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  1. Call me stupid but if you bought you'd have no mortgage, so unless you are being paid to rent the property you live in that statement isn't true.
  2. As someone who earns over £45k, I can assure you that I'm certainly not middle, let alone upper middle class. £45k s not a lot of money these days.
  3. The OP's source is having a laugh. Labour costs are extortionate these days. We are building a 20m squared extension and it's costing £20k. A whole house for £5k extra? BS.
  4. Big generalisation there. Lawyers are private sector but they don't generate wealth. They redistribute it and keep a chunk for themselves. Can you really say the NHS doesn't generate wealth? How about the tens of thousands of workers each year who have their lives extended by NHS treatment.
  5. Good move. That's about £50k down the toilet and house prices will need to fall almost 10% just to get back to 2005 levels.
  6. Yep. I hope you don't get ill in this country. All us doctors are retards.
  7. Your post bears no relevance to my point whatsoever. I'm all in favour if efficiency. I was pointing out that the reason he waited so long to be seen was a lack of frontline staff. If that hospital is required to cut jobs, the powers that be will inevitably cut front line staff and protect their fellow middle level pen pushers. 3 labour terms have given us an increase in NHS spending but a decrease in hospital beds and front line staff. Too many thinkers and not enough doers.
  8. oh my god, the quality of posting on here just gets worse and worse. So you're complaining about havng to wait 4-hours to be seen and yet you're pleased about job cuts. During your 4-hour wait did you actually stop to think about why you waited so long, or did you just spend that time Reading the Daily Star?
  9. I'm one of those who bought in the last 6 months. It became clear to me at the turn of the year that a further crash wasn't going to happen. Looks like we'll get static nominal prices with a small reduction in real prices, so buying seemed like the only way to go as my savings were being pillaged. Frustrating as we had the perfect chance to reset things but the government bottled it.
  10. In a word, no. It looks like stagnation and a long wait for reasonable house prices. Our generation has been shafted but it looks like our children may be okay. I suspected a budget like this which is why I bought at the start of the year.
  11. [email protected] People like you are the main reason I rarely visit this site anymore. Wishing for affordable housing is one thing, wishing for societal collapse is another.
  12. Didn't anyone teach you not to comment on something you don't understand. You seem to have read those articles and plucked out the highest figure. Your bog standard GP is a salaried GP, the average pay for whom is about £52k. Contractor GPs have the added responsibilities such as management and service provision and hence are paid more.
  13. So do I, however, the bottom of the UK housing ladder isn't dependent on FTBers and hasn't been for a few years. There are plenty of people who are still keen on investing in property.
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