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  1. How often do you buy a TV? How often do you eat? The price of TVs is irrelevant to the cost of day to day living. Food is by far the most important. This is why the basket of goods they use to calculate RPI is b0ll0x. You are quite clearly a product of Browns Britain and I pity you.
  2. I love the quotes of sales per estate agency as an attempt to prove the market has recovered. As this article states the rate of sales isn't even back to "normal" levels, let alone adjusted for the number of estate agents that have closed in the last 12 months. Another [email protected] VI indicator.
  3. Why is it that every time e get a thread from a bull, it contains a high dose of "may", "might", "probably" and "could". Oh, and as someone else posted, this is an article about the US, and as they UK bulls keep telling us, its different over here.
  4. Thanks for posting more bear food Hamish, I actually think you are a closet bear!!! This is as good as things will get for the next decade, and it ammounts to only an extra £200 per month per household. Interest rates set to rise, oil prices rising, etc. And then there are the families who have one or more earners unemployed. Bad times ahead for the 'average' household.
  5. Thanks for the reply. The equities is the obvious choice especially as there has been a big drop recently. I was hoping that there was a DOW or a NIKKEI option as I can see them doing much better in the long-term than then FTSE.
  6. But but but.... green shoots...... spring bounce........ wibble, wibble.
  7. Thought I'd start a thread on child trust funds. I have an 11-week old daughter and have the £250 pound check sat in front of me. Not sure at the moment what the best line of action is. Normally the shares tracker would be the best option, but I really dont want to have anything tracking the FTSE at the moment. What have you done with your CTF????
  8. I had similar issues but just managed to get it in time. Wife not so lucky so may be the Abbey ISA for her.
  9. Congrats on the purchase. Hope you enjoy the house, you did what is right for your family and you can't argue with that. From a purely selfish point of view, thats another buyer out of the way, so less competitiion when the market really bottoms out.
  10. Totally agree with the sentiment of this thread. I have a 10 week old daughter and rent. Pay £900 a month for a lovely 3-bed cottage in a gorgeous village just outside Bath. Average house price in the village is £450k. Awesome school 2mins away. Shop, village hall, GP practice, pub, train station, quiet and friendly neighbours, rolling countryside. Fantastic quality of life, no debt, plenty of money in the bank and flexibility if we need to move for work. A bull would deride me for not buying a 2-bed slave bid in a shit area. They just don't get the concept of quality of life, probably because they don't have one.
  11. The housing bear trap was in 2005 when prices started to level off. It looked like the top of the market until the idiots at the BoE started to drop interest rates, thus extending the boom for another 2 years.
  12. Depends what you mean by 'these'. Sure the official interest rate is at a historic low but the actual working interest rate is around 4%. A fixed rate over 5%? There were better deals around in 2007.
  13. You've Been saying prices will rise for the last 6 months. Sooner or later you were bound to be right. As for those who see their houses as a pension, I don't give a sh!t. They took a gamble by putting their eggs in one basket and lost. I don't hear you sympathizing with pensioners who's income has been decimated by low interest rates. You're just trying to disguise your self interest. High house prices are bad for society and the economy. The sooner you get that into your thick skull the sooner we can move on.
  14. Wow you're a genius. Oh and by the way I didn't actually vote since it's a troll poll.
  15. I live in Aberdeen and am seeing 40% plus of detached and terraced houses. Not tempted yet, still way over-priced.
  16. HPC over. You McTavish, Valerius and Sibley were right. Back to 2007 prices by the end of the year and up 12% per year fir the next decade. Now why don't you bugger off and leave us deluded bears in peace.
  17. Because he has small man syndrome. Just look at his forum name. All in upper case. Says it all really.
  18. Even the properties that have been on the Market for months and months? Do me a favour.
  19. The true value of a house? Get 3 estate agents to value it and take an average . . . . . . . . . . . And then halve it.
  20. So does this mean you have altered your calculations on how much someone has 'lost' by not buying at peak in Aberdeen?
  21. Because in the land of the bulls, also known as La La land, if something is going down less it is actually rising.
  22. And exactly how have you come to that conclusion? Mortgage sizes coming down but house prices levelling for now. I'd say the most likely explanantion is more cash-rich buyers with hefty deposits entering the market, which clearly isn't your average FTBer.
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