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  1. Ah. Sibley's selective hearing in action again. Decided to ignore today's land registry and Nstionwide figures have we? Let me summarize. House prices are falling despite the spring 'bounce'. So what if Halifax shows a rise. It's still 2-1 to the good guys.
  2. Um. -0.4% but in the report the average price given is nearly 1k higher this month. What gives?
  3. My first is 4 weeks old and is worth every penny she costs us. Sadly, for many couples in the UK who have 4 times joint income mortgages, children are not an option. Another side effect of an insanely inflated housing market.
  4. People are definately buying at the moment, and more importantly the VI and media messages are getting through to the public. I know of 3 work colleagues who have bought in the last 2 months and 3 more who are actively looking. I tried to start a conversation in the office today about house prices with three other colleagues. Two said "now is the best time to buy" and the other said... "oooooh, house prices are going up again". When I asked her how she had come to the conclusion that house prices were rising, she said "it was on the news". I despair. Proof positive that even "intelligent" people in the UK are completely oblivious to the facts of the housing market, mainly due to the drivel that is shoved down their throats by the mainstream media. I hope its only a spring bounce but.... I have a bad feeling about this.
  5. I agree that the character himself was peddling the dream of riches, however, the overall feeling in the way it was shot was.... this guy is dodgy and all the money is going to be lost.
  6. Tonight's Eastenders was the start of a plot involving property flipping. The estranged son of one of the characters turns up.... looking and acting like a property "speculator". Turns out he wants his mum to take out a mortgage for him (Can't do it himself due to a dodgy history) to allow him to buy partially built flats and flip them for a profit. Some highlights....... mentions of properties "worth £300k" previously now going for £100k and repeated uses of the word "bust" in relation to property and mentions of 25% deposit being needed to get a mortgage...... lots of HPC stuff. Now its only the first episode of this plot but with it being Eastenders, it will surely end in Bankrupcy. Lets hope so. This is huge news for HPC. This will be the only way to get a lot of sheeple to wake up to the propery bust..... put it on a soap opera. Awesome stuff.
  7. Arise the next Prime Minister..... DC gets some balls. Fantastic speech. My personal favourite "I'd love to read out a list of countries the IMF has forecaest to have a greater budget deficit than the UK..... but I can't..... there aren't any!!"""
  8. Exactly what I was thinking. Bankrupt by the age if 30? Looks like his attempts to follow in daddy's footsteps are going to end in disaster. And judging by his grammar, he isn't the sharpest tool in the box.
  9. Greedy, deluded sellers asking more for their properties because the media is peddaling a load of green shoots nonsence. Shock, horror.
  10. I got the same reply. Complete drivel. They chose not to aknowledge my comment regarding vested interests!
  11. He must be one of the mugs who took out a mortgage 7 times income and cannot afford to go out.
  12. Wow, a whole 1,000 pounds off your council tax...... you just have to stump up "at least" 10% deposit. And of course there will be queues of people with £20k (deposit plus fees) burning a hole in their pockets with rising unemployment, wage cuts and a massive recession underway.
  13. I'd call YOY figures of -18% more than a decline. We are seeing a spring "bounce". Summer, Autumn and Winter will be killer.
  14. I'm sorry, I was under the impression that average house prices were 3 times the average income at this point. I'd call that affordable. Or maybe I did dream it
  15. Well he stated in another thread this evening that 30% of people (again plucked from the air) earned less than £40k so couldnt afford a house. Thus according to McTosser everyone else (70%) owns a house. Quick straw pole of my peers. 50 colleagues at my level, all earning above £40k...... number of house owners...... 2 - a whopping 4%.
  16. When Oh when are you going to stop making up figures. Do you actually believe this one???? Nutter.
  17. Fixed You've used this argument before and its complete dros. Yes the poorest people cant afford to buy, but many of these are on state benefits i.e. do not earn anything and thus have no affect on the "average wage". The 30% figure you have clearly pulled from out of your @rse. There is a reason that the current average wage of a person taking out a mortgage is so high..... house prices are too high for the vast majority to afford. My Father was one of ten, born on a council estate. Him and each of his siblings have worked for their entire lives in jobs that pay well below the national average. Yet each of these 10 own their own house. Move to today. How many children born on a council estate will be able to afford a house in their lifetimes if prices stay as they are?
  18. Just about enought to buy a half decent house in Brown's britain.
  19. So you expect the average house price to be £800,000. Hmmmmm..... interesting. And who will be buying these houses, or is the average wage set to quadrouple in the next 40 years???? Definately a bull in a bear suit.
  20. Totally irrelevant you buffoon. You do understand that one person's second home could be another person's first home.
  21. So a smaller drop in house prices will make them more affordable? What have the bulls been drinking tonight. Go outside and have a word with yourself. Edited: typo
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