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  1. Yes but the idea is that this state is temporary and not permanent.
  2. Not sure I'll be safe to work until I'm that old. Would you want to be put to sleep by a 75-year old anaesthetist?
  3. August to March is going to be heaven for the bears. It's a shame the bulls got trolled as they are in for a beating.
  4. Funny, a chap called HAMISH MCTAVISH (capital letters intentional) was making a similar point over on MSE, and I do believe he was trolled on the same date you joined. Hmmmmmm.
  5. Yep, he's over there spouting the same blinkered sh!te and telling anyone wo will listed how Aberdeen is the best place to live in the UK. Of course the general level of debate is much lower over there so most of his bile is unopposed.
  6. I'm all for being bearish, but halving in NINETEEN DAYS is up there with the 90%ers..... dreamland. Maybe he meant July 2011, hopefully, as that is when I'm planning to buy.
  7. Absolutely. For years parents have been lending money to their children to help them enter the pyramid at the bottom, allowing them to take more money out from the top.
  8. Actually as a first dose, half a viagra tablet should get the job done. Unfortunately they seem to have given the half a tablet to a bloke who has been taking the full dose every day for 9 years.
  9. Actually what they said was that the UK economy would grow by 0.2% in 2010. Therefore we are unlikely to see any growth until the 3rd quarter even by that prediction. We should still see house prices dropping that winter so this doesn't change my plan of buying in Spring 2011.
  10. Me too, infact I sprayed my weetabix all over the table. Unfortunately I was at the in-laws.
  11. Couldn't agree more. We are currently at the very slight upturn just distal to the mouth piece...... and look what is coming up.
  12. McTavish is still here, just under a different name.
  13. +1 They are repeating the same tasks and expecting a different outcome..... aint gonna happen. It looks like the fog at Downing Street really isnt going to lift. We need a General Election and NOW.
  14. Exactly how did this cretin escape full troll status? He is so much more of a troll than McTavish and adds nothing to the board apart from being the forum idiot.
  15. Actually ignore this. Forexfactory had it listed as the 2nd yesterday, but is now showing it as between the 3rd and 10th.
  16. Due out today. The question isn't whether it will be positive, its how positive will it be??
  17. Really?? You do talk out of your **** McTwat. Despite what the media says most GPs dont make 100k. The only ones who do are hospital consultants and that is about 5% of all doctors. Junior doctors, which make up over 50% are all on under 50k.
  18. And most of those are fully dependent on benefits so arent taken into account when average wages are calculated.
  19. Looks like my movement out of this sh!t hole is becoming more and more likely.
  20. A small number of cash buyers believing the government spin that we are at the bottom. Fortunately these idiots are in short supply. This really is a non-story and shows the bulls' desparation. This is turning out to be the worst 'bounce' ever. Roll on autumn.
  21. Recent pound strengthening is due to weakening of other currencies, look at the Aus and NZ dollar rates, hardly any change. When other countries come out of their recessions and we are still in the sh!t the pound will tank.
  22. You wouldn't be able to fit a Klingon in any of those flats. Our guinea pig hutch is bigger.
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