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  1. Thanks but I'm looking for a flat as no one will be there a lot of the time and don't wan't what the hassle of the garden
  2. Hi So I'm looking to buy a place close to town docklands looks good but i need to find the right place at the right price these guys have a few http://centerhomes.co.uk/properties/search...rder=price+DESC I like the city tower one but can anyone help I'm looking for 2 beds parking and with a view (water/city) ideally want to spend no more than 325k (but i can go upto 400k) close to city has anyone any ideas of developments to look at, I know there are lots more coming online later in the year and yes i'm looking for a bargain. The other main issue is it has to be safe as often my wife will
  3. we put on our house at the beginning of the year and the ea wanted to put 499,950 but i insisted on 500k as it does appear in in both ranges upto 500 and over 500 Luckily we sold it - for full asking so i made an extra 50 quid
  4. I knew it we should have dumped the pound years ago and gone for the disney dollar, at least it has value unlike our micky mouse currency.
  5. QUOTE (piston broke @ Dec 4 2008, 01:57 AM) Yep, what else d'ya steal bro, had to check with my lawyer before i answered, well can't say but why do you think i'm in cayman
  6. oops thats what happens when you've been on the computer all day looking at this site, I blame the spell checker. Anyway I've been busy putting up the Christmas lights
  7. used to be but sold my main company and moved overseas (Cayman Islands) i still manage several companies here and in the uk, (mainly IT based as it was always a hobby) and you? just a quick point qualified financial adviser does not really mean anything but i used to give mainly commercial advice As this thread has gone totally off topic we may as well continue here j
  8. yes i agree but i think it needed to be said Good are renting and not loosing money by owning a house, what line of work are you in? what savings do you have? do you have much dept?
  9. I really feel this site needs more moderation and some rules, so many posts are ruined with personal comments and needless swearing, what is the point i would just like facts if you have nothing better to say than don't. If its a real issue about house prices or the economy than fine. Everyone please stop the bickering all it does is put of new members and the quality of the site just goes downhill. Please when a post is started can people stay with the topic, I'm now guilty myself, but it does make searching easier Rant and rave over J
  10. I wish it was 1974 prices, just looked up my parents old house sole last year for 995k in 1972 they bought for 37,500 in 1978 they sold it for 127,500 guess now its worth 825k but still not 70's prices (i wish)
  11. this is an all time classic http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-189...p;mam_disp=true just what i like a very modest agent
  12. offer the 100k if they accept quickly you can always gazunder just when you are about to sign, but i bet they wont take 100k yet mabe in a month or two put in the offer now and wait till Christmas you never know what Santa will bring J
  13. They want more than 1/2 over base try 1/2 - 1 over libor (the rate banks lend to each other) Say you had 1 000 000 in the bank what return would you want i wold ask for 7% at the moment but can safely get 6% with virtually no risk
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