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  1. Just eyeball the trend line.... its clearly exponential and cannot continue on the current 'trent' otherwise the mean line will go to the moon,
  2. Indeed, a great effort Dan. SOme nice reductions there. If only they were used in the Land Registry Data.
  3. You may be right that bears will spot the bottom late, however, a bull wouldn't see a bull trap if it jumped out and smacked him in the face. If you are so confiedent its the bottom why dont you go out an buy a few bargains, then you can make some more money for nothing and retire even earlier.
  4. Since when has 4.5 times the average wage been the mean? The problem with the graph on the front page is that it has been severely distorted by the recent bubble. It needs revising down. If you extrapolate the line from around 2002 the mean will be much lower. We have not reached the mean, that's for sure, anyone thinking that over £150k is the mean at this point in time needs their head examining.
  5. So instead they will wait for house prices to rise before upsizing???? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. May as well just burn your money.
  6. Thank god. I missed the chance to get out of Stirling last summer. This run is going to give me a second chance before the UK goes completely t1ts up.
  7. Land registry data out today at 11am. Halifax out sometime this week.
  8. And yet builders still try charging £300k for a sh1tty 4-bed newbuild that looks horrible to live in, doesn't meet minimum building standards and a like it will fall down in 50 years.
  9. Love this quote. You Sir are a genius. Think I'll have a go. I'll predict that today rivers will run downstream.
  10. And what happens when all of these waiting sellers put their houses on the Market? And as for the FTBers. It doesn't matter if they Are scared of missing the boat, they can't afford a deposit and can't afford a house.
  11. Ok, so not only do you think we have reached the bottom, but you also believe that we are about to enter 15 years of HPI? So you are talking average house prices pushing towards and beyond 7 times average income. Exactly how is this in anyway possible or sustainable?
  12. If we have reached the bottom, what on earth are you going to do with your life if this website winds up? I've never quite understood why you spend so much time here chatting to people you clearly despise about a subject you say you have little interest in since you are in it 'for the long haul'. You clearly come here as it gives you a feeling of superiority that your decision to buy at peak was a masterstroke and something we all should have done. You clearly have issues. I'm guessing bullied at school and a Major underachiever.
  13. Biggest pile of drivel I have ever heard. Even Hamish and Dwayne Sibley would be embarrassed to type that. If you put your house on the Market for an inflated price it will stay there on the market until you die, get divorced (if you are married), get reposessed or need to sell due to debt. Prices are set by a complex balance between vendors, buyers, banks and the media. Currently it's banks and buyers that are calling the shots.
  14. Yes but you don't (or shouldn't) need a huge loan for a holiday. Mortgages should be limited to sensible multiples. House prices would then follow.
  15. Ah yes. Money for nothing at the expense if the economy and people who want a house to live in. Unfortunately Sibley you have missed the boat. Too much money has already been taken out of the pyramid scheme. Looks like you will be working live everyone else.
  16. So 100k to 200k over 15 years (apologies for the rough guess). Not much when you take inflation into account. Plus the fact that when you downsize you will probably need the initial 100k to buy that smaller house. As for renting, using my own situation. I currently rent a house valued at 300k at peak for £900 per month. Making a considerable saving even on interest only using current mortgage rates. Then there is the small point of the house losing 60k In value since peak and my savings earning 4%. Not too shabby even if the crash stopped today. Concern for first time buyers Hamish, are you drunk. Obvious answer is lower house prices. The lower the price the smaller the deposit needed. Average price should be £90k based on current earnings, making a FTB flat about £60k. 10% deposit is £6k which would take under 4 years saving 50 pounds per week. Perfectly reasonable and where we need to get to for a fair and balanced society where hard work is rewarded.
  17. Up 15% in the last 2 years? Hamish you do realize that the symbol " - " means a drop in value dont you? ever wondered why your bank balance went up the more you spent.
  18. Oh my lord. What an absolute spleen vent. At least your true colours are on show tonight. You have some serious issues. Just a few points. 1. You are aware that the feckless have already bought houses and are only still in them because of rediculously low interest rates. 2. Exactly why are you labelling people who have waited for house prices to drop, feckless. Surely you mean prudent. And why don't these people 'deserve' to buy a house? 3. Are you saying that recognizing the property bubble and waiting is a poor choice? If you want an example of the worst choice in history then buying in 2007 has got to be a contendor. 4. Who are these unemployed and benefit scroungers? Face it McT0sser. You made an appauling decision by buying into the bubble at the top of the Market. It's gonna take a long time time before your properties have made a profit and even then it won't be enough to retire comfortably. You backed the wrong horse at the wrong time. Chin up, it just means you will have to work hard, rather than trying to get through life being underemployed.
  19. I'd rather Still be renting in my lovely village location than take out a huge debt to buy a 2 bed city centre slave box surrounded by DSA. All about quality of life, something bulls simply don't get. If the the type of house I want doesn't become affordable, I'll carry on renting one.
  20. Hopefully this blip has taken out all the idiots with cash...... so all that's left are idiots.
  21. Why is it that a drop of 1.2% isnt that significant according to the BEEB, yet a rise of 1.2% is SHARP????
  22. Is that the sound of hooves I can hear??? Headline on BBC news????
  23. Quite nervous about this one. There has definately been an increase in activity, I just hope the buyers have been playing hard ball and getting some decent reductions. If its negative then its full steam ahead for the next 12 months. Its been a long, hard night shift so I hope I have something decent to start my weekend with.
  24. 1. It will take more than 10 years to get back to 2007 prices. 2. There are so many rentals out there at the moment you'd be lucky to get rent to cover the mortgage. 3. Surely you aren't advocating these people rent out their house and then rent themselves, I thought rent was money down the drain for a bull, or are you suggesting buying a second house in a falling market . 4. Renting isn't an easy option, tennants may lose their jobs and not pay the rent, they may trash the house, amintenance costs. Oh and why is an estate agent up at 05.30, losing sleep over the death of the spring bounce when today's Nationwide figures are realeased?
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