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  1. Absolutely. I frequently say to my wife that I'd much rather be living in the seventies than now. She thinks I'm mad, but we would have a significantly better quality of life. As a doctor in the seventies ee'd be living in a detached family home and the wife wouldn't need to work. As it is, we rent a small house and we both work as doctors.
  2. SO they went with this headline rather than the land registry data. I'm shocked.
  3. It's interesting that the rises seen in the Haliwide figures towards the end of 2009 haven't materialised in the Land Registry data. More negatives to come???
  4. +0.5%. But I'm happy to be proven wrong. -1% would be lovely.
  5. This will have a negative impact on house prices in my area. Silver lining and all that.
  6. Seems like the obvious outcome to me. You can't solve a problem by performing the same tasks that led to it. A 5-year old knows that, shame Gordon doesn't.
  7. Totally agree. Its a pyramid scheme where the people at the top are financing the people at the bottom. For the benefit of society this house of cards needs to come down, unfortunatley for this government proping up prices is their number 1 priority.
  8. The main barrier to social mobility currently? House prices What's the intention of Labours entire economic policy? HPI Fack off Brown.
  9. Off to see if you can help outprice FTBers in a different hemisphere?
  10. Not quite sure where I was apportioning blame, if anyone is to "blame" then its me for considering the feelings of others. As for my "loss of opportunities", I don't remember using that phrase in my post, English language is obviously not your strong point. I think you may have me confused with someone else, as you seem to think you know me. Your judgement is clearly on a par with your language skills. I've lived in four different cities in the last 8 years, so I can assure you that I can look beyond my own "cul-de-sac", not that I live in one. Not sure why your cage was rattled, but your response was unhelpful and made you look like a [email protected] I am trying to decide what your username refers to and have concluded that it must be your frontal lobe. If I was you, I would avoid alcohol or pretty soon you wont even know your own name.
  11. Good luck with it. I completely understand where you are coming from. The wife and myself are both doctors in our very early 30's, and unable to afford a 3-bed house locally (Bath) that isn't on a council estate.. We too are working class and therefore have no access to the blessed Bank of Mum & Dad. I would love to leave this country, however, we have a nine-month old daughter and my parents would be distraught if we moved to the other side of the world. My only comfort is that if our careers progress as they should, in 10 years time our combined income will be about £200k, which should be enough for a 3-bed!!!!
  12. That's great....... If you think we will get ZIRP for the next 55 years.
  13. The rightmove index needs to be taken with a large pinch of salt. However, I use it as an indication of sentiment, which in the UK does have a significant impact on the Market. My interpretation of this fall is that people are expecting a flatenning or small drop in house prices over the winter. Whether that translates into falls in actual sale prices remains to be seen. There are clearly still buyers out there with more credit than sense.
  14. I can't speak for the OP but I'm frustrated because my generation is the first since WW2 not to have access to reasonably priced housing. It may be unrealistic but I believe that a combined income of four times average single should buy more than a 2-bed slave box.
  15. I was born in 77 and feel I fall into gen Y rather that X. Took a year out then did a pre-med degree and a fast track medical degree. Wandered blindly into buying a house in 2006 despite feeling something was amiss. Woke up just in time and sold it in 2008 and broke even. Missed the boat by a good 4 years. It is almost impossible to see any future for most 20 somethings today, unless they have rich parents. About a fifth of my uni friends have bought a house and every single one had significant parental help. It's almost the only way these days, we managed without because we both had above average earnings. As it stands we couldn't afford to buy a house and have children, so we opted for the latter. Renting a nice house in the counrtyside with a good local school at a fraction of the cost of buying. We are realtively fortunate in that we will eventually be able to afford a nice family home, sadly many will not have that luxury. We have been royally screwed. We will have to pay for the excesses of the last 10 years which we weren't part of and the care of the ageing boomers who benefited from vast unearned wealth and expect us to fund their retirement by paying inflated prices for their houses. Shafted from every angle.
  16. I meet your criteria and have the bonus of being a genuine first time buyer that is NOT being bankrolled by mum and dad - rare these days. Though as others have said, prices at the moment are insane and vendors deluded. Average house in my area is over £250k, 15 times the local average wage. Unsustainable.
  17. Thanks for the advice. Was the smell worse than ischaemic bowel? The council have baited the kitchen but I'll get them back in on Monday to do the loft. Our best friends have a young Jack Russell and I did consider borrowing him, however, I'd feel incredibly guity if he was bitten by a rat. The problem with the entry point is that I have no idea where it is.
  18. I'm currently renting an old cottage in the country. Have been renting for best part of a decade and never had a vermin problem before. Essentially we've heard a bit of scratching in the roof recently and have seen one rat briefly scuttling across the kitchen floor. I suspect there is more than one. We got the council in who just baited the kitchen, however, I suspect we need a proper rodent erradication, and that means Rentokil...... and lots of money. We are clean tennants and I believe that this infestation is to do with a structural defect in this old cottage, that has given them a portal of entry. Thus in my opinion it should be the landlord who foots the bill, but as we all know these lovely landlords always try to dodge the bullet, especially the accidental amateur ones, and believe me he is an amateur. Thoughs and experiences would be greatly appreciated. The wife has vacated the house with our baby and I'm all alone with the rodents!!!!
  19. Another monthly increase but reassuringly lower than previous months. Means a positive YOY though, which the BBC are ramping.
  20. Did you actually read my post..... I changed my status based on what has happened to me this week. I have been a bear since I joined 12 months ago, however, recent activity in my area has shown that prices are rising again, hence the status change. I thought the whole point of your status is to show what you THINK will happen to property. If it was related to what you WANT to happen I would be UBER-BEAR. I am a first-time buyer, and have no reason to want house prices to rise, unfortunately I can't deny what is happening. Its all over for this cycle. The perpetrators have won thanks to irresponsible government policy. House prices have emained inflated. And the best part about pricing me out of a nice family house? I get to pay for it in massive future taxes. So folks, that's it for me on HPC. Its been very informative, however, getting knowledge of how the boom happened and how the criminals have gotten away with it has just made me angry and frustrated. Since I can't do anything about it there is no point in feeling that way. I'm back off to join the sheeple where at least I can concentrate on things other than house prices and the economy, maybe getting another hobby. Long-term rental it is, but at least I rent a house in a nice area. Peace. Dr. Renter
  21. So, I was getting a little hacked off with the current state of the housing market as it seems the government has managed to prop up the pyramid. A house came up for sale in my village (outside Bath) last week which was a bit of a wreck and needed a complete refurb with scope to extend from three to four bedrooms. As a possible hedge against both HPI and HPC with this property, I decided to have a look around it last week. It was indeed a wreck but reasonably priced so I decided to go and have a think for a week whilst on holiday in Cornwall. I returned today to book a second viewing to find that there had been 3 cash offers, one of which was around 20% above the asking price, and that they were taking no more viewings or offers. So, it seems the mentality that led to the boom is returning, and there are plenty of parasitic BTLs/"developers" around to take up the affordable properties and keep prices inflated, and even inflate them up and beyond 2007 prices. Anything coming onto the market that is reasonably priced is selling fast and I just cant see things changing anytime soon. Low interest rates are here to stay, allowing people to remain in their houses even if they are in financial difficulties. I'm now bullish on British property and looking to leave as I cant see FTBers ever getting anything reasonable, even with a Tory government and its slightly more realistic policies.
  22. everyone's a winner? What about the poor sod you buys your house at an inflated price? You really are a complete t0sser. Expecting to retire abroad on the back of your unearned income at the expense of an entire generation. I hope it all goes t1ts up for you and you end up on a council estate living off the state pension.
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