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  1. Since public transport has become as expensive as the extortionate car parking charges and petrol, this is absolutely no surprise. The cost and hassle of the high street can not compete with the comfort of ones lounge and a laptop. The high street is doomed.
  2. The only thing missing from this possibility, and it's a big thing, is China. The chinese will buy and sell whatever keeps the market in their
  3. Quite. The first full Krug that I bought was for £350 off ebay, glad it all turned out ok without blondies top advice
  4. Have seen them worn like that before. At first glance it looks cast but when you look properly the wear looks genuine as does the coin imo. But, if in doubt dont risk it is always a safe policy. It is also considerably more expensive than it is worth - especially since it has had a loop soldered to it - is scrap value only to me
  5. Bah! They have nothing better to do, If they werent digging for gold they would be chopping each other up
  6. Trying not to get run over since it aint worth the risk for 7 quid an hour?
  7. Moving excess wealth out of the country/currency I can understand but unless one is also relocating their life and family then a house is still needed surely? Even if your wealth is protected or grown elsewhere, once repatriated there will be one thing at the top of a list for it to be spent on.
  8. I am surprised they wouldnt allow another dwelling...unless he made it clear that it wasnt going to be sold on to someone else to live in. That's why councils love flats - loads of council tax. What a dope
  9. and? Mcbroon sold 400t and we still have a vault full. 14t is irrelevant
  10. It was a quick google, I couldnt be bothered looking up schiffs early stuff but do remember reading a lot of it. He was one of the reasons that so much of my str fund went into metal. I am not trying to discredit schiff but he has made mistakes and had bad days, following him blindly as a financial genius has cost people.
  11. He has, look back at his earlier stuff from 2007/8. Lots of people listened too closely to him and got their hair cut http://globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.co.uk/2009/01/peter-schiff-was-wrong.html
  12. That should knock sterling, get us back in the currency race to the bottom and improve exports
  13. Not at all but I remember times in the past when he had warned that it was imminent
  14. With an 8 year old, not as many places as I would like to since schooling would be a big issue. Could live like a king in the Philipenes and send her to their top international school for about 10k though. Who knows? being able to live on your interest presents nothing but options (especially without youngsters).
  15. What's the short version? I cant listen to him anymore, not since he was way off with the dollar collapse among other screw ups. Let me guess, it's all fukd, QE will destroy the planet, the dollar is going to hell and buy metals?
  16. I listened to a mother on the radio. She works 16 hours a week so that she can get working tax credits. She also gets housing benefit. She cant get a pay rise or work more hours because she will lose benefits. The system is clearly screwed and way too generous, we never should have got to a point where people can sit at home and get the same in handouts as they can working. She was bleating about the government not caring about her and how much harder it will be. Firstly, she is forgetting that it is tax taken from workers and given to her by the government that allows her the lifestyle she has. Secondly, she is living beyond her means - strip away the tax credits and housing benefit and that is what she should have to fund her lifestyle. Obviously I am not advocating a return to the victorian era where the poor are left to share ten to a room in town houses, means tested benefits should allow people to eat and be housed but dont forget that every penny given away was taken from someone else. Or worse still, it was borrowed from someone else and the interest will still be getting paid by our grandchildren.
  17. Yes, I am glad that they are taking money off people because that money has to come from someone else. Why should I have an ever increasing tax burden so as to fund lifestyles which otherwise could not be afforded? This isnt supposed to be communism. Benefits rise 1% so not keeping up with inflation - effectively a cut.
  18. I dont get it, if you can live off your interest then why dont you sod off somewhere warm and enjoy life? wtf are you still doing here?
  19. To be honest, permanently drawn curtains always shout "canabis farm" to me rather than workshy
  20. Well, it could have been worse but I am happy. Benefits frozen.....Good. Basic rate threshold raised.....good. 40% threshold raised.......good Fuel duty rise stopped.....good Bbc putting on whiners who are struggling, will lose out and dont know how they will manage - here's a fking clue, live within your means! A responsible government has to cut benefits, there is no incentive to work if you get as much cash in handouts. And it shouldnt fall on workers to subsidise others having lifestyles they cant afford.
  21. My neighbours wouldnt bother me, they are all old and dont work anyway. They open their curtains every morning, mostly to let everyone know that they lasted another night and are still here
  22. I think we would probably all do the same if we were in your position. But, not everyone is sat on enough cash to buy outright and have the interest on it pay their rent in the meantime. Not all of us live in places seeing a crash either. My rent went up from £1100pcm to £1175 last Jan...he just upped it to £1200pcm from this jan and to be honest, that is cheap for this here. Isnt helping me save though and there is a lot of pent up demand, which, combined with very little coming to market is putting a solid support under prices here.
  23. This isnt what the bbc are reporting http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20618403
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