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  1. Hello, I have a flat in Berlin which I bought in 2007. I've got a bunch of self-assessment forms through from the tax authority, in German of course, and I'd like to use a german accountancy firm to sort it all out for me. There are loads available, so I wondered if anyone could advise me of a good company, which speaks good english, or at least can email in english Cheers!!
  2. I agree. My sister in law and her hubby have just sold their flat (bought at peak 2006) for the cost of their mortgage. They're looking to BUY again though, mostly because they won't be able to get a FTB mortgage otherwise. Big shame, it'll be a wasted opportunity to exit the property bubble unscathed. I reckon I could persuade them to rent somewhere for the time being if mortgages were available.
  3. You need to factor in inflation which was much higher back then - over 10% think? The real fall in value was much higher than 10%.
  4. duhhhhhhh..... I wasn't aware www.giraffecat.co.uk was a license payer funded site
  5. 1. install firefox 2. install adblock plus 3. never see an internet ad again. nor get the error msg.
  6. Can anyone confirm whether their store is offering 90% off? I've asked my wife but she can't check until this afternoon.
  7. In my area, it seems property bee isn't much good. reason being, when a price is dropped, the house appears as a new ad in rightmove, hence no history. To see the original asking price, I need to search my previous property alert emails
  8. hmm. There'd be sudden loss of blood pressure in the brain, if it wouldn't cause immediate death, it would cause loss of consciousness, I would have thought
  9. If GM goes under, I don't think it would disappear into thin-air - factories/designs/parts will be sold off and bought; a significant amount of jobs would remain. Surely that's the most efficient way of tackling the problem, instead of prolonging the pain?
  10. GM and Ford have more viable businesses based in europe already. If they went under, surely they'd be broken up, the better parts would live on (opel, saab, ford of europe) and the worst parts not.
  11. Hopefully they won't come back. I could do a better job of selling a house than them, the ads I see on rightmove are sometimes laughably crap. Next time I sell a house I'll be more than happy to do it myself, if rightmove et al open up to private sellers.
  12. I'm less in debt than I would be... had I upgraded house before the crash. Now I can rub my hands with glee while prices drop! For that reason, I don't care that the value of my house is falling daily. I don't see how anyone could have more cash in the bank as a result of the HPC?
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