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  1. hi everyone thought I'd nip back for 5mins been moved in to the new place for about a month happy to be free of landlords at last but still telling people to wait if they can I have no vested interest in the crash any more other than maybe some day my son might be able to afford a home of his own just been lurking in every now and again to see how things are going I was surprised by the nationwide figures, but surely these are still just based on mortgages? and the lowest prices will be cash sales like myself the only other person I know who has bought recently bought for cash WELL below what is viewed as current value and these do not show in those stats its pretty obvious from the constant stream of price cuts on trees that things are not all that rosey in EA wonderland low interest rates are the real prop to all this and they cannot last this morning the fsa announced a tightnening of rules on mortgage applications based on affordability surely this can only tighten things further sales wise
  2. well said its ALL b=ll=cks anyway and I'd just like to add that football is gay
  3. we've bought a house and I still advise people to rent unless you can get it for enough under peak for cash that a couple of years rental cost will even out against further falls (ie - be ahead of the curve) then youre going to be saving a lot by renting for a couple of years don't be fooled by current interest rates they will be going up
  4. victims? so if you put money in the stock market and it goes down youre a victim? how about casinos? all boils down to gambling I do have some sympathy for those who get sucked into hype but surely theyre suckers not victims? victim suggests a crime not idiocy
  5. wft? this is TR right? the same tr who actively encouraged equity release to buy boats and foreign property and such muck (in thier stinky property mag) ...aye take thier advice what a shower of c+++s sorry for being so vulgar but these people deserve a big old slap
  6. its just b++++ks paul 4 for every property does not equate with 100000 people those figures imply that people only look at one we viewed about 30 properties , inquired about more say 50 all together, most of minimal or no interest so in thier bizzarre little world I = 50 people even if people look at 5, theres a 20% oversupply it means nothing
  7. watched the rest last night definatley better after the first 20 ins haha to her credit beeny has always played that - its only worth huge amounts more because the markets gone up + development has big risks - cards in the past never really went for ' anyone can make big bucks, the only way is up' b++++ks which is why she retains some credability and the allslop is exposed as the f++kwit she is
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