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  1. At least their CGT rate will be roughly halved compared to 18 months ago with the drop to 18%. Then of course they may choose to go Non-Resident and avoid paying CGT, but what is a few Mill to them.....
  2. That Monty Python video was cracking, at about 1:50 mins into it (150 of us lived in a shoebox) Were Barratt and Wimpey houses available back then?
  3. Your doomsday scenarios will almost certainly affect some Boomers especially those still rooted in the UK for the next 5 years or more. Those of us who relocated abroad should have moved at least some savings into the local currency, I have split mine into 3 different currencies and move money around occasionally when rates are in my favour like last July $2.01 to a quid. My FS early retirement pension which I contributed to is paid under the NT (no tax) code so no worries there, diesel for my V8 Suburban costs 42p a litre, a main meal sets me back £2 to £5 and I still get an annual RTW tr
  4. I've been out of the UK for a couple of years now, but are Bloor's Triumphs still being built there now. I saw a website mentioning that Triumphs were being manufactured in Thailand ( but that could be just an assembly plant for Asia only)
  5. Only IG's view at 14.15 hours, anything could happen in 15 mins but no major news expected
  6. DJ looking to open about 130 down and S & P about 20 down according to IG
  7. Did you make gaskets from Cornflake boxes and stop the oil leaks with Blue Hylomar? I started riding the same year but had to endure a Francis Barnet 250cc (aka Frantic Banana) for 3 weeks first till I took my riding test.
  8. Rat bikes? - loved 'em. Never had to spend 4 hours cleaning them like the Nancy Boy Crotch Rockets in your post..Lol When I did afford to get a shiny T120 Bonny, I had to enroll the help of the local budding biker babes to shine up the chromework in return for a ride.....
  9. Spot on, that was happening in Slough a lot for the 3 or 4 years before I left England, also 4 migrant workers were renting a house and then letting another 8 or 10 in to share as soon as the tenancy was in place.
  10. Ooops forgot about duties and taxes on this! I currently am a UK Expat and spend time in both the Philippines and the States, my tax residence is Philippines so no CGT to pay on gains made in UK and USA or any other worldwide income. I will have to see the Customs boys over here and see if there is any duties or taxes if I actually bring coins or bullion in to Philippines. Alternatively, I have accounts with Citi in UK, USA and the Phils and could get a safety deposit box in each country for security. I will give HGM a call next week and post again. Thanks
  11. I remember reading articles at the time where the car manufacturers were blaming the price rises on the Pound/Euro exchange rate which wasn't far off parity then - funnily enough they haven't mentioned any price cuts since the Pound has strengthened from roughly 1.02 to 1.17.
  12. Might still be another couple of rounds to go yet Sibbles. The B of E won't keep to a 0.5 base rate for more than another 12 months (probably less) and as rates go up so will unemployment, bringing another round of repo's. Too many BTL's in existence now with the "accidental" landlords and this career will go on suffering for another 3 years at least as the BTL glory days are over - every class of investment has it's day. If we get house price rises in 6 or 7 out of the next 9 months, then it may be fair to say the current HPC is over but until then don't wet yourself
  13. Looks like Sibley is celebrating according to his post on Daily Express House price ramping newspaper HOUSE PRICES UP FOR THIRD MONTH 31.07.09, 5:16am You only have to look at all the Sold signs to realize the housing market is moving again. I agree with the previous poster. The only people talking a crash up were people who wanting a bargain at a homeowners expense. Great news today and the feel good factors well and truly back. Now the housing markets better the rest will follow. I for one will be glad when this doom and gloom period finishes. Thank you Express for the happy headlines
  14. Thanks for your advice richyc, I do prefer coins myself but was considering some kilo bars mainly because of the lower premiums over spot. I will call hgm and ask the question you mentioned, if not too easy I will stick with coins. I know you mentioned Sovs & Krugs but what about the US gold coins (eagles?), reason being I spend some time each year in the US and was wondering if it was any easier to sell these when I am over there?
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