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  1. As prompted by Positive Money I emailed my MP urging him to attend the debate. Although he was unable to attend, he wrote back stating it struck him as a valuable and interesting session and that a better understanding of money creation would be beneficial. He also said he had written to the Treasury on my behalf expressing my concerns, and would inform of their response. I eventually received a letter from him containing a copy of that "Treasury response" from Priti Patel MP Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury. I won't bore you with her whole condescending response, but one particular sentence did puzzle me. Ms Patel stated that "deposits at commercial banks' are balanced against the banks' liabilities, including loans." Is it me, or does that sentence not make sense. Aren't deposits a liability of the banks', how can they balance liabilities against their liabilities? Before I reply to my MP expressing my dissatisfaction at Ms Patel's response, I thought I would seek advice from the great minds at HPC. What do you think is it just a typo, or another example of someone in "high office" not having a clue of what they are talking about or am I not interpreting that sentence correctly?
  2. As you rightly say jammo, the video is absolutely terrifying. Re. the files you mention, they were submitted by the National Building Agency but I've had no luck finding them, however there is this debate from Hansard. System-built Houses 12 March 1984 http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/commons/1984/mar/12/system-built-houses It reveals a bit more of the scale and cost of the debacle. ( I wonder how much we are still paying for it today? ) A few interesting quotes from the debate : It's a tragedy that a major part of the debacle stemmed from what was (on the face of it ) a laudable promise, from all political parties, to build up to half a million new homes every year in the mid sixties. If those homes had been decently designed and properly constucted and the policy continued, (even at half that rate) what would house prices be today?
  3. Not quite the response I was expecting, (just too old I guess) but at least I'm glad you found it amusing.
  4. It's easy really when you consider we allowed this to happen : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RonRO4yK98U&feature=related I new there were problems back then. but I never realized the full extent till I saw that video. Truly frightening.
  5. Such as "a tiny bit of research" into Gadaffi's attempt to create an eventual United States Of Africa with it's own central bank. Imagine what that would do to the global bankster's profits. That is something that they would not tolerate. http://www.rightsmonitoring.org/2011/04/why-the-west-wants-the-fall-of-gaddafi-an-analysis-in-defense-of-the-libyan-rais/
  6. I couldn't agree with you more cashinmattress. There are people posting on this topic who have obviously done no research on the subject whatsoever. If anyone wants to know the reality of NATO's deliberate destruction of Libya I suggest they start by reading this article All About Oil Or All About Banking : http://truthout.org/libya-all-about-oil-or-all-about-banking/1302678000 From the article : To anyone who was unaware of the above I do suggest reading the whole article, and the links provided and following it up with your own research. I'm no apologist for Gadaffi, but there's a lot more information available about Libya and the so called NTC (too much to post here) that is never mentioned by the MSM. All you have to do is look for it. Alas, many people are content with the two minute soundbites delivered by the BBC etc. While I'm here, this is also worth a look :
  7. If you found Zeitgeist thought provoking, another film I would highly recommend is The Century Of The Self by Adam Curtis. (Sorry no link, but you can watch it on Google video) It shows in great detail how and why our thoughts and opinions are manipulated by big business and the state, in order to control us. It even explains how NuLab managed to get elected. Lol.
  8. Thanks for the heads up on that

    john harris illusion video.

    Very thought provoking.

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