Ministers say it will save a predicted 36 lives and prevent an estimated 800 injuries between 2013 and 2022. A Welsh government spokesperson said: "Welsh proposals around changes to building regulations and the installation of fire sprinklers in Wales are aimed at delivering lower fuel bills and greater safety standards for householders." The reasoning seems pitifully weak and I fail to see how adding sprinklers help to deliver cheaper fuel bills And then there is the obvious issue and cost involved with regular maintenance/testing. Maybe someone in the welsh parliament has a sprinkler installation firm
  19. Got the tv on in the background, has the secret agent with phil spanker on. Is trying to sell a house lived in by an old bag and her daughter and something they just said caused a double take. They just cant afford the mortgage anymore and need to downsize to something cheaper. They will be sad to leave the place after being in it 46 years How the fuk do they still have a mortgage on it after 46 years let alone one that they cant afford? If this is common then maybe there is a collapse in the post
  20. the ring test silver plated base metals dont ring like silver and gold
  21. Well, I dont know the local market but I know that you see my point. You have two sales to compare it against so am guessing not a particularly affluent area. Still want to make it an example of an imminent crash?
  22. they dropped from 135k to 82k over 8 months context...what is a 2bed shitbox averaging there?
  23. what? the family put an untouched shitbox on at a daft price and slowly realise that they have no chance? You are too long in the tooth to not spot deluded sellers. This isnt an example of an impending collapse. If they thought there was a collapse in the post they would have knocked a good wedge off it long ago to get the cash out, not mess about dropping bits over months. That there is greedy and deluded sellers, nothing more and nothing less.
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