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  1. In an estate agents yesterday (I'm selling not buying - I think prices still have a long way to go!) and over heard them on the phone. "well mrs x i've spoken to our mortgage advisor and he know lenders that take maintenance payments and family credits into account" !!!!!! And so it goes on!
  2. Appologies I mean't in a 1990's kind of way when the economy felt like it did buggerall for years!
  3. I don't think the worst is over and I agree that this recession will run for a while with no "green shoots" for quite some time 2/3 years Not everyone buys a house to make (or lose) money on it some do it because they like a "a place of their own" and at the end of an absolute eternity (25yrs + is a long time isn't it?!) they do eventually own it so if it goes down another 10 or 20% over the next year or 2 or 3 or just flat lines like it did in the 1990's then does it really matter? I also think that even with 2 or 3m unemployed the vast majority of those in work enjoy a higher disposable income than we did even 10 or 15 years ago and tons more that in my parents time So in summary its not going to be too pleasant but no where near as bad as some of the doom mungers make out. As one of the other posts said "Don't shoot me!"
  4. 4 years ago worth around £0 thanks to ex wife ! Now car loan £9k and credit card used for shopping and petrol paid off each month so networth now around £ 55k and growing!
  5. Whats the best way to buy commodities?, does anyone on the site do this and can anyone recommend a broker? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the replies and the Link to the other topic. A few days ago I read a post on here and someone mention a company/bank/broker called something?FX (cant remeber the name though!!!!.
  7. I'm looking to move some of my cash into (and maybe out of) what I perceive to be stronger currencies than the £ (quite a big choice then?!). Can anyone recommend a broker? or institution for this? Thanks folks
  8. Anicdotal but a good example of real inflation! I bought my daughter a push bike at the weekend and saw the bike I bought last year in the shop. £130 last year now avaliable at the knock down price of £199 !!!!. When I bought mine last year the owner of the shop said expect prices to rise now China has got the whole market, well I guess he's been proved right!.
  9. All good valid points when I said not an investment I meant we didnt buy it with the sole hope of it going up in value by hugh leaps and bounds we bought it because we wanted somewhere to live and at that time preferred to buy (as opposed to rent (only because of the dead money theory) now having eaten many bowls of hind sight flakes I agree that renting would have been a much better alternative. Im still going with the flog it at any cost option the into rented for well until about 2015 judging by some of the posts on here and the stuff Im reading in the press!. Thanks once again for your views
  10. Thanks for all the useful comments yes even the harsh ones!, I am prepared to walk away with 1/2 of 50p ! as it were but my other half isnt they want what they put into the deal 3 years ago and that just aint possible!(I know I know reality check time!). Options as I see it are 1) drop the price to shift it (my prefered option) or 2) buy my other half out (BUT I doubt I could afford to due to high LTV). I think more and more people will be finding themselves in this situation - not good.
  11. I/We bought a house together in 2005, as a home not an investment vehicle unlike so many people seem to do. Now due to reasons that i wont bore you with we'd like to sell up and go our seperately ways,been on the market since the summer and its dead! even with sensible pricing, I now you'll all say drop it another 20% but if we do that we have next to no equity left what liitle cash we had has been wiped out, it really is quite a difficult situation and sometimes its difficult not to feel trapped but at least its amicable (at the moment). So I know you folks all want an HPC (and we've got one on the go!) but there is always another side to it.
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