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  1. YOY figure is actually showing an upward trend. May 2011 = -4.2% June 2011 = -3.5% July 2011 = -2.6% Aug 2011 = -2.6% Sept 2011 = -2.3%
  2. True, but unless you sold your house and converted all the money to gold before sterling tanked, it's of little relevance.
  3. No, but they are changing the nature of future contributions, which is contrary to the original agreement. Same as is likely to happen in this case.
  4. Absolutely. Public sector pensions prove that governments can tear up such agreements at any point.
  5. People don't seem to realise that the lack of competition created by the NHS keeps the wages of doctors artificially low. Simple example. If you are in a private Australian hospital and want an epidural, the anaesthetist charges around £500 for labour. In ths country the labour cost is about £15 for the same thing. If healthcare in this country was private the cost to the average person would be much higher.
  6. Great graph. You could argue that the trough was abnormally low in 1995 and that we are nearing the next trough. Interesting.
  7. +1 Own arrangements are far preferable to this sort of system which is clearly going to collapse. If my own arrangements also go tits up I'll have propofol, midazolam and atracurium in reserve, no way I'm going to a 'home'.
  8. Only difference I've noticed us that it took 15 minutes less to get to work. the idiots can strike every day as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Congratulations, the first post in this thread that's actually worth reading.
  10. You've obviously forgotten about the current 2-year pay freeze.
  11. At lot of people will never reach the earnings threshold to pay back their student loans.
  12. Maybe the law graduates wanted to do something more worthwile than working for Claims Direct..... Then again, maybe not.
  13. Welcome to a stagnating Market with very low turnover. Shit houses in shit areas will drop..... A lot. Nice houses in nice areas won't.
  14. I can assure you that Doctors get absolutely no allowances. In fact you could say we get a negative allowance in that we have to pay our own professional fees, without which we aren't allowed to work. This year I've also had to fork out over £1,000 in exam fees, exams which I have to pass in order to meet the requirements of my training post.
  15. Private schools are going to take a massive hit on the back of this.
  16. And what are the voices saying? Did you forget to take your clozapine?
  17. He's going to sell it, oh wait he can't, it's not his house. How about this, he has to buy the house and the market value is what he's willing to pay for it. I'm seriously doubting it would be £350,000
  18. Wow, you're really having an intuition malfunction today.
  19. Welcome. Yes Somerset is expensive to rent, one of the reasons we ended up buying last year. As for Bruce's £900pcm rent claim, as he says you can believe him or not, I know which I'm doing.
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