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  1. Sorry about the link, it won't link because i put a search into it. I personally can't see interest rates going above 2% for the next 5 years, but if you are of a nervous disposition you can fix for 2 years at 3.49%..... £600pcm for a £150k house.
  2. And what percentage of the population buys two £500k+ houses in the space of 6 years? Two average houses would have been about £3,500 total, or less that £50 per month, not quite the same thing unless of course you added an extra '0' by mistake.
  3. Just found this one HSBC Tracker 2.79%... £556pcm repayment on a £150k house.
  4. You can get quite good rates with a 20% deposit. HSBC do 2.49% above the base rate with a £200 fee.
  5. There aren't any bulls on here, they've all been banned for disrupting the collective. It's a worse place without them. Your definition of bull seems to be anyone who isn't an uber bear, very odd. As for people who are better off buying than renting. Just read the original article. People who don't have huge amounts of cash in the bank will be better off buying.
  6. Wow, thankyou. That's opened up a whole new world to me. I'll use that next time I'm calculating paediatric doses, hopefully this time I'll avoid overdosing someone.
  7. Bless, obviously hasn't realised that the party is over.
  8. I wasn't saying your sums were bad, the post was tongue in cheek and directed at BB.
  9. Not clutching at all, As I've already said, anyone could pick an area and select houses that prove their point. And hence such examples are useless. As for my comment about Northern Ireland, are you seriously telling me that what is going on over there is inicative of the rest of the UK??
  10. This was never disputed. And your use of the Raven paradox is bizarre. The point is that generally, at the moment, it is cheaper to buy than to rent. And I'm sure we can agree that generally you can't rent a £350k house for £900. However, there will always be acceptions and people who disagree with the point will go looking for those acceptions and use them as reasons to invaidate the point. It's like me making the claim that Chelsea are better than Sunderland and someone saying catagorically that this isn't true because Sunderland beat Chelsea last week. That one incdient doesnt make the claim invalid.
  11. But it's pointless. Anyone can pick two houses in their area to prove a point. Plus it's Northern Ireland and TBH I couldn't give a sh1t.
  12. What, you mean your post where you're trying to say that renting an orange is cheaper than buying an apple? It didn't warrant a response.
  13. OMG I've just seen your signature I feel honoured that I've made your signature despite having made about 6 posts in the last 6 months. You are seriously paranoid. I'm hardly a VI, I own my home with a good amount of equity and will be moving up the ladder a few times in the next decade. I do not want prices to rise. However, you are clearly of the opinion that you are right and anyone who disagrees has an ulterior motive. As I've said before, its people like you who've made this forum almost unbearable.
  14. Spot on. Bruce obviously lives in that fabled place "round my way" where things are all rosy and the poster is significantly better off financially than would be expected if he lived anywhere else in the country.
  15. Ask Redhat Sly, but I suppose sums aren't his strength either.
  16. If I had £350k in the bank I'd want to live in a better house than what £800pcm would get. If I was in this position there is no way I'd rent. Some things are more important than modest financial gain.
  17. Ah yes, the classic HPC response, don't respond with facts, respond with insults. A good tactic I suppose, the less info you give out, the less likely you'll trip yourself up. I would imagine it's difficult for you to remember what is truth and what is BS. This used to be such a lively and informative forum, sadly it's loons like you who have ruined it.
  18. £350,000 x 5% is £17,500 annual savings Take off the £11,200 you say you'll lose and that's £6,300 or just over £500pcm.
  19. So you're renting a £350,000 house for £550pcm? Where is this?
  20. So you're renting a £350,000 house for £550pcm? Where is this?
  21. He'd need to be getting over 5% after tax on his cash for this to be the case. Not easy.
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