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  1. I see the same everywhere in Leeds, from decent sized houses to small houses split into flats and put up for sale at ridiculous mark ups like this house bought in 2004 for £310000: 157 Gledhow Valley Road, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS7 4JU £310,000 Detached Freehold Not New Build 14-Sep-2004 Map (LS7 4JU) now up as 2 seperate flats asking price circa 235k for each!: http://www.hendys.co.uk/residential_sales/.../100004628.html http://www.hendys.co.uk/residential_sales/.../100005214.html I have even seen 2 bed b2back terraces converted to 5 bedroom houses sold at fantastic markup as st
  2. talking about student lets, I know of people doing up 2 bed back to backs with cellar space within the burley/kirkstall area and turning them into student properties with 5 bedrooms 2 in the cellar area, 2 in the 1st floor and 1 in the attic room, think how cramped these will be, I know of properties selling for 169K, and I saw one recently that had been done with asking price of 199k! the mind boggles, these terraces are normally going for 120k and were only about 50k 5 years ago! some of the rooms are minuscule. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-111...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy I know if I
  3. Quote: ''Added: Thursday, 27 April, 2006, 10:50 GMT 11:50 UK I will be buying my first home in the coming months and yes prices are too high. My parents cannot afford to help me so I'm on my own. I have no financial help but have scrimped and saved. Prices will definitely increase as we are an island and the population is increasing. Oh well its better than being homeless! leftwing lefty, United Kingdom '' IS this first post for real? Hes definately been taking note from Kirsty and Phil!
  4. Damn thought you might be talking about Linda Barker :angry:
  5. and they don't mention the ground rent and the service charges...
  6. There are couple of 1 bedders, to rent on street lane nr roundhay park (ls8). Good links to the city and nr chapel allerton tho unfortunatley everything is quite expensive to rent in Leeds, tho I agree with the area selection of Leeds Bozz, or you could try parts of calverley or pudsey you might get more for your money.
  7. Doesn't mean its neccessarily been offered the asking price
  8. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-868...pa_n=1&tr_t=buy The asking price for this 3 bed detached house, in a not amazing area of Leeds, with not amazing decor, tickles me, it was on for about 9months for about 325k, and was reduced to 315k then reduced recently to 299k. Bearing in mind that comparitavely all other 3bed houses on that street have asking prices of 174k tho granted they are semi detached but still, thats quite a difference in asking prices! and there is another detached house on the same street with 6 beds asking price of 325k.... The mind boggles!!! Itboggles at t
  9. Quote from article: "I see it leveling off a little bit," said Rob Buback, an estate agent with Bairstow Eves... reasons that homes sales typically drop off at in the spring, '' Wot no spring bounce?!
  10. get a water meter installed, (this is free), it is cheaper if you are a couple or single person, you will probably pay 1/2 as much as you are paying now.
  11. Krusty was briefly on the local news Look North yesterday as well! That woman gets everywhere... They were talking about the Silk Mills conversion in Manningham in Bradford, and everyone was saying how good it was for the area, local people and people from outside the area would buy flats there, and that Kirsty had even made a promo video for the development, it showed a clip of her gasping in awe at the conversion and saying how fantastic it was. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-107...pa_n=2&tr_t=buy They did look nicely converted and it's good to see such a nice old building pu
  12. Avoid round Chapletown rd as loads of smackheads but Chapeltown side nearer to Harehills is okay. I know someone who bought one of those beautiful old 5 bedroom terraces on Spencer place 7 years ago for about 20k. That was when there was still a few prostitutes lurking around now there don't seem to be any. Chapeltowns just got a bad rep. There are plenty of worse areas in Leeds, like some bits of Beeston full of feral kids who will set fire to your bin yard, pee on your doorstep and throw fire works at pets...
  13. hi mr shed, thanks for your response, harsh but fair? (hmmm), yes the landlord is a pillock, and yes I could move, but I have a physical dissability and it is a great upheaval for me to move something that cannot maybe be appreciated by someone who is totally able bodied. I had to move from my last place due to a noisy neighbour and so maybe rushed into renting this current place which although cheaper than most in the area takes a great chunk of our income, and frankly am sick of moving and sick of renting. I suppose my post was a general rant about renting and what prats landlords can be.
  14. Apologies in advance for the rant folks! But my landlord has p*ssed me off something chronic! Me and my boyfriend have been rening a flat off him since last May, which is an old victorian stone house,it is in a good area but slightly cheaper than most in the area because of the dodgy decor and dotty old bat living upstairs until she had to go into a nursing home last August but anyway that's by the by...and don't get me started on the tenant who used to live in the downstairs flat whose bedroom was directly below ours, and who we could hear snoring like a warthog thru the floorboards most ni
  15. what about stuff at the lower end of the market though, not many ftb going to be buying houses at 795k etc, will these price cuts trickle down to the bottom end?
  16. same here am a bit of a housepricecrashaholic, thougth going on holiday for a week with no internet would cure me but soon as I was back home and back to the grindstone, I was back on the site like a flash... I really need to go cold turkey for a few months....
  17. check out this baby: http://www.hendys.co.uk/residential_sales/.../100005178.html have a good laugh at hendys sales pitch, note the usual ''stones throw from trendy Chapel Allerton'' patter is strangley absent... ''Pleasant at one time but now unfortunately trashed...A bargain that probably looks far far worse than it actually is...We don't know what happened here but a good (large) one bedroom flat with...some good features has developed into something rather unpleasant. ...don't forget to allow for the broken window...cost may be a lot less than first sight appears''
  18. I did warn her and tell her about HPC but she wldn't listen, managed to persuade her that if she was going to buy at least not to go over a certain amount, is IO as well... Thanks for that comment Tim, hope it is of some comfort in your own situation,knowing that someone else in an even worse place than you, Joking aside I hope you things go a bit better for you and hope for my sisters sake it isn't as bad as you say!
  19. just know is heritage village, luckily she doesn't have any kids of school going age, so the school question doesn't come into play.
  20. thanks 2112, the silly mare thinks that just because she got the house for 15k below what most asking prices are rnd there, that she's emmediatley made 15k profit, I tried to explain that all the houses on for the top asking price, were not actually selling so she hadn't in fact made 15k...don't think she quite got what I was on about tho...
  21. eek little sister is buying there, wouldn't personally live there, but she seems to like it, what's wrong with it?
  22. Halifax Leeds down 3% Nationwide up 3.4%! I am seeing falls in sold and asking prices, though having said that Leeds has a long way to go before prices are reasonable...
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