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  1. Meanwhile back on planet earth. More championing from the Beeb and their continual use of the phrase "great news, the rate of decline is declining." Temporary appointments are bound to rise during August due to tourism and holiday cover. Wake me up when unemployment starts to level off.
  2. Cutting front-line staff is just not an option. Despite what labour tells you, acute services are pretty much running on minimum already. Doctor-patient and nurse-patient ratios are bordering on dangerous. If they do make such cuts look forward to 8 hour wait in A&E 12-18 months for a hip/knee replacement 2 weeks to see a GP (already the case in some areas) Increase in hospital death rates As for pay cuts, most front-line staff get appauling pay for the jobs they do. Ignore the sensationalist headlines about £250k GP's and £100k nurses, these are very rare if they even exist. Junior doctors have recently taken a pay cut due to the European Working Time directive - less hours, so less pay, and they haven't hied more doctors to compensate. Cuts may be needed but if they do happen our healthcare system is going to be the worst in the developed world and the best clinicians will bugger off.
  3. Village on the outskirts of Bath. Rental market is pretty much student-dependent, so if you pick an area where students don't rent you can get a pretty good deal. The fact that I signed up in February helped, as rental prices were tanking in a big way.
  4. Oh well, if a bank says it's affordable then it must be. And your couple seem to have both had a 4k payrise. Or is this what they told the bank they earn to get the required mortgage? At £30k they take home £3,900 a month and when she goes part time, more like £3,000 a month. Wow, that £1,400 mortgage is looking expensive.
  5. Erm, are you actually suggesting people take out 4 times combined income? That is totally insane. That is about £4,000 take-home between them and around £2000 repayment mortgage. Rediculous already, and what happens when children come along?
  6. A nice 4-bed is currently around 300k. You would need a combined income of over 100k to make this affordable, taking into account part-time working for one member. Not that achievable, certainly not by child-bearing age.
  7. And working class men have been able to afford a house and raise a family since then end of WWII....... until now. Take you average GCSE student who has received his/her results today. With current house prices, what are the chances of these poor kids ever being able to buy a house if HPI continues.
  8. This is the joy of your average accidental landlord...... thick as pig sh!t. And dont forget, house prices only ever go up so he's obviously plannning on loads of capital appreciation. There is also the option that he knows the current "market value" is b0ll0cks. House next door has remained unsold for 12 months. Its a lovely house and if it was 30% off I'd be tempted. There simply isn't the money out there for the higher end properties. The other point is that if everyone in this position (and there are lots at the moment) the market would flood and the crash would resume.
  9. Why is he getting a 2.7% return???? You surely aren't assuming that he has only recently bought the house?? He paid £175k for it in 2001, which is 6.17%. This kind of assumption is related to another common bull comment..... "you are paying your landlord's mortgage". I probably am, but only because he was fortunate enough to buy a house before the insane HPI of the noughties. It may be his mortgage, but if I bought the place it sure as hell wouldn't be my mortgage. As for if he puts the rent up....... he'll be greeted with "jog on". There are two other suitable houses up for rent in the village that are the same price but higher spec.
  10. This attitude always makes me laugh. 'Homeowners' always assume that people who rent do so because they cant afford to buy a house. A rediculous generalisation and often utter rot. My example. Household income £80k, including the wife working part time, in a career where annunal incremental wage rises are significant. Enough in the bank for 20% deposit on an average house. However, I'm currently renting in a lovely village with the best primary school in the area. Average house price in the village is roughly £400k, we pay £900 rent pcm. We could easily afford a 3-bed new build slave box in town, but why would we when our quality of life is much better where we are, and paying in rent about a third of the repayment mortgage. In 10 years time houses in the village will be affordable to us. Until then I refuse to participate in this Ponzi scheme or compromise my family's quality of life just so I can say I'm a 'homeowner'.
  11. Just curious to see if anyone is actually experiencing personal deflation. My personal inflation rate is calculated at +1.6%, far from the "official" and clearly manipulated -1.4%. Inflation Calculator
  12. They would have been right if the government hadn't based it's entire economic policy on keeping house prices inflated.
  13. If a tube of toothpaste cost £250k you would make the time.
  14. Yeah, some other tool trying to make money for nothing and adding zero to the economy. Hope it lingers and lingers. If he was hoarding food and charging extortionate amounts for it would you be equally supportive?
  15. You really are a pleb. Why do falling house prices force people out onto the street? Whether it's 'worth' 50k or 1.5 million, their mortgage payments are the same. I find the bulls so funny with their 'think about the children/economy' statements. It's all ****** and is to disguise their pure self-interest. What about all the families who can afford a house because they are insanely overpriced, or the state of the economy because of toxic housing loans. As for bragging about 20k mansion, is this any less annoying than the numerous property bulls claiming they have portfolios* worth £Xm. (*for bears read liabilities).
  16. So, after the most catastrophic financial meltdown in history, caused primarily by failure of regulation you would think that a complete overhaul of the financial regulatory system would be a priority.... right?? ....... Wrong. Same regulators, same sh!t. Definition of insanity: Repeatedly performing the same process and expecting a different outcome. Bring on the next collapse. Linky
  17. Exactly, you wont be able to close your audit loop.
  18. Not rattled just so p!ssed off. The bears had won and all the greedy bulls had lost. Then the government stepped in and said actually we can't let the bulls lose. I just can't believe the state that labour are getting this country in to keep this bubble inflated. It is just insane. I love this country but I really can't see any alternative other than leaving. I hope the bulls will be happy in their slave boxes in a third world country.
  19. This is scary. The government is winning in it's insane attempt to keep the bubble inflated. They could win the next election. Looks like it's Canada for me and the family.
  20. Thank god. As a FTB I wouldnt touch one of these schemes with a barge pole. If you cant afford it, you cant afford it. These schemes are dressed up as "helping" FTBers ontp the ladder, they are actually designed to prop up rediculous house prices. When will the government realise that the best help for FTBers is to stop proping up the market and let property reach its natural level.
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